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Near a sycamore tree just off of Highway 12,6 between Hall and Sycamore Roads, a ghostly White Lady is said to appear. According to different local legends, she was either hanged from the tree or she was killed in a car accident nearby.

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Geographic Information

Near 3890 Sycamore Road
Fillmore, CA
United States

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34.37900508187939, -118.98983658853467
Ventura County, California
Nearest Towns:
Santa Paula, CA (4.3 mi.)
Fillmore, CA (4.3 mi.)
Moorpark, CA (8.9 mi.)
Saticoy, CA (11.3 mi.)
Piru, CA (11.4 mi.)
Camarillo, CA (11.6 mi.)
Casa Conejo, CA (13.8 mi.)
El Rio, CA (14.0 mi.)
Simi Valley, CA (14.1 mi.)
Ojai, CA (15.2 mi.)


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  1. There is definitely something going on up there, as I get a very strange feeling over me whenever I pass through there, which I can ‘t explain. I can’t help thinking that the “white lady of Hwy 126”, may be the mother of an autistic boy who was the lone survivor in his family of the St. Francis Dam failure in 1928. His parents were swept downstream from the Santa Clarita Valley, and the (well-substantiated) legend is that the boy known as “Sweetie Pie”, kept searching up & down the riverbed and Hwy 126 for the rest of his life, hoping to find his mother. It would be tragically reasonable that she may have clung to that tree in desperation, and died there for that matter, which would account for the sightings of a white woman hanging from that tree. To get a bit technical about that location, the 3-way intersection of Sycamore, Hall, and 126, lies just at the edge of the floodpath of the St. Francis Dam failure. There was no 126 then, but Old Telegraph Road was the highway at that time, and it is just north of that tree. Anyone being swept along in floodwaters, would likely be swirled to the shore at that point because it’s a widening of the riverbed right there. If anyone has a little more spare time than I have, it would be great to research this, and verify if (and where) the body of Sweetie Pie’s mother was found. It’s just a hunch, but somehow it feels right.

  2. My colleague, who lives in Fillmore, told me of a strange occurrence some years back. She was driving on the main road one evening about 8:30 p.m.; it was already dark. She realized she had forgotten her handbg and went back home through the back roads. She happened to glance in the rear view mirror and saw a white lady with long hair sitting in the back seat of the car. She was naturally terrified. When she took another look the lady was still there. She raced home as fast as she could without looking back again. When she got home she jumped out of the car and ran inside. When she related this incident to acquaintances, she was told that a lady was seen by several people “hitching a ride in their cars”. It may be the same lady as the one by the tree. Has anyone had a similar experience car experience??

  3. I live on Hall rd. I always use the back road instead of turning left from the 126 ( trucks are coming fast from the other side,scarey!) I pass the old tree every day! Have not seen nothing yet but at night we have seen some scary stuff and sounds!

  4. I grew up on Hall Rd., right up the street from there. Actually, the area where the tree sits was our bus stop as kids. I knew about the story, so when I was old enough to drive, and driving home at night, especially on Halloween, I’d close my eyes as I turned up the road. I never experienced anything out of the ordinary.

  5. I used to drive through pretty often, not as much now. The only weird thing that has happened to me there was the road never ending.
    It was around 11pm and I was with my friend visiting from the Marine Corps. I told him about the story of the lady and we decided to head there. Upon turning onto Sycamore Road, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. As I said above, I used to drive through there often so I’m familiar with the road and area. After driving on the road for about 10 minutes, I realized that I never reached 7th street. I pulled over and pulled out my phone to use Google Maps, and my friend used the map on his iPhone. The map from both of our phones said we had passed 7th Street about 300 feet. I turned around while my friend was guiding me, and I stopped my car when he said we were next to 7th street. His phone and my phone were both showing that we at the intersection of 7th Street and Sycamore, but there was no road. I turned around again to keep driving up thinking our phones were wrong. After another 5 minutes, we looked at our phones and it said we were at Young Road, but we never passed any roads. I was traveling over 50mph before pulling the first time, and the second time. I decided to turn around and head back to the 126. We got to the 126 is less than 5 minutes traveling at the same speed. I haven’t experience anything weird ever since that night.

  6. I lived on Sycamore for awhile. My family has been in Fillmore since 1893 arriving there all the way from Ventura (about 20 miles away) My grandfather (b. 1911 in Fillmore) , as a Boy Scout, pulled bodies out of the riverbed after the damn broke. Always heard the stories but have NEVER seen anything. Back in the 80’s that whole area was party central. Spent many o’ nights walking those dark orchards and “back roads”. Still nothing. Although my brothers and some of their friends got busted for dressing up in white sheets and jumping on to the highway when a car would come. Again back in the 80’s. Not as much traffic as now but funny none the less…

  7. i saw her three times in a half hour driveing.she appeared in mylane ,i swerwed not to hit her .then down road she appeared again standing beside road, then a mile or more appeared in my lane again .i said i aint falling for that again then drove rihgt thew her .shanken up i stoped at next gas staition .told clerk what happend he said i beat whitelady because she makes trucks crash and burn.

  8. My grandpa told me this story when I was young and had just started driving. I have never forgotten the story and every time I drive on this road I think about him and this ghost! Ive never seen it but I do get creeped out when I drive through there at night. I cant say the creepy feeling is paranormal or just the scary story that has stuck with me since I was young.. thanks grandpa! LOL

  9. I was driving east on Highway 126. Highway 126 changes from a divided highway, known as the Santa Paula Freeway, to regular undivided highway. I was familiar with this road, and I knew that I was exactly 40 minutes from my home as soon as I crossed Hallock Drive. I looked at my car clock, and saw it was 9 P.M. straight up, so I knew I would be home by 9:40. I was also aware that Highway 126 was, back in 1992, one of the most dangerous roads in California. So I was mentally changing my mindset from “freeway mode” to “very cautious and alert mode.” As I crossed over Hallock Drive I was stunned to see a nun hitchhiking. Mentally I said to myself “What the heck is a nun doing hitchhiking at 9 o’clock at night?” Then I said to myself “Well, at least she’s wearing white.” At that instant, the image split in two, vertically. Each half seemed to roll up from the middle, one half going up, and the other going down. I immediately slowed down to try and see what had become of the “nun.” I momentarily thought that maybe some newspapers had got caught on a guy-wire, or a fence, or a pole. But there was nothing there. I chalked this up to a bad case of pareidolia and forgot about the whole incident. Then a few weeks later, I happened to see a small paperback book titled “Ghosts of the Haunted Coast.” I immediately bought the book because my son just loved ghost stories, and here was a book with some local ghost hauntings. In this book saw the “The Fillmore Lady.” I was stunned to realize that what I thought was a nun in white was actually a female ghost with a white towel draped over her head. I never believed in ghosts, although I kept an open mind. If anyone has a ghost story, I now read or listen to the story very carefully, because I now know that ghosts are real.

  10. Nichole Beattie  |  

    Hi. In 2018 while driving down Oak Road I put my camera through my sun roof and snapped this photo intended to take a picture of the sky. I was on my way home from camping and struck by the beauty of the area. I did not know any its haunted history nor did i see a person on the road at the time I took this. It was only later when I was home and looking my photos that I zoomed in to see how clear of a photo I took from the sun roof going 40 mph that i saw the figure walking at the side of the road. I searched tonight online and found the story of the white lady and realized we were only 1 block away. I’m freaked out!

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