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Once the Camarillo State Hospital, Scary Dairy is a nickname for a said-to-be-haunted ruined building. Reports say the former mental hospital was either a dairy or a slaughterhouse, and it is rumored to have been the site of several murders.

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Federal Youth Division Rd
Camarillo, CA
United States

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34.17777456037523, -119.02809476851871
Ventura County, California
Nearest Towns:
Camarillo, CA (2.7 mi.)
Casa Conejo, CA (4.9 mi.)
Oxnard, CA (8.6 mi.)
El Rio, CA (8.7 mi.)
Port Hueneme, CA (9.8 mi.)
Saticoy, CA (10.1 mi.)
Thousand Oaks, CA (10.9 mi.)
Moorpark, CA (11.2 mi.)
Channel Islands Beach, CA (11.2 mi.)
Oxnard Shores, CA (12.2 mi.)

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  1. I had some experiences at scary dairy some years back where I heard some kids laughing, I had a can that was crushed maybe 30 minutes before was completely standing and blown back up, n then to top it off a white light with no shape was crossing the trail and suddenly disappeared when I shined the light on it

  2. Back when I was in high school, a group of us there at night. I think they had just closed it down, the year before or so. A group of our friends were ahead of us and I stayed behind with a fiend. WE BOTH then heard singing and talking coming from over a hill next to us. We both looked at each and ran back to the car. Both of us were crying I think I even peed on myself too. Those voices did not sound like they were real. Scariest feeling ever!

  3. About 3 years ago a group of friends and I went to scary dairy around 9pm. As we were making our way to the barn we kept hearing footsteps behind us and the wind started to pick up for a couple of seconds, then we started to hear the roof of the barn (witch was all metal sheets) beginning to bang when there was absolutely no wind. We finally made it to one of the buildings, as we checked it out we didn’t expirence anything, when we started to walk back we kept seeing figures on the trees ahead of us but once we got to those trees there was nothing there.

  4. Back when I lived around that area, me and my friends decided to walk around the area (I had recently moved near that area and some friends from england came to visit) it was in the morning but it was really dark and cold and we felt hands grab our hands. Long story short I moved back to England and I don’t think I’ll be back for a long time.

  5. About 3 years ago 2012 a couple of friends and I went to Scary Dairy for a paintball match. There was 2 groups, the first group which I was in made it there first so we got our gear ready and hid in the room with the big tank in it, and we heard laughing and giggling we taught it was them and ran to surprise attack them but no one was there. We called them and they were barely getting off their cars! Once we heard that we got chills and got scared but we kept playing!

  6. This place was scary as hell at night. I went there years ago with some friends who decided to drop acid while there. Needless to say we didn’t stick around too long (not long enough for the LSD to kick in or they would have probably flipped out), we did however hear foot steps and other noises in the distance all around us. There is definitely something wrong with this place, it was originally used as a dairy operated by patients from the Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Who knows what happened at this dairy, it’s in a very isolated spot… the stories of the actual hospital itself were that the patients were abused and many were killed.

  7. My husband was the lead groundskeeper at Camarillo State Hospital in the 80’s. We lived on the grounds. He let me swim in the Children’s Pool but made me get out as soon as we heard children’s laughter. I found out later there hadn’t been children there for decades. I also had a gas oven blow up in my face (singed my eyelashes), our apartment was infested with pincher bugs, our car got stuck in the ice plant overnight and when we came back to have it towed the window was broken with blood on it. One day 3 tarantulas showed up on the outside walls of our apartment, one by the front door, one by the back door and one in the laundry room. We would often see “patients” walking down the entrance road in broad daylight only to report them and find out no one had escaped. Once I had to use the bathroom by the bell tower and was followed by a lady (who I thought was a patient) shuffling in slippers. When I told the charge nurse her face just froze. The biggest thing was I suffered two miscarriages while we lived on site. My husband couldn’t wait to get transferred out. I’m sure he had many more stories he didn’t share with me. A few years ago when I was driving by Camarillo I decided to swing by and check out the old stomping grounds. It was just after dusk. All the pictures I took were loaded with orbs. I mean LOADED! I’ll see if I can find them.

  8. I have been wanting to go to scary dairy for a little while, I finally went tonight with my husband and our two friends. We went around 8:30 and we parked about a mile away, and walked for about another mile and a half and it was pitch black (pretty creepy walk) we finally arrived in view of the barn… Me and my friend were so spooked we stayed back a bit and waited while my husband and our other friend went to explore the barn. THE SECOND they get to the barn my friend and I who stayed back heard loud children’s laughter. It was definitely a girl and it sounded loud with an echo. My husband and our friend who was in front of the barn didn’t hear it at all… Very bizarre. Also, my friend and I heard footsteps walking in the leaves and the be ush about three feet to the left of us. We tried to convince ourselves it was an animal, but the steps were so close and so loud, it just couldn’t of been an animal. And after hearing that little girls laughter, I wasn’t going to eliminate the paranormal at that point. Also two of our three flashlights were dying out of nowhere then they worked fine once we were further away from the barn. i had an uneasy feeling the whole time. I will never go back unless it’s during the day (maybe). It’s just not for me. Definitely haunted.

  9. This is my second time going first time wasn’t bad just felt like someone was watching me but this 2nd time was creepy I looked at my phone it said 15% so I put in airplane mode an decide I’m not gonna use it so it won’t die the couple mins later I look at it its at 70%,, wait story ain’t over yet .. So my an my couisin also had some spray cans we were there for about 1hr just expressing are self(tagging) till I got the thought to right “fuck trump” 10min later we hop the fence an leave getting to the car me an him here a a buzzing/talking from far nosie we stopped an listen an it was coming from my phone I take it out its on a snapchat video of Donald trump creepy right! I got chills down my neck idk if Ima go back after that

  10. Went here to test out some new EVP Recoding equipment I had. I am an empathic/clairvoyant so I use my senses along with my equipment to “feel” out the energy of each location I explore. This was during the day so I felt that this was the locations “quiet” time. After walking by the feeding troughs I got the feeling of confusion and started getting a faint headache. This was residual energy from the human visitors who go there using alcohol and drugs. The most intense energy was in the harrow walkway you enter before going up the stairs. I got a “squeezing” feeling and felt like I was being stopped from moving either in or out of that location. I spend some time in the small room that is to the right up the stairs. Here I did my EVP recordings. I asked the spirits their name and received an answer of “Thirstin” and another name I could not make out. I asked how many ghost were in the room with me and they said “4” I asked how they were feeling and I got the answer of “Free.” I believe it would be a very different experience if it was visited at night because then the spirits would be more active.

  11. A friend and I had gone out hiking the area immediately surrounding the Scary Dairy area earlier today. Whereas there was a definite “odd energy” about the place, but nothing frightening. After a couple house we headed to the lot. One we had gotten back in the car and backed out preparing to leave, maybe 20 feet in front of the car a bunch of dirt flew up in the air and formed a 10′ loose shape, it then started to spin, slowly and moved across the parking lot, back towards the direction of the dairy. Once it hit the end of the parking lot, it “poofed”, so to speak and all the dirt fell to the ground. We didnt feel threatened, but we both both knew we were seeing something unexplainable.

  12. Im a student at CSUCI and ive hiked around quite a bit. Ive gone to scary dairy a few times and can confirm this place is most definitey haunted. First time i wemt during the day and heard childrens laughter echoing throughout the barn. I went Tonight i went with a few friends and heard a very loud scream eminating from the building a little ways down the path from the barn. Definitely the scariest place ive been to for a long time and definitely a great hike woth some beautiful photo ops! Just make sure to not park there at night!! Police are really crackingg down on trespassers

  13. Immediately falling in love with this place I had to see it for my self, my first visit this past May was to check out how big and what kind of shots I would like my model to do. I was out in the back courtyard and talking out stating who I was and what I wanted to do knowing people were born or died there. Suddenly the wind picked-up and the back of my shirt was pulled near my neck. It didn’t scare me, they were just stating that they were around. I advised that I didn’t mean any harm to them or the place. We left and called it a day.

    This past weekend I brought a model and began to shoot, I was hearing slight banging and fainted voices, however I didn’t ask for the ghost permission and half way through my shoot i noticed a large scratch on my forearm and a bruise similar like a finger print, these are more noticeable now. It was an adventure and I plan to go back someday to clear my sense that if they really wanted me out they could have done worse. Maybe they just wanted attention and to be asked before coming in????

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