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There is a variety of ghostly activity reported at the Glen Tavern Inn. People claim to see full body apparitions, a ghost who likes to play the piano and assorted poltergeist activity that occurs. Some guests report that there belongings have been knocked off their dressers by unseen “presences”. If you are looking for a haunted room, your best bet might be room 307.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    134 N Mill St
    Santa Paula, CA 93060
    United States

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    34.35485708181692, -119.06214147242201
    Ventura County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Santa Paula, CA (0.2 mi.)
    Saticoy, CA (7.0 mi.)
    Fillmore, CA (8.8 mi.)
    Camarillo, CA (9.7 mi.)
    El Rio, CA (10.1 mi.)
    Moorpark, CA (11.3 mi.)
    Ojai, CA (12.2 mi.)
    Oxnard, CA (12.7 mi.)
    Casa Conejo, CA (13.6 mi.)
    Mira Monte, CA (13.8 mi.)

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    1. Thank you for stating the event that occurred as to why the room maybe / is haunted. Until then I did not know anything about why the building is listed as being haunted.

      • Christine morford  |  

        I believe I was in room 219 or 221. While remodeling our home we the hotel we stayed on was full. The next closest room available was at the Glen tavern inn . In the middle of the night I heard knocking behind the TV. I woke my husband to ask what is that knocking . He said it was coming from behind the TV as well. Went back to sleep. Found out the next day we were at the hotel from the dead files eppisode I had seen. My husband works nights so being a scaredy cat I called a friend to stay with me. As I’m telling her about it at the table in the room the window on second floor starts tapping like a knock kind of. The other window was quiet. Thought maybe it’s the wind. It was not windy. After we meantioned that. It was tapping again . That was all after that. We decided to sleep through the rest. The TV was not on either when the early was knocking.

    2. Went there for a birthday party I smell smoke and that day it rain and my wife told me I didn’t look like myself that was during the day at the party

    3. This place is indeed haunted.. about 4 years ago we did the ghost walk which we gave tours of the Glen Tavern and the Train Station.. and when we were at the Glen Tavern, One of the tourist decided to take a picture of the beautiful chandaler and a white figure appeared on camera.

      • Can help free the Inn of spirits and stop the haunting, with Jehovih the I Am, if anyone wishes to purchase the place. Send all the spirits home! Let me know, require paying for my transportation to and from and while their since I am a poor person with Jehovih’s gifts.

    4. Investigated the glen tavern inn and stayed in room 307. At 4am we caught 2 female disembodied sighs (same voice) right next to us that was the loudest voices weve gotten. on top of that a male disembodied voice saying 2 words coming from infront of room 307. These voices were all above indoor voices! We also heard what sounded like someone walking fast up the stairs, we ran over to see if someone was there and no one was. Also We were the only people on the third floor. In the lobby I knocked twice and then we heard 2 bangs and a little girl giggle right after, at 1am. Crazy place. Terranova paranormal @huntingghostwithbros

    5. I went to the tavern with some friends about 8 or 9 years ago now. It was deadly quiet in the place (we went around 9pm), and all of the rooms were closed with lights on inside, we were making quite a bit of noise, enough honestly for someone working there or even a person to come outside and see what was going on. We went upstairs to the haunted room and walked around, we didn’t necessarily see anything or anyone, but maybe that was the creepy part? One of our friends at the time wasn’t very smart, and grabbed a fruit or something and threw it, honestly dumb but regardless we expected someone to come out, nobody… The place was full, but somehow the entire building was dead quiet with no signs of people. We went up to a room on the bottom floor and knocked, we heard a TV and saw light from inside the room (and the lights in all the rooms were on from outside as well), and nobody answered. We knocked on maybe 4-5 doors and we didn’t get one answer. Weird as hell.

    6. This place is haunted. My daughter and I stayed there with a ghost hunting group years ago (The group was led by the well known Richard Senate from Ventura) and I went there open minded about the whole thing but not necessarily believing everything I had heard about the place. Well my daughter and I were placed on the 3rd floor. I believe we stayed in room 308 or 307?

      Anyhow the strangest experiences happened to us. First my daughter heard footsteps and voices of people outside of our room in the hallway and everytime she looked outside of the door there was no there. My daughter continued to hear the voices and footsteps after she closed the door so she stood right by the door and opened it immediately when she heard it again. Over and over there was no one there.

      Second, while my daughter was having her own experience so was I. My chest felt ‘heavy’ and my heart was racing fast. I felt like I was not able to breath. And no I was not at all freaking out and I do not have anxiety. I had never experienced that before so I had to sit down and talk myself down to overcome that feeling. It was strangest thing ever.

      Finally about 200 or 300 am my daughter and I got our best experience of the night. We were both falling asleep and a little freaked out about the whole night so we kept the TV on and a small night light. As we were both pretty much asleep a very loud bang sounded from the inside of a tall dresser that was inside of our room. The dresser had only metal hangers inside and since we were only staying one night neither of us hung up anything inside of it. The dresser shook pretty good and that bang was loud. There was no explanation for that at all. My daughter and I were freaked out and turned all of the lights on and did not sleep all night long.

      This place is definitely haunted!

    7. I went with my friend’s family and we slept in room 203. They told me someone was murder here and I freaked out. I’m like you guys are joking right and they said they are not. So I decide to look online and search the history about the hotel and I found a few but most important it was room 307. That night I was the last one to sleep. I remember the damn bed they were really squeaky. I heard someone move from the other bed and walk to my side of the bed near the window and I felt someone presence near my leg and I thought one of them try to get something from the table when I looked there was on one there. I stopped and think something positive and fell asleep and still complain about the damn bed. The next day. I went up stair to explore more about it and when I went pass the door that they left open it was freezing cold. Before I went in the hallway was room temperature. Once you pass the door it was really cold. I put my hand up to the air vent to see if it was cold to see if they put on the AC. Next thing I felt the air I freaked out more because it was warm air coming out. Again I thought it was room 305 all along when I walked by it because I totally forgot that it was room 307. So when i reach to the end I heard a woman sound coming from my right side which it was room 307 and from right there I ran back out to the door behind me. I was so scared at first so I’m like I am done. Went back down to the room and my friend was using the bathroom and when he got out of the bathroom the door suddenly locked and we couldn’t open from our side. Luckily no one was stuck in the bathroom. Thankfully that was the last night and left that place. My friend and his family have been sleeping here because it’s beautiful and knowing that it’s haunted. Idk maybe I am down to come here again to do more discoveries.

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