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Rumored hauntings at the University of Central Missouri range from Hawkins Hall, where strange occurrences are attributed to a student who hanged himself, to Diemer Hall, where a bathroom sink has turned on by itself. Also noteworthy are North Ellis, where an alarm clock has flown across the room and an apparition showed up in a mirror, and Houts/Hosey Hall, which legend says is haunted by the ghost of Sarah, a pregnant student who committed suicide. At the closed Osborne/Phillips Hall, rumors abound that it was shut down because of a haunting, but as it turns out, it was closed for financial reasons. But Yeater Hall may take the cake as far as this campus is concerned. Here at the oldest resident hall on campus, folks have seen lights come on by themselves, heard footsteps, felt cold spots,
and spotted a shadow of a woman’s head.

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108 W South St
Warrensburg, MO 64093
United States

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38.757828936169574, -93.73939966665648
Johnson County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Warrensburg, MO (0.4 mi.)
Centerview, MO (5.8 mi.)
Knob Noster, MO (9.8 mi.)
Whiteman Air Force Base, MO (9.9 mi.)
Leeton, MO (12.3 mi.)
Henrietta, MO (12.5 mi.)
Chilhowee, MO (13.2 mi.)
Holden, MO (13.9 mi.)
La Monte, MO (17.0 mi.)
Kingsville, MO (17.8 mi.)

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  1. I lived in Yeater Hall my freshman year. The third floor was pad locked shut, only open for the Halloween haunted tours. The building was erected in the early 40’s and for a brief amount of time served as a place to stay for men in the war, since Whiteman Air Force Base is a hop and skip away from campus. Laura Yeater was the one whom opened Yeater Hall, an all girls’ dorm to this day. Since the building is historic, we were unable to have A/C. I’ve heard rumors if you had guys stay over, they would wake up with scratches on their backs, but I never had any over so I can’t confirm or deny that. The building was a bit eerie, but the only supernatural thing to happen to me was my closet door would be open a crack every morning when I woke up even when I knew I shut it the night before.

  2. I’m a recent student and as everyone knows that East Ellis is not haunted at all. But for many of you who don’t know for me it is. I’ve had a certain gift since I was in 5th grade to where I can see spirits which escalated to feeling them and hearing them. So last year my freshman year I was in bed sleeping when I felt a hand touch me on my back. It felt comforting. It felt like it was telling me that I was stressed and that I need to relax and calm down and so I did and it happened twice. Then this year my sophomore year the night before my birthday at 2:32 am I wake up to a spirit who looked like my roommate and it was looking for something on top of our dresser so I just watched it look and look and look till I was tired enough to go back to sleep and let it finish it’s job. So I texted my roommate the next morning asking her what she was doing up at 2:32 am and that’s when she said she was doing nothing but just sleeping.

  3. My roommate and I were laying in bed a few weeks ago and suddenly a water bottle that was on top of our fridge got flung across the room. Neither of us had touched it and neither of us were close enough to hit it. It didn’t just fall off the fridge it was in the middle of the floor like it was thrown. Earlier our suitemate had heard screaming from our room in the middle of the night and she opened our bathroom door and we were both sound asleep and silent. The room directly beneath us heard it too. We’ve been calling the entity Robert but since reading this we think it might be Sarah, since we live in Houts.

  4. All I can say is I lived in Hosey Hall in 1991-92 and we had heard about Sarah. Heard many stories and our suite mates decided to get a ouija board and try to call on her. We asked her to kill a fish in one of the girls fish tanks if she was really a spirit. lol and behold the next day a fish was dead. Needless to say we didn’t play with that board again there. Pretty weird coincidence.

  5. Diener hall is bad. My friend had a dorm room on the top floor, she was the only one living up there. I won’t go into details but I stayed with her for a weekend and it was the most terrifying experience. I will never stop foot in that place again.

  6. I lived in Houts/Hosey last year. There is a ghost who haunts the building named Sarah. She usually hangs out in the boiler room in the basement but can also be heard/seen wandering the fourth floor hall at night. I have also had reports of seeing her image in the reflection of a window or mirror at the ends of the hallways. It appears like she is standing right behind you, but you won’t see anyone there when you turn around. She has also moved small objects, turned lights on and off, and locked and unlocked doors. There is another ghost that haunts Houts/Hosey named Max. He can be found in the room across from the boiler room in the basement (004?). He isn’t as active as Sarah, but can move light objects and can be found wandering the second and third floor of Houts/Hosey sometimes. He may also leave bruises on womens’ legs that they can find when they wake up in the morning. Neither of them will cause any harm. They are both sweet, protective spirits but they can also be a bit mischievous. Just be respectful 🙂

    • I was in Houts/Hosey fall of 85, fourth floor. I myself experienced the reflection of her in the window, standing behind me between Houts and Hosey. I turned around to speak to the girl I saw in the reflection and there wasn’t anyone actually visible leaning against the wall. I looked back at the window and could still see her reflection, she smiled and I entered the door I was standing in front of and calmly left. Sometimes you see something so strange there isn’t a file in your head for it except, “That was strange”.

      One of the R.A.s on fourth floor told me he was in his room before school started, having to be at school before students began arriving. He said he awoke one night and there was a girl standing in the corner of his room. He said she began screaming blood-curdling screams. He vaulted out of bed, turned on the light and she was gone…so was the screaming. The same R.A. called us all into the hall one afternoon, cursing and yelling, and wanted to know who had gotten into his room and screwed with his stuff. He said he had only been out of his room for ten minutes and couldn’t believe anyone would be so disrespectful. No one had a clue what he was talking about so I suggested he shows us what he was talking about. I kid you not, everything the guy owned was piled in the center of the room from floor to ceiling. It wasn’t just thrown into a pile, but arranged in some type of strange balancing manner that I don’t think anyone could ever have accomplished unless they had a week to work on it. We all helped him tear down the strange formation of possessions and put them back where they went. You should have seen the look on his face when I explained to him, “Ron, no one did this. This isn’t possible in ten minutes, much less a week.” The realization in his eyes that he was looking at something unnatural was startling.

      Every night, usually between 11 PM and 4 AM, running could be heard in the hallway. The runner would stop directly in front of my door and I could hear the feet still shuffling on the carpet. I would open my door quickly to catch whomever was trying to prank me and find the hallway completely deserted. These are just a few of the experiences I had living on fourth floor Houts at CMU, back then CMSU.

      The stories are true, except that the young woman hanged herself over Christmas vacation with the cord from a blind. Her body was positioned over one of those heat radiators that were under the windows and no one found her body until they returned from Christmas break.

  7. I used to live in Hudson Hall. The closet door in my suitemates room would open and close on its own at night over and over and we also would have the bathroom faucet come on by itself. Not dripping like a leak, but full blast. We named her Gertrude the ghost and would ask her to stop so we could sleep!

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