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The third floor of this 1927 jazz-era hotel is hopping with the spirit set! Besides seeing numerous ghosts, guests have reported unexplained voices and personal objects that mysteriously go missing in the night.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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103 E. 4th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301
United States

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38.70794737130649, -93.22796934846338
Pettis County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Sedalia, MO (0.2 mi.)
Smithton, MO (7.5 mi.)
Hughesville, MO (9.7 mi.)
Green Ridge, MO (11.5 mi.)
La Monte, MO (11.6 mi.)
Otterville, MO (12.2 mi.)
Houstonia, MO (14.9 mi.)
Ionia, MO (15.0 mi.)
Cole Camp, MO (17.2 mi.)
Whiteman Air Force Base, MO (17.9 mi.)

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  1. We stayed here for our anniversary Feb 2014, this place is def haunted! I hardly got any sleep, heard stuff in the hall that was out of place, woke up in the middle of the night to a pale young boy standing by my bed staring at me, scared me so much, I jumped across the king sized bed! I will come back again though, lol. Its a beautiful hotel!!

  2. I was 14 working at Bothwell from 1969 to 1972. I was 14 and operated the elevator as well as bellhop for the guests. I remember strange things on all 7 floors. Back then each floor had a corner “apartment” where permanent guests lived. And all the rooms on each floor ending in 1 (301,601 ETC) ALSO had permanent guests. I still remember their faces but the names escape me. They were all old. 60-80s and seemed retired. T men mostly smoked pipes and a few cigars in the 1st floor lobby everyday where the ladies all wore perfume

  3. Would like to add footsteps in the halls late at night (I would work from 4-11, 5-6 nights a week. My elevator buzzer would buzz and when I arrived to that particular floor, occasionally there would be no one there. Once as I helped a guest with their luggage to their room (close to the Elevator I heard the doors shut and after going up to the 5th floor I believe I found it open. It had gone from the 3rd to the 5th apparently by itself. I would suggest anyone wanting to investigate the hotel should begin evps on the 3rd to 5th floors but don’t count out 6&7. And by all means don’t forget the mezzanine (2nd) floor. I remember many stories there as things being moved at large parties and ladies purses being moved. Another person who worked there who is much older than I still lives in sedalia on harveyv

  4. We recently stayed on the 3rd floor and were woken up a few times to noises coming from the hallway right in front of the rm. However, we were the only ones down that particular corridor. I took some pictures of this beautiful place and noticed some images were distorted while others before and after were perfectly clear. I saw a slim straight shadow cross the doorway when I was woken up again by a loud noise, but it wasn’t a frightening experience. I figured I was just drowsy and maybe the loud noises were other guests or staff roaming the hallway. There is definitely something strange going on but I would stay here again.

  5. Stayed there Sept 7, 2014. Heard doors slamming all night long. Went into the Truman room on lower level at night. really creepy. Snapped some photos and had some anomalous features in a couple of photos. Unable to reproduce.

    • hello my name is ashley i currently work here at the hotel and have been experiencing something every single night that i have worked here. As of lately it has gotten worse and more intense like it or they are wanting me to know something, I have felt things brush past me ,heard foot steeps, seen shadows, seen the little girl in the white night gown on the 3rd floor and in the basement and also have heard a women talking twice now, tonight it was so loud and clear my coworker and i thought it was a guest on the 2nd floor so we went up their and NOTHING.. Was wondering if you had any of these things happen or if you could send or email me copies of the picture. Just trying to figure some things out since cant really find anything on line about the REAL history of this beautiful old place

      • Have you had any other experiences since you posted this, or was what you experienced enough to make you leave? Also, have you found anything out about the history of the hotel?

  6. I worked as a maid at the hotel for a yr and in the basement in the maintance area a man most definitely brushed pased me and a young woman bare footed wearing an old time lo ng white night gown was walkin around in basement on the cold concrete in searce of something or someone.

  7. I stayed here on the fifth floor and had a couple of strange things happen. In the bathroom, I placed my phone on the glass shelf so I could charge it with the nearby outlet. When I got up in the morning, it had been moved down into the sink, still plugged in. Also, before I got up, as I was laying in bed, something started “thumping” my pillow about once every twenty seconds, or so. Hard to explain, but this carried on for about three minutes until I got up and noticed my phone had been moved.

  8. I stayed out there over valentine’s day weekend on the 4th floor. The only real experiences I had occurred in the room itself. First one happened when I went out for the day. I had both bathroom doors open, and I left the privacy please sign in my key reader. When I returned a while later, I had a tag saying my privacy request was respected, so no staff entered the room. When I walked in, I noticed the bathroom doors were closed. The second one occurred before I went to sleep. I turned off all the lights and the fireplace in the room. When I awoke the next day, the fireplace was back on. I know it isn’t on a timer and I didn’t hit the remote when I was asleep (it was in the center of the nightstand). It was pretty neat to have experienced those two things and it didn’t dissuade me from wanting to go back there and stay again! (Not that Knob Noster is far away).

  9. Stayed a night here when I was down at Missouri State fair showing in 2016. We were on the 3rd floor. Woken up in the middle of the night to the sound little kids running up and down the hallway and a little girl laughing. My little sister was the only child there that night and she was sound asleep. Also when in the elevator it would go up to the 5th floor and then go down to the 1st floor. The next day we looked up history on this hotel to find out that we had stayed in the room with a lot of activity. Gotta say I was a little freaked out but it was a really cool experience.

    • Yeah when I work there there was a little girl in a little white dress it would come out on the third floor that someone had said that she had got killed there or something she fell off the banister or something like that I don’t remember exactly but yeah I was trying to check into that when I was there to where you would just be in the hallway you would feel something cold it would just get really freezing cold or down in the basement and where they kept the the Linens and stuff and the maintenance area it would be just cold you walk through and we just be cold and it will be warm again and there was a man dressed in a civil war uniform that was down there I seen him one time but yeah that’s craziness the 5th floor was my floor and there are still as was still Apartments there then they had one bedroom apartments you know fully furnished and we clean them too but yeah that’s there’s some crazy no I’ve never found out anything else that went on there I don’t know how to research it that’s what I was actually doing now and this is a October 26th 2021 I just happen to be thinking about old house in Smithton that used to be a school I was trying to look up because my grandkids have been talking about this little kid showing that they see their but nobody else does and then this is what popped up but yeah I wonder if he figured out anything else from Hotel Bothwell but yes it is definitely haunted and no I’m not crazy you can just chill and I don’t think there hurtful people or Spirits or whatever you know I just think they’re Restless

  10. My family was there on thanksgiving and while using the ladies room in the basement I heard a little girl laughing and no one else was in there. Creeped me out and my hair stood up on my neck.

  11. I stayed in this beautiful hotel over the weekend (07/07-09/2017) just checked out this morning. All weekend I heard what sounded like an old tv that had distorted sound. Friday night as I was laying in bed I had a distinct feeling of someone grabbing me by the back neck and letting go and then felt them walk away! I wish had done my research on this place, I would have liked to have investigated a little more.

  12. My mother, my sister and I visited the hotel while walking around for Christmas. We went downstairs to see what it was like and my mom has to use the bathroom. My sister and I stayed outside until it has been a while. We went inside to find my mom outside her stall leaning against the wall on the ground. I ran to her and asked what happened and she said she heard a girl giggle then a man mumble some stuff then something pushed her from behind and she got her head on the wall. I was terrified and we left immediately.

  13. My sister and I are wanting to stay the night there and just wondering how bad it gets this stuff freaks me out but my sister has to stay there guess my question is are these ghosts or spirits nice or mean I have heard different things if anyone has had a experience could u share I’m talking about as in this year 2019

  14. As a current employee of Hotel Bothwell I can say that I have never experienced anything of the sort here. I don’t know of anyone of who has died within the building so I am not sure why ONLY the third floor would be haunted. I think that people think that because it is such an old building that it must be haunted and that is simply not the case.

  15. Dave chosewood  |  

    Looks like you’re in the minority. Too many sightings and experiences by others to discount them. I think it simply IS the case obviously.

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