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Noland Road is said to have a ghostly gray lady with short gray hair, especially near the Woodlawn Cemetery.

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Geographic Information

Noland Road
Independence, MO
United States

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39.07993639081278, -94.41388678533258
Jackson County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Independence, MO (0.8 mi.)
Sugar Creek, MO (2.6 mi.)
East Independence, MO (3.3 mi.)
Raytown, MO (5.6 mi.)
Birmingham, MO (6.3 mi.)
Lake Tapawingo, MO (6.8 mi.)
River Bend, MO (6.9 mi.)
Randolph, MO (6.9 mi.)
Blue Springs, MO (8.3 mi.)
North Kansas City, MO (8.7 mi.)


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  1. I am 63 but when I was in my teens there was a little old lady that walked everywhere I heard that she had a bad heart and her doctor told her to walk, everyone called her zipper , her hair was like they put a bowl on her head and cut around it so it was short and silver gray , as soon as I read this article she popped in my head, she was a small lady , I hope this helps you, if you ever need a ghost hunter my husband is not afraid of anything .

    • I remember this lady in the early 80’s and 90’s She was always have a coat on even when it was 100 degrees out. I thought of her when I read this too

    • MY ex boyfriend and I wanted to see if this was real about two years ago. We drove around the cemetery multiple times one night, watching around. (The cemetery is decently sized) one time coming around there was an older lady with a scarf around her face only her big eyes showing, a long skirt, and a light on her head.. almost like a head lamp. She looked TERRIFIED! (How would she have walked the distance of the cemetary by the time we drove around it) I looked at her and we pulled off into the road (not wanting to make a scene if she was just actually a person) we drove down to the light before quick trip and turned around in a u turn and she was GONE. We quickly went up and down the streets no where in sight whatsoever absolutely impossible for someone to disappear that quickly. We both to this day STRONGLY believe that was her.

  2. I lived in the house on the corner of high street and pacific right across from the funeral home. Its and old house that the owner split into four apartments. It was always a spooky place to live. Even if I was home alone it never felt that way. I never saw anything but I felt it. Especially on the back porch.

  3. Not a ghost. She was a real woman who walked daily. She lost her family in a house fire. She died in early 2000s. Let her rest in peace.

  4. I think the lady you are mentioning is the same lady my parents knew, I always heard them call her lady Z or Zelda (No not the game). I remember her always walking up and down Noland road when I was a kid. And she always had a coat on. I always felt so bad for her because she always walked alone. Not sure if this will help, but that is what I knew about her.

    • I remember her too. We also called her “Walking Mary”. I remember she a small woman with short gray hair and I do believe she wore a coat as the others mentioned. I would see her from the school bus as I rode to Palmer Junior High School. She was always walking on Noland Road in front of the cemetery. I never thought she was a ghost though and still think she was real.

  5. We called her Noland Road Annie. Her real name, I learned in 1981 when I worked at the old Zarda Dairy store at Noland and Gudgell, was Thelma. She liked vanilla soft serve cones. I’m sorry I don’t know her last name, but I give you my word that Thelma was her first name. I wondered if she was Native American because she had very dark eyes and coloring.

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