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People believe that the former mistress of the home still occupies it. People claim to see Mrs. Vaile looking through the window and have seen her about the property. In addition, people believe that there is left over residual hauntings and negative energy from the mansion’s days as an asylum.

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1500 N Liberty St
Independence, Missouri 64050
United States

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39.107639269800714, -94.41705939947508
Jackson County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Independence, MO (1.1 mi.)
Sugar Creek, MO (1.5 mi.)
East Independence, MO (3.4 mi.)
Birmingham, MO (4.4 mi.)
River Bend, MO (5.1 mi.)
Randolph, MO (5.4 mi.)
Raytown, MO (7.3 mi.)
Avondale, MO (7.7 mi.)
Claycomo, MO (7.7 mi.)
North Kansas City, MO (7.9 mi.)


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  1. I have been on two different occasions and I had nothing but uneasy feelings while there. However this could be to the stories that I had been told by my Grandmother. My Grandmother and a few of her friends had visited many many times. With each and every visit at least one of them and sometimes all of them had some type of experience there that was not normal. The last time that they visited they swore that they would not return again. To the best of my knowledge they never did. The reason for this was a friend of my Grandmothers named Maryland was by a window and started to struggle for air and began grabbing at her throat and looked as tho she was trying to pull something off of her. She fell to the floor and was unconcious for almost 4 minutes. When she came to she said that she had first felt something grab her shoulder and then grab her throat and she could only describe the feeling as being chocked by cold and clammy hands.

    • I am a tour guide at the Vaile. It is a lovely old home. I am there every Saturday all day and have never had any negative experiences. Many of the guides have worked there for years and I have never heard this story.

  2. I used to clean the Vaile after hours or before opening and although I wouldn’t call anything negative towards myself things did happen. For one you always have the feeling of being watched but before I ever heard any of the stories about the home I was on the back porch sweeping and watched the curtain on the window next to me blowing. I figured it was a vent so I went in to check but there was no vent anywhere near that window and there was no fan or air source but it was no longer moving when I went inside to check, upon going back to the porch it was moving again. Another time I was vacuuming the music room and my husband was present on this occasion when the piano started playing and we both just froze and got out of there. The volunteers of the home do not like when this kind of info is shared or put out there about the Vaile because in their words “we don’t want that kind of attention”. That is why they will say they never had any negative experiences as anonymous stated but they will not flat out say nothing unexplained has ever happened there. Just as certain areas are blocked off because of certain situations or suspicious injuries that happened.

  3. This is good to know, thanks for sharing! I have always had an uneasy feeling, like someone is watching me. I have felt the cool or cold air pass me but that is all I have witnessed. I think it is a beautiful house and love going there. The uneasiness doesn’t keep me away from going.

  4. This place definitely has a dark energy. It freaks me out. I won’t go back in there. I didn’t see anything, but the feeling was overwhelmingly dark.

  5. I toured the beautiful mansion in 2014 and definitely felt the presence of Mrs. Vaile. She was small, curious, uplifting and vivacious and loved having people tour her beautiful home. She followed me throughout the tour and seemed so delighted that so many people were admiring her house. She communicated to me that she did not commit suicide that her death was accidental. She seemed joyous and happy. She had a long dress on and always stayed behind me. I felt no negativity whatsoever, only happy energy.

  6. I have been wanting to visit a haunted mansion or home for some time but I don’t want to go into something that is a hoax or made up if what you have felt there is very true let me know

  7. I have lived right acrossed from the Vaile Mansion now for awhile and I thought I knew what I believed in when it came to ghosts ,or afterlife but using acrossed from this amazing piece of history ,made me reevaluate what I did believe in. I knew nothing about the history when I moved in and now I could tell you more than most of the people working as tour guides there.. Many times have I dealt with negative energies to the point visitors that were non believers would not get out of their vehicles at my house after pulling up ,claiming it just felt to eerie to get out and stay. We have seen spirits, heard voices and always see Mrs. Sophia Vaile looking out over the street every night . It has been fascinating .

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