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There are many rumors regarding the hauntings of the Union Station. Some claim that a train derailment and the subsequent deaths have caused ghosts to linger at what was their last boarding stop. Others tell of a spooky woman seen jumping from the building to her death, and her death is almost always associated with the reports of Room 711 being haunted. If you go there and attempt to discuss ghosts, employee response will fall into one of two categories – abrupt dismissal and belittlement or cheerful conversation about the various haunted aspects of the case. In August 2014 in a conversation to a Haunted Places representative, a hotel employee debunked the claims about room 707. They said the rumors mostly started because the lights in that room have a tendency to flicker – and they do so because the room is in the top most part of the former train station aligned with the tracks and are subject to vibrations as the train passes. In addition, the narrow and claustrophobic atmosphere of the 7th floor, which is in the former attic, lends itself to an oppressive, looming feeling that makes one susceptible to tales of hauntings. However, this employee did say that the ghost that walks the balcony on the third floor (which is also actually the lobby floor) has been spotted several times, and it is this ghost that appears to leap to its death over the railing to the parking lot below. Although we did have a room on the 3rd floor with an unobstructed view of the balcony, we witnessed nothing of any interest either of the two nights we stayed there.

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  1. Robert Proudfoot  |  

    I work as a night auditor (3rd shift) at the Union Station back in 1990. I saw a number of strange things and some “hauntings” debunked. The seventh story suicide was debunked because the attic, back when Union Station was a train station, did not overlook the interior of the building so no one could have jumped from that angle. Often people would say they heard voices of a man and woman speaking which we 3rd shift people (myself, the security guard and the valet) determined was noise bouncing through the lobby cause by the interior fountain in the lobby.

    However, some of the strange occurrences at the hotel…one night as the security guard and I were getting ready to close out the cash registers in the hotels in house restaurant, I saw what appeared to be a man walk past one of the mirrors that hung on the entrance door to the restaurant. I was facing the door and saw and heard a loud “bang” like some one slamming a door. The entrance double doors swung in and out so nothing to “bang” against. The guard heard it as well. We first figured a homeless person had snuck in to get access to the bar. There were only two ways in and out both coming across the lobby. We each to one door and search the restaurant finding no one.
    Frequently, we would see a black shapeless apparition moving through out the lobby. We were told this was “Gentlemen George” and English tourist who while running to catch his train slipped off the platform and was crushed by his train. George would come out when it was quiet, and was actually a comforting presence on 3rd shift once you got use to him.
    The other ghost which was usually only seen on the railyard was the “Pullman Ghost”. Legend was two railworkers were competing for the same woman, one was the brakeman and the other the Pullman. Brakeman didn’t slow the train enough and crushed the other man.
    The hallways were a little spooky. The hotel is a class act and beautiful inside and out. However, at the time each hallway had a mirror at each end of the hallway (basically a square building four nearly equal length hallways on each floor) and so you could see behind you as you walked…just knew I would see something scary behind me :).
    Over all the hotel is a wonderful place to stay and though I believe it is haunted it is a warm and comfortable feeling in he hotel and do not believe anything haunting it is bad nor evil.

  2. First and foremost, beautiful hotel and wonderful service. However, extremely bizarre experiences such as shadows of someone walking outside our door (room 620), when no one was there. Noises constantly, from scratching sounds to water dripping without any apparent source. My husband went down to the lobby on a Sunday morning at 2:30 to get us water. No one was around except for a figure in a black suit and a white top hat that appeared in two separate places. The next day we woke up with scratches and bruises on our bodies. But overall, it still was an amazing stay and everyone was friendly and gracious.

  3. Julia Sheats-Tracy  |  

    So, I am the current night auditor here at Union Station. I do see a man watching over the lobby from the fifth floor balcony. He just stands there and watches. The other morning the lights, which were turned low for the night, got brighter, then dimmer, then brigher. I went to the panel and it looked like someone was scrolling through the panel. Then the music turned on. The thing about that is you have to go through a password to get to the music. About a week ago, a man came in just to see the building. He told me the place was haunted. I agreed. He told me it’s being watched by the janitor who used to take care of the station. He also told me it was his job to control the lights during his shift. Now how could someone who had no clue what I had witnessed, be so accurate in what he felt? So yes, it is. But it’s friendly. They other stories are myths or are easily explained. This one, not so much

  4. I stayed at the Union Hotel several years ago after having stayed there several time before and was given a room on the floor above the lobby. I was told that the rooms on that level used to be the actual offices of the railroad executives. During the night, i woke up to my floor lamp turned on. Since I don’t sleep with any lights my only thought was someone had come in and turned it on, however, no one was in my room. I then thought that maybe the light switch was loose and some vibration caused it to switch on. I got up and turned it off only to find the light switch on the lamp was not loose at all. I turned it off and went back to bed. I know some have said that lights can switch on and off due to old wiring or vibration of the trains that go by. However, this hotel was totally refurbished so doesn’t have old wiring plus this lamp was plugged into the inside wall so I don’t see how a train could switch this on. After a while I was woken by something pressing against the pad of my foot which I had out of the covers and off the edge of the bed. I laid there trying to figure out what could be causing the pressing since it was a distinct feeling and not anything like a nerve pain, itch, whatever. It was like having a pillow with something making a depression into with out seeing the object doing it. I just pulled my foot under the covers although I started to get a little freaked out. I did fall back asleep but was woken by a loud voice which seemed to me it was someone working. Since you can always hear people talking in a hotel my first thought was why someone was talking this loudly and working this late at night when we all have to get up in the morning but went back to sleep. Not long after this voice started in again and so I tried to figure out where it was coming from, It was not coming from another room or out in the hallway. It was not muffled in anyway and it was like it came from above me in the room. Because it took me by surprise I didn’t concentrate on what the voice was saying only that I kept trying to figure out where it was coming from. I also thought because the voice seemed to be elevated that maybe someone was in the lobby talking to another employee which I thought might explain why I felt it was elevated but that would have required the person to actually be shouting and would have woke a lot of guests and I don’t think hotel employees would do that. After I got home I was at work and on a conference call. Someone had called in and then it hit me; that the voice I heard was a disembodied voice just like the person calling in via conference line. The voice is there in the room with you but the ‘body’ is in another place or dimension. After thinking about my experience I do believe there was a male spirit in my room who definitely was trying to get my attention. I do think he was harmless and I think he was a prior exec and was working which would make sense considering why I thought the voice was discussing work. I only wish that i had made note of what he was saying. I love the hotel and actually went back again but requested a room on a different floor. I was trying to not let that experience frighten me away and I did not have any incidents the second time but I don’t think I would go back unless someone else is with me.

  5. A few years ago I was in Nashville for a conference and stayed at the Union Station Hotel. The night I got into town I went out to dinner with a co worker and got back to the hotel a little past midnight. I had heard that the hotel was haunted but didn’t really believe it. My room was on the first floor so I could hear pretty much everything going on. After washing up and watching some tv I fell asleep. It was probably around 3:00am I awoke to a shadow beneath my door and I heard the door knob turn like someone was trying to enter my room but I had the door locked. I called out thinking it was an employee but no one answered and the shadow and sounds disappeared. The next morning when I woke up I found myself laying on the floor in the corner of my room, as if someone had come in and picked me up and placed me there. It was the most mind blowing experience and rarely share the story. With that being said the Hotel is amazing and so is the staff but you are definitely not alone.

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