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This famed resort is said to be haunted by The Black Lady, who has been seen all over the hotel. As her nickname suggests, the appparition is dressed all in black. She is a young woman in antebellum-style clothing, and wears a long black veil over her face. She is said to show up at night and in the darkest places. Some folks believe she is a Mrs. Gavock, whose family once owned the land on which the resort stands.

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2800 Opryland Dr
Nashville, TN 37214
United States

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36.2115421, -86.69250520000003
Davidson County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Lakewood, TN (3.9 mi.)
Nashville, TN (5.8 mi.)
Nashville, TN (6.0 mi.)
Hendersonville, TN (7.6 mi.)
Berry Hill, TN (7.7 mi.)
Goodlettsville, TN (7.8 mi.)
Green Hill, TN (8.0 mi.)
Mount Juliet, TN (9.7 mi.)
Oak Hill, TN (9.9 mi.)
Millersville, TN (11.1 mi.)

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  1. I was videoing the Falls area – sitting in the lounge area. When I replayed the video the next morning – I picked up what looks to be a pair of eyes coming from the left and then back to the right.

  2. Vincent Tripoli  |  

    I was employed at the Opryland Hotel, as a retail manager (around 1990), before the renovations. The store I was responsible for stayed opened the longest of the day (12 midnight) and I stayed until 1 or 2 am (stocking, paperwork, etc). One night, I was passing the large staircase that went to the second floor, looked up and saw the blurred image of a woman in a full gown (the customary dress type of the Civil War Era). I was the only one in THAT section of the hotel and, having heard the stories of Mrs. McGavock, I just said ” … good evening, ma’am …”! Then I watched her fade away and I went on about my business!

    • Wow, that is awesome. I’ll be working there, and close to that stairway. I am “somewhat” looking forward to “meeting” Mrs. McGavock… I think!

  3. I just received a call from my daughters who are currently stay at the hotel and will be there until Sunday . I could literally hear the anxiety in her voice . She said mom this hotel is haunted . (From my grandmother down to my daughter we’ve always been able to sense these types of things .) Were here on the highest floor yet I hear someone above us running . I just have the strangest feeling that there are ghost lurking around . Then she googled the hotel and discovered that there had been a murder suicide in the same area of the hotel they are in . So apparently the black lady has friends there that are not resting . I’m just happy that I decided to stay at home this weekend .

  4. When I was around 9 I went to stay at the opryland resort for a week. Everyday of that week I’d wake around 3:00 am to see a lady in black looking down on me. I still remember it like it was yesterday☹

  5. In 2005 I worked at the hotel. My job was to log in packages for guests of the hotel and take the packages to the room. I remember one day I was delivering a package to a guest. I took the elevator up to the second level of the hotel. Got off the elevator, and started walking towards the room. All the sudden I heard a women voice behind me, and I turned around asked her what she said. No one was there. I was the only one in the hallway. Went to the room, knocked on the door. No one was in the room, so I left the package by the door. Got back on the elevator, and as the doors were closing I told the women voice to have fun just to calm my nerves. I had always heard the hotel was haunted, but never believed it until I heard that voice in an empty hallway.

  6. I have been here before and I have seen a black shadowy figure in the form of a lady in 2015 and I am only in 3rd grade and I have a ghost hunting team.

  7. I worked room service there in 1995. During orientation they told us about Mrs. Mcgavock and how she is often seen wearing a red dress. One night while walking back to the kitchen from delivering an order I,got on an elevator with a couple of guests who,were freaking out. I asked them what happened and they told me I wouldn’t believe them. They told me that when they were walking toward the elevator the doors were closing and there was a lady on the elevator, as soon as the doors shut they hit the button and when the doors opened immediately, the lady was gone. Jokingly I asked them if she was wearing a red dress and they said “YES!”… I heard several stories while working there.

  8. Mrs McGavock. There is a haunted mansion nearby that you point out of the same family, the McGavock Mansion, that’s haunted

  9. I felt a heavy pressure on my back and could feel this breathe on my neck. I had to wake up my husband. Freaked me out. My heart was pounding. He said it was the spicy food lol. Great hotel and a wonderful time. I could’ve done without that freaky experience

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