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Rumor has it that at this closed cemetery, graves will appear empty one moment and covered over with grass the next. It is also said that something unseen may grab your leg and that tombstones will inexplicably fall over and then right themselves.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

S Tucker Road
Comanche, OK
United States

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34.41351521821091, -97.91529893869665
Stephens County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Meridian, OK (3.7 mi.)
Liberty, OK (3.7 mi.)
Comanche, OK (4.1 mi.)
Empire City, OK (6.4 mi.)
Duncan, OK (6.6 mi.)
Addington, OK (12.0 mi.)
Marlow, OK (12.4 mi.)
Velma, OK (14.1 mi.)
Loco, OK (14.6 mi.)
Marlow, OK (16.4 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    I live about an hour from the cemetery but I have family who live in the same town. Anyway I have never been inside the cemetery but I know people who have. A friend of mines dad was attacked by a cast moving white ghost like creature. And he did shoot at what ever the thing was. But from most accounters that have happened here were not encounter with ghosts. They were with devil worshipers. A group of guys decided they were going to explore the place because they didn’t believe it was haunted. They did not see any ghost but after they were inside a ways they began to here weird talking like people speaking in tongues. And before they knew it they were surrounded by other guys speaking in these tongues. They were attacked by these men but luckily escaped alive. These boys were covered in bruised and cuts and scrapes. The only reason they escaped is because they were all good track runners. I have also talked with some elders who say many others are not as lucky. A group of teenagers go in thinking its a joke but maybe a few live. They say there is a tree that the devil worshipers hide in waiting for these teenagers or ghost hunters to come so they may sacrifice them. DO NOT ENTER THIS PLACE ANYTIME CLOSE TO BEING DARK ECSPECIALLY AT NIGHT TIME! I AM NOT JOKING IT IS NOT SAFE NEITHER IS IT WORTH YOUR LIFE TO BE COOL OR PROVE A POINT. But if for some DUMB reason you do want to go inside ALWAYS ALWAYS BRING A GUN! I’m not talking about a little bb gun or pellet gun. I mean shotgun or an AR with plenty of ammo and DO NOT GO ALONE!

    • Omg we went the other night..my friends and I and we didn’t walk but part way down and i was scared so i kept turning around to look behind us and i started screaming because i could see a white-ish figure standing back behind us dead center of the trail.. I kept yelling do yall see it and they did. We were too scared to go towards it so we kept walking down a little ways until we couldnt see it and then took off running back to the car. We never even made it to the actual cemetery! I didn’t see this until just now and i dont know how we got so lucky when your friend’s dad didnt. I thank God for whatever reason. I wish we would have gotten it on camera but even then i thought my mind was playing tricks until every one else said they saw it too! Something is guarding the place for sure!!

    • Hey Jake,I’ve seen many strange things that I can’t explain,who is the contact to get permission to go into the cemetery, honestly I am atheist and there is nothing on this earth that I’m scared of,not trying to debunk anything,but would like to see for myself

    • I used to live in Comanche just down the road from Tucker Cemetery. I’ve been there several times and nothing has EVER happened. It’s just stories.

  2. iv been in this place 10+ times. i even went last Halloween night. its all a fake nothing ever happens there. no one gets killed by “devil worshipers”. but it is fun to take friend that are scared and scare the piss out of them lol but its fake lol

  3. My family often take care of this cemetery by mowing and making sure the property isn’t damaged.
    We hunt on the surrounding property and live extremely close to it, we’ve never experienced any sort of paranormal activity, but we do get calls of people asking if they can check it out. People are always coming to the cemetery and messing things up, so if you would like to visit, I ask that you please be careful. Many of the graves still have family who come out and leave flowers and such. We’ve set up a gate so that trucks can’t get to the actual cemetery. A few years ago we had some people dump tons of garbage all over the place, so we’re trying to prevent that from ever happening again. There is plenty of graffiti in the old school cellar. The school cellar can be found about 50 yards from the main gate and then off to the left, it is on private property, but nobody will run you off for going down in it. The area that the cellar is located at was where the old school was, not where “old man tucker” lived, and the story of “old man tucker” going insane is just a ghost story. The graffiti includes plenty of profanity and demonic-like symbols, but from what we know, no actual satanic activities took place down there, and the symbols are most likely from people who thought it would be funny to scare other people. The cemetery isn’t private, but it is still owned property, so please be courteous for the owner and the people who live around it!

    • I would love to come occasionally and I can even help with picking up any trash or limbs, ect. I live between walters and Comanche and often help out at other cemeteries.
      My name is Teresa Totty,
      Thank you

    • I’m so sorry to hear this, anyone that disrespects anyone’s graves are ridiculous!! I have been there many times just look at the grades and I was just old man Tucker‘s name or his family is low and if they were buried there? Any information would help thank you and God Bless ❤️

  4. I’ve lived around Tuckers cemetery my whole life, all this craziness is just that crazy nothing has ever happen down there but kids getting stuck from driving on rainy nights or pranking by destroying headstones and such. If you’re not going there out of respect for the dead just stay out.

  5. I have only gone to this cemetery twice and I live about 3 and a half miles from there I haven’t ran into any devil worshipers but I seen a few clues left behind. I have experienced what sounds like a little girl running around and laughing and say hello to me once, but both times I have gone I have heard the same thing laughing and running.

  6. I have family that lived in this area by the same last name as tucker. If anybody could give me any info on the family that would be amazing

  7. My Aunt, her boyfriend, my two younger brothers & ,I went for the first time in the evening just before dusk. I walked through looking & reading all the headstones. At the very farthest on the west side next to a barbed wire fence was a rectangle cement slab laying North to South. It had a large crack running east to west along the center of it. At the South end was a square wooden frame connected to the slab but it was covered with dirt & grass. I looked into the crack & could see copper vaults or something & as I was trying to find a grave marker or something to identify who was buried here, I saw & heard the bushes over the fence move & heard a growl. It was getting dark & I turned to go back to the entrance gate. I heard the growl again & a wolf howling really close. My foot sank into the ground & as I pulled it out ,I lost my shoe (which is still there). There was a small square platform with the bust of a man in a bowler hat on the grave next to where my foot sank. I made sure not to step on any of the graves. The bust slid off the platform & landed on the grave by itself as I watched. I looked around for everyone & saw no sign of them. When I got to the entrance the iron gate was shut & very hard to open. I looked up & down the dirt road & saw my brothers walking up it & caught up with them. My Aunt had pulled a peak on us. She had drove further up the road & hid the car & as we came close she was laughing & asked if we saw the ghosts. I never saw ghosts but my experience confirmed my belief in life after death. This occurred in 1972 when I was 15. I have gone back but the cemetery had been vandalized & I couldn’t enter. It’s really so disrespectful & stupid for someone to do that. I hope they have a visit or sign from the ones they disturbed. Maybe then they’ll have more respect.

  8. My friends and I went about 8 years ago at night, and we used a camera to take pictures. The only paranormal thing was that there were tons of orbs in the photos, massed around the cemetery gate as of the spirits couldn’t get out. It was gnarly!

  9. We visited last night. Got there just as the sun was setting, around 7:30pm. We made two trips, the second trip that night, we added a fourth, who gave us some history of the area. We took our usual photos, video and evp’s and have come up with two possible captures, one photo and one video. Our friends are still viewing their photos. I will try to upload both and you all tell me what you think. I was kind of panning around with the video and after viewing it looks like something walks past in the upper left hand corner. The recorder I was using has a low light source and wouldn’t capture anything more than three or four feet, as you will see as I do a close up of a headstone. Thank you. Update-After reviewing the video in more detail, I have come to conclude that it is a headstone, so I will not upload it. It is a 19 minute video that has not been trimmed or edited also.

  10. My great great grandparents are buried in this cemetery along with three of their grandchildren along with another cousin. My great aunt taught at Tucker school back in the 1920. I am looking for information regarding the murder of Edith Jones who is buried there.

    • According to the July 19, 1923 Edition of the Marlow Review, Edith Jones, 14 was shot by her 17 year old boyfriend, Tilman Atkins, for refusing to dance with him at a party. I read the article in newspapers.com.

  11. According to the July 19, 1923 Edition of the Marlow Review, Edith Jones, 14 was shot by her 17 year old boyfriend, Tilman Atkins, for refusing to dance with him at a party. I read the article in newspapers.com.

  12. I grew up in Duncan Oklahoma in the 70s. I have been to Tucker Cemetery many times. There was a school building with a cemetery behind it. Though it was on Tucker road, not a lot of people could find it. They tore the school down in the mid 70s and made it even harder to find at night.

    Growing up in a blue collar farming and oil field community in the 70s was a unique experience. The police were always present and strict on adolescent mischief, but you really had to try hard to get in serious trouble. But like most young boys we tried to push the limits.

    First let me say, that though I’ve taken many groups of people there, I have never personally seen anything paranormal there.

    The story was…. In the 20s there was a school teacher in the one room schoolhouse that stood there. He lived in the small house behind the school with his wife and two small children. During the depression he went crazy and killed his wife and children then hung him self in the school tower. They found the bloody scene and a suicide note from the teacher that explained his mayhem and said that he would haunt the school for eternity.

    They buried the family at the back of the cemetery. The next day they found the teacher laying on top of his grave… assuming vandalism, they buried him again only to find him once again laying out on top of his grave. After three attempts to bury him. They finally buried him and poured a cement slab over the entire plot.

    A week later, a huge crack developed across the teachers grave.

    This was the story that you would tell the group that you were taking, usually a girl or two that you wanted to be a hero around, and once you got off the road and parked by the schoolhouse IF anyone was willing to walk to the cemetery you would lead them all the way through the cemetery on foot to the very back to a plot with a cracked cement slab. I’ve never seen anything but by the time you get there, everyone is scared even you and the slightest rustling in the bushes or strange unseen apparition from the corner of anyones eye would lead to the entire party screaming and running through the cemetery back to the gathering of pickup trucks left at the schoolhouse….. then everyone would tell what they saw and heard…. Of course the stories got more exciting with each person in the group… by the next Monday at school you had been lucky to escape the blood thirsty ghost of the school teacher at Tucker Cemetery…

    Like I said, I was taken there in a group with my older sister, and then took several friends there in Highschool…. It was never a disappointment but I never saw anything that I would truly report as paranormal… but with six Highschool kids and a couple of sixpacks of beer, it was like a trip to Disney Land.

    I will tell you that once they tore the schoolhouse down, it was not as fun. Then I had a few people get hurt running through the dark cemetery trying to get back to the truck… but I quit going when a guy fell over a tombstone and damaged it. I felt really bad about that.

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