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The 1910 restaurant and former hotel is rumoured to be haunted by a horde of spirits from the past. The ghosts include a little girl playing in an upstairs hallway, a brown-haired prostitute who manifests on the staircase and even the apparition of country swing musician Bob Wills. A poltergeist may also be at work in the dining room bar, as glasses have been known to stack themselves after being washed.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

140 East Lake Drive
Medicine Park, OK
United States

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34.72808276936198, -98.50162714722501
Comanche County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Medicine Park, OK (0.1 mi.)
Cache, OK (9.9 mi.)
Lawton, OK (10.4 mi.)
Elgin, OK (12.4 mi.)
Apache, OK (13.8 mi.)
Fletcher, OK (16.0 mi.)
Indiahoma, OK (16.0 mi.)
Geronimo, OK (18.3 mi.)
Sterling, OK (18.8 mi.)
Faxon, OK (19.2 mi.)


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  1. My brother and I visited this place three years ago. The food was good, we sat at the bar and ate there. The bartender was very friendly and we chatted with him as he washed the glasses/cups. As we talked, he placed several wine glasses on top of the sink to air dry. When he turned to fix someone a drink, two of the glasses fell by themselves and broke. No one was around the glasses when this happened.He just shrugged it off,cleaned up the mess and went about his business. I asked him about what happened as my brother and I clearly saw that they fell on their own. He said that the glasses do that from time to time, he even has video of three glass cups being pushed from the cupboard by themselves.There clearly is something that is doing this. Bartender told us that one morning, when he arrived to work, the bar stools were all thrown on the floor after he stacked them the night before. He also captured it on video, the bar stools being pushed over,one by one. If you’re ever in the area, come by for a bite to eat. Sit at the bar and chat with the bartender, pretty cool dude.

  2. jamie mcguckin  |  

    I am the founder of a group based in OKC, we have investigated this location several times and have gotten a lot of great evidence. We went under the restaurant and got a picture of what looks like a body, one pic it isn’t there, the next the body is there, and then the third it is gone. The body looks like something is on top of it. We also got rocks thrown at us and we were physically touched by something. Lots of evp’s.

    • Have you ever investigated the antelope valley cabin in medicine park? Their journals note scratching on the walls and screaming.
      A family member of mine stayed there and found the journals. They experienced much worse during their stay.

    • My wife and kids stayed here in 2020 and we heard scratching and banging nose coming from what sounded like the front door or ceiling above the door. Another night I woke up to sounds of like a child running across a wood floor. The house has concrete floors from what I could tell. It was definitely a creepy feeling and I let the owner know that they might have an animal in the ceiling, but who knows?

  3. I have been staying here at the hotel for the past few nights. I have been waking up in the middle of the night from horrible nightmares. Like the kind where you “wake up” but really you’re still stuck in the dream. I’m somewhat of a skeptic b it I do love falling down the paranormal rabbit holes from time to time. Especially, this time of year. Anyways, I knew this place was old but didn’t really care to look into the history of it. Im just tagging along on a small vacay with my parents. So last night, I woke up and kept hearing a voice saying “heyyy…. Heyyyyy” like in a whisper. I told myself that it’s probably one of my parents snoring to get thru the night but I’m having serious doubts about that. It sounded so clear. This is my last night here and I’m really scared for the moment when all the lights go out. Ya’ll wish me luck, pray I get thru it!

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