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Seven distinct ghosts are said to haunt the place, including a scruffy cowboy, a mentally challenged woman who wears too much lavender perfume, and two men who died in a fight. As well as seeing their apparitions, regulars at the pub have heard footsteps and voices, and objects crashing, among other pranks. The phenomena are said to occur when the pub is not very crowded, such as late evenings or Sundays.

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2446 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL
United States

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41.926498, -87.65034300000002
Cook County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Chicago, IL (5.3 mi.)
Lincolnwood, IL (6.8 mi.)
Oak Park, IL (7.5 mi.)
Cicero, IL (7.7 mi.)
Elmwood Park, IL (8.2 mi.)
Evanston, IL (8.2 mi.)
Skokie, IL (8.5 mi.)
Harwood Heights, IL (8.6 mi.)
River Forest, IL (8.6 mi.)
Forest Park, IL (9.0 mi.)


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  1. We friends who know the owner Colin. Several years back, they took us to visit the bar. Colin allowed us to go to the upstairs floor, usually reserved for private parties. We were told the story that this floor was previously an apartment. One of the residents was a disable young girl whose mother did not properly care for her and she died in the bed upstairs. It was dark upstairs. We were told to stand at an exact spot near the bar. If a person stand there, they are supposed to feel a cool breeze go through their body. Prior we had just attended Tina N Tony’s Wedding performance and needless to say we all were slightly inebriated. Normally, I’m a big chicken when it comes to these type of occurrences but the alcohol allowed me to be open to experience anything. I felt a certain type of empathy and connection to this little girl because I myself have a disabled son who I have given him the best care I can and advocated for him his entire life. So, I did as they said, I stood in the spot and announced that I was open to an experience. I cannot say at that time that I felt the usual cool breeze experienced by others.

    Fast forward to the next morning. I am in the shower getting ready for work. It was uncommon for my son to come in and use the bathroom. While rinsing off my soap, I heard what I thought to be my young son say in a childlike voice, “I love you mommy.” I told him I loved him too. Three times I heard I love you mommy. On the third time, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It was then that I realized that it wasn’t my son. I started screaming and my husband and son come running in to check on me. I asked if my son Joey had come in to use the bathroom. They both said they were asleep and were awakened by my screens.

    It was then that I came to believe that the little girl must have felt a connection to me to and followed me home, possibly wanting the motherly love she never experienced.

    I then told my mother the whole story. She is a believer in those type of occurrences as her grandmother had told her true ghost stories growing up. Latter that evening while she was in her bedroom getting dressed for bed, she heard a small child’s voice say to her three times, “Come play with me.” I figured the girl had followed me to my mom’s that day. My mom was always a big part in caring for my son and going to doctor appointments with me.

    My mom told me to say I home to the spirit, you are not welcomed her. Go away. She did the same thing and neither of us has ever experienced any more like occurrences. The original bar was eventually tore down and eventually Colin rebuilt the bar on the same location. It opened this year. I’m curious and would like to take another visit.

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