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An old house with quite a lot of colorful “history”… Among other things, locals say that when the house was unoccupied, strange candle lights would appear in the windows, moving slowly from side to side.

Check out these snippets from a 2006 article by the Tampa Bay Times:

Local lore has it that in the 1930s a man showed up and convinced the Weekses to let him rip apart the fireplace because he was sure Gordy had hid his fortune behind the bricks. He found nothing and left town.

The place sat mostly vacant in the ’70s and ’80s. Vagrants stayed there at night and used candles and matches to spark their cigarettes. People walking by would get spooked by the flickering lights.

One owner in the late ’80s and ’90s bought the property and kept it for 13 years just so he could dig up the yard and rip open the walls looking for treasure. The man found arrowheads, rusted keys in old-time shapes, a nickel from 1890 and a quarter from 1892. He told a reporter from the Times in 1995 that his heart went “pitter-patter” when he found something good and how digging in the ground made him feel like a part of the past.

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Geographic Information

122 W. Fort Dade
Brooksville, FL
United States

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28.55646517288894, -82.38942472636154
Hernando County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Brooksville, FL (0.1 mi.)
North Brooksville, FL (1.6 mi.)
South Brooksville, FL (1.9 mi.)
Wiscon, FL (4.5 mi.)
Lake Lindsey, FL (5.6 mi.)
Lake Lindsey, FL (5.7 mi.)
Garden Grove, FL (5.9 mi.)
Hill 'n Dale, FL (6.0 mi.)
Brookridge, FL (6.2 mi.)
Spring Lake, FL (6.8 mi.)


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Comments (15)

      • OMG, would love to investigate with ur group, if u wld let me. I have never met a group that does this n wld love to experience this phenonomen. I live in Brooksville n if I can b of any help just let me kno. Thank u!!!

  1. I would like to know a contact so I can get my small team in there to investigate. We have a facebook page Gulf Paranormal Society…make sure it’s says Foley Al,

    • I do not know a contact but my niece took a picture of this house the other day and there was a green swirl of light coming from house and something appears to be in the trees. i will ask her if it is okay if i put them on your facebook page.

  2. I’m purchasing the Weeks house – and closing soon. There is so much that needs to be done on the house – including tenting. Once I get the basics out of the way, give me a shout. FYI – will probably be months before basic renovations are completed.

    • R u having any problems w gettingthings done? I would love to visit the house as soon as its safe. I live in the royal highlands area, byweeki wachie so Im close n can come anytime. My name is Sue n my email is I was at the May Stringer house n somehow my camera just kept taking pics n my fingers werent near the button n the chills n goosebumps were wild. This is so very interesting that Im hooked. Do u have a group that u work w or r u just buying the house? Thank you

    • Hello! I have a ghost tour group, and we’ve done tours at the May-Stringer, and have a date to tour the Train Depot. We would love to be able to investigate the Weeks House. Please contact me, if we are able to book a night there. thank you!

    • Hello, ran across you on this site haunted places. I am a paranormal hunter with my facr ..see you purchased this place. Would love to talk to you about this place and do some investigation if you didn’t mind. Very beautiful place.

  3. My mom owned that house in the early 2000 and I remember when we went to go look at the house when it eat still for sale we were upstairs and I was in the small room with the bathroom, every hair on my body stood up. I asked the realitor what happened in that room and she stated a baby feel out of the window and died.
    You can still hear a baby cry and footsteps down the hall.
    Keys would be missing and once found behind a door.
    In the room at the top of the stairs a rocking chair could be heard and a imprint of someone laying on the bed.
    I remember the video camera turning on when it was on a end table next to me.
    That house was amazing and was fun. Never did we feel scared.

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