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Originally built in 1881 as the Excursion House, the site became the Inn at St. Peter’s Village in 2005. It is rumored to have long ago been a place where foxes were raised in the basement to supply the local huntsmen; the owner gives a nod to this bit of history in its Fox Den Bar. There are several spirits in residence here. Folks say a ghostly infant can be heard crying, and the apparition of a bent-over elderly man can be seen in the hallways, and sometimes even on the street out front. Also, the second floor is reportedly the spot where a woman once hanged herself, and her footsteps and creaking sounds can be heard around the area.

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3471 St Peters Rd
St Peters, PA 19470
United States

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40.174690976325905, -75.72876870675822
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Elverson, PA (5.6 mi.)
Douglassville, PA (5.7 mi.)
Stowe, PA (6.0 mi.)
South Pottstown, PA (6.1 mi.)
Kenilworth, PA (6.4 mi.)
Pottstown, PA (6.4 mi.)
Amity Gardens, PA (6.9 mi.)
Birdsboro, PA (7.4 mi.)
Chester Springs, PA (8.1 mi.)
Baumstown, PA (8.3 mi.)

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  1. My husband and I dined here for my birthday last year and I will never go back. The back of my husband’s chair was kicked but no one was behind him or even in the room. I suddenly felt a heaviness in the air and became sick to my stomach that lasted in the car until for about 2 miles Then it mysteriously vanished. We took a tour if the rooms upstairs and I could hardly breathe from the weight of the heaviness of the atmosphere coming from the third floor stairs. You were not even going to try and get me to go into the basement. Great food but not worth the effort of being harassed by angry ghosts.

    • I have had two paranormal accounts.

      One was about four years ago, I was teaching class at a shop down the street and I was driving out of the village after dark, as I was pulling up to the front of the Inn, I saw a plasma looking figure walk from the parking lot across the street, and into the Inn.

      The second occurrence was two years ago, I was staying in the Stone room at the top of the steps on the second floor. We were not even in our room for a minute before a figure moved through my energy field in what felt like slow motion. I am Intuitive and automatically got in my head that it was a female and she was looking at me as she passed through. I have had a couple of dreams about her since then, and sometimes feel her watching me from the balcony when I visit the village.

  2. On two separate occasions, after scaling the rocks along the creek then reaching the woods on the other side, I experienced extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. On the first occasion, several years ago, the feeling of oppression and was so overwhelming and stifling, I had to sit down to catch my breath. The blood drained from my face, and I felt sick and weak. The next day, I was unable to go to work as fatigue and weakness continued throughout the day. Periodic bouts of extreme sadness overtook me, and all that I could do was sob and weep while feeling the grief and depression of the energy I had encountered.

    This past Sunday, after another visit to the village, I immediately felt heavy, oppressive energy as soon as I crossed over the rocks on the creek and got into the woods. This time I felt fear, sorrow, and confusion all at the same time. The area around my mouth tingled as though I was hit in the face. Again, the blood drained from my face, I couldn’t breathe well, and felt sick and weak. I could barely find my way back to the road as physical energy continued to drain out of me. The remainder of the day and evening was spent on the couch.

    At the time of the first incident, new construction brought commercial digging to the village. It seemed that the digging might have disturbed the land, and brought on my experience of the energy in the woods. After the second incident, I believe the area itself, and not just the Inn (as described in other testimonials) holds the energy I described.

  3. Iv lived 5 mins away from saint peters my whole life (27 years) and have climbed the rocks and the quarry over 30 times and dined at the Inn and have never ever experienced any shortness of breath, heaviness in the air, ghost sightings. I guess the ghosts just don’t mess with me.

  4. To Whom it may concern, I lived on Rt.23 right down the street from the St.Peters Inn, and as a result spent a lot of time in the village and the Inn. Though I never had any experiances there I have had and seen things in a few other places Gen. Wayne in Lower Merion, Gettysburg, (a lot!!!) and older places along the main line and Ches. Co. Anyway St. Peters was apparently a recuperation facility for recovering wounded during the Civil War because of it’s tranquil setting. supposedly the men would leave Valley Forge military hospital and another facility in Chester Springs to make room for more wounded (particularly after Gettysburg) I am sure that a number would have certainly died at St.Peters. I am sure that this info could be looked into. But I do know that some items were recoved along French Creek below the Inn (civil war military binoculars among the items) and for a number of Years were on display at what used to be the General store. I hope this might help. Thanks John

  5. My wife and I stayed there twice, its a nice place and the food was great. The first time we stayed was pretty much uneventful, but the second time we stayed things were a bit weird. The night we stayed the inn keeper left the whole place to us and we were the only people in the Inn. We stayed in the second floor and went to bed after dinner and hanging out at the outdoor bar for a few drinks. So we went to bed quite early and at 4:03 am (I looked at the time on my cell phone) we were both awaken by a child crying. (I’m getting goosebumps just typing this). The crying went on and off for the next half hour and my wife and I stayed up listening and just freaking out over this. We both knew that we were the only ones in the whole building and the whole little town was pretty much deserted. Pretty spooky, but we really like the place and plan to go back.

  6. I worked there in the late 1970’s and doors would slam and you could hear moans upstairs. The employees at the time called the ghost “Herbie”! He would like to harass anyone in the downstairs bathroom by opening and closing the door and spinning the toilet paper. Never had any sick feelings but was freaked out several times. Especially when after finishing being the cook and closing everything down. It’s really erie when no one else is around in the Inn.

  7. I lived near St. Peters Village during my High School Years. I spent a lot of time over there. When I was in my early twenties, my friend and I were walking and we stopped at the Inn. It was closed that day. We both decided to look in the window at the front door. I saw a woman (ghost) coming down the stairs, and from what I could see, she had her hair pulled up in a bun and a long flowing skirt (like they wore in the old westerns). I backed away from the front door, at the same time as my friend. She asked if I just saw what she did? I describe what I saw and she started freaking. She saw it too! We will never forget it. Now, this experience was around 35 years ago.

  8. My experience was about 10 years ago and I was sitting at the bar at 2 a.m. with a former owner. The Inn was closed and he and I were the only ones in the building. All of a sudden, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and a chill ran down my spine as it felt like someone walked right behind me while I simultaneously got a massive whiff of women’s perfume. My friend smelled it too. It was so creepy. I’ve also been in the basement and I don’t get scared easy, but it made my skin crawl and yes, sent a fear through me that made me short breathed and heavy chested. I ran out of there the only time I was down there. And I don’t know if this is true or not, but I heard it was a brothel back in the days when it was a busy quarry town and that the prostitutes would simply dispose of their unwanted babies in the woods. Again, I’m not stating that as historical fact, merely a rumor I heard. I’ve been there on other occasions when it was open and had a great time and had no problems. But that time I was there late night, it gave me the creeps like I have never experienced before.

  9. I worked in the kitchen here a few years ago. The place creeped me out, but I never had any experiences for the few years I was there. I’ve been alone at night in the basement- nothing but the creeps. One of the chefs told me that every morning he opened, he’d see the woman everyone seems to be talking about. He’d tell her to leave him alone, he just wanted to get working. Didn’t seem to be malicious.
    People have also told me they’d hear the baby cry. I’m pretty upset to have worked there so long without any experiences!

  10. Wow all great story’s. I really liked it there. is it still,open what’s left And what is not there no more. I was there in the 70s. Its now 2017. I have not been back there since. I remember a live band I think a jazz band played there in the 70s. At the inn. Is the inn still open. And is the food still good and is it high priced. Also I think all spirits are all over. Because we live in a spiritual realm. That can go on and out threw the Vail. Like a portal. Cause of there spurital body’s. Maybe goast adventures will come out to visit the site from the tv. Show.

  11. I had never heard of any ghostly activity here. My husband and I had dinner on the deck a few years ago. Everything was lovely. But when I went inside to use the lsdies room I had to pass by a small open alcove, like a clost closet without a door. As I started to pass by that area the hair on the back of my neck stood up and my eyes began to tear up. I had the urge to run out of the place. I managed to get to the ladies room, but then had the same experience in that area when walking back out to the deck. Now I am uncomfortable just walking by the building.

  12. These are my Stories at St Peter’s Village. I’ve deer hunted these woods around St Peter’s Village since i was 15 years old. I havent went back there since i found out that St Petters Village was Haunted in 2013! Its in the woods that is haunting! It all started the year i finally got my licence to drive and was able to go out there by myself. I like to be in the treestand 2hrs before day break so i would live my house early to get there on time. So the first time I drove there, I’ll have to drive past St Peter’s Village where I park in the the back parking lot to walk through the woods. As I drove past St Peters Village I noticed an old lady in like old clothings standing by a light getting ready to go in to work. I never cross my mind that it was an ghostly encounter! When i get there, i would gather my bow, treestand and accessories and get ready to go towards my tree . Everytime i would walk towards my stand, it will always feel like someone is following me. Now im a person who is not afraid of anything and can tell that someone is following me. But when i look back, no one is there! As i approached the the destination where I’m hunting I put on my hang on treestand and was getting ready to climb up and all the sudden, a big branch tossed right next to me! It freaked me out an i turned on my head light to see what it was . Nobody..Nothing! So I continue to climb and stay for the hunt. 10:30 came around and I didn’t see anything so I wanted to go home. But mainly wanted to investigate where the big branch has fell. I comed down the tree and started to scanned the area where the branch fell right next to me and there was no Branch there at all. It puzzled me for a little bit but I went and back to my car. A handful of times after this incident I would experience a few more things in the woods like rocks being thrown as I’m up in the tree or early in the morning when it’s still pitch black and I can hear like a group of people walking back there but with no lights. I can hear conversations but was never able to tell what they’re saying. The only reason why I kept going back there is because i will always Harvest deer there. Now going back to the old lady standing by the street light, i encounter her about 3 times. I wanted to stop and thought about helping her but since i like to get to my hunting spot fast, i never stopped to ask her. At times when im in the parking lot, i would hear a baby crying in the building but just thought it was the people living there. One morning, a friend and i went there for our morning hunt, as we was walking to our spots, i took notice that my friend was out of breath the whole time. He was complaining about how he was out of breath and feeling like extra weight on his back. I mean he is 6’3, athletic and he always works out. This is starting to get really strange now. I asked if he wanted to go but he continued to wanting to hunt. Later that day we talked about what has happened. I shared my stories of what i too encounter. I then search the history there and told me about it! We then told ourselves not to go back there for a while. This is my story and i hope not to encounter things like that anymore!

  13. I once snuck up on the top quarry late night with friends full moon nice night absolutely beautiful. On our way down the wind picked up and I noticed strange human silhouettes. I would have passed these off as light tricks caused by moon light in the trees. But the I saw shoulders arms and legs no lore then 10 feet away. Dozens of them I just felt watch not unwelcome just observed. We got to the car in ten minutes the moment we were out of the tree line, their was no wind…the wind was too strong to have died that quickly

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