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The apparition of a woman has been seen by many in the Yellow House Hotel. Rumor has it that she committed suicide in one of the rooms.

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Geographic Information

6743 Boyertown Pike
Douglassville, PA 19518
United States

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40.323063680379306, -75.75482099993059
Berks County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Amity Gardens, PA (3.5 mi.)
Baumstown, PA (4.0 mi.)
Douglassville, PA (4.7 mi.)
Birdsboro, PA (4.8 mi.)
Oley, PA (4.8 mi.)
Jacksonwald, PA (5.0 mi.)
Lorane, PA (5.8 mi.)
Saint Lawrence, PA (6.2 mi.)
Boyertown, PA (6.2 mi.)
Reiffton, PA (6.3 mi.)

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  1. yes I think many areas are with spirits. also the spirit world is real. its been here before man. and since we can not just like that see in the spiritual realm. there all over the world. to get more of a inside of a look. u have to know some things of the bible. cause theres a dark side and theres a light side. and theres only one god. but yet we belive in many different gods. I also belive in the gifts of seeing talking and writeing. there are tools to help bring out the spirits. on the other hand might not need any cards or tea leafs. but yes with out no dout we do have the spirit world all around us. there not at all tied up in one big box. there all around us. there is a other side when we die.and when we cross over we will see how it looks in the real world. cause that’s the world that will last and remain forever. the flesh dies there fore we can not return backwards how we were. and god is in charge and his word is sealed and solid. I had my own exspireance. long time ago. in the house were I use to live and my apartment were I had a cat. and my cat could see a spirit in my apartment. animals can pick up and see and sence things. but somehow we all connect. theres so much to read and learn. thankyou. sign tina. from pa.

    • Hello Tina, my name is John my nephew and I have been doing some real amateur ghost hunting and have been to Gettysburg once during the night. We are looking for anywhere of interest can you reccomend anything?

  2. I live at 234 East Philadelphia Ave. I don’t believe in Ghost but some very strange things have been happening to my fiancé and I since we moved in. This started a few months back when objects were falling off furniture. Then this weird knocking began coming from the apartment next door like today it happened twice. The weird thing is that know one live next door. The door to that house was open and I knocked to see if anyone was there doing work. These knocks are just the start. Strange dreams of this evil women keep happening. I wake up in the position that she’s attacking me. She is like seducing me or something like that first and has the face of my fiancé and then changes. I cant explain this and it makes me feel like I’m crazy but e cant escape the reality of this crap. Its starting to mess with us to the point that were moving. I asked every neighbor if they were hanging up pictures or something or if theres pipes in the walls but know one knew anything about it. Someone told me that a fire killed a huge number of people here a long time ago and that there is haunted things here but I never really started to believe this until now. Its the strangest thing. Like we can feel someone in this apartment watching us or something. The knocking is persistently getting louder every day around 7:36pm.

  3. Todd M. Hetrick Sr.  |  

    My husband worked for a dairy farm back in 1990 he delivered milk and icecream for the restaurant. He was in the cooler one day putting the milk, eggs, cream and other stuff away the door was open as he was putting the stuff away. He had his back to the door and someone shut it on him there were employees working that day but no that worked there were no near the door to the cooler. He came out of the cooler and walked to the bar area and he asked the people that were working that day if they shut the door as a joke and they said no, they said to oh you met Adrienne and they went on to tell him the story of her and what she did. They told him the noose she hung her self with still hangs from the rafters she hung herself from.

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