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This 1928 historic hotel is said to be haunted by several spirits. Two are thought to be Anna and Joshua, a couple who were killed under mysterious circumstances while Anna was having an affair in the hotel in 1930. Oddly enough, they were said to have been killed by the same bullet. The famed Bonnie and Clyde are rumored to have stayed here as well, so they in fact may linger here in spirit too. Eerie things that happen here include doors opening and shutting, disembodied footsteps, loud knocking, gunshots, arguing voices, phantom aromas, and apparitions of both men and women. There are a woman in a nightgown, a man in a black hat and coat, a man in blue, a well-dressed redheaded woman, and several dark figures.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    305 Travis St
    Liberty, TX 77575
    United States

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    30.05792499999999, -94.79740090000001
    Liberty County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Liberty, TX (0.1 mi.)
    Ames, TX (3.2 mi.)
    Kenefick, TX (5.1 mi.)
    Dayton, TX (5.3 mi.)
    Dayton Lakes, TX (6.2 mi.)
    Hardin, TX (7.4 mi.)
    Daisetta, TX (10.0 mi.)
    Hull, TX (11.1 mi.)
    Devers, TX (12.5 mi.)
    Old River-Winfree, TX (13.3 mi.)

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    1. Andy & Maureen  |  

      Just returned from a 2 night stay at the Ott Hotel, we are a paranormal team out of Del Rio TX,while there we experenced a orb show each evening in our room once we decided to retire for the night, orb flying all over the room, also caught the most awsome growling sounds on our recorder an sounds of chairs or tables being dragged across the floor, when getting up an looking out in the hall way nothing was there, also had many emf readngs all over the hotel, had a camera set up in an upstairs room we had the screen in our room watching it an watched as the camera was moved, also had a huge white streak shoot out of the large mirrow on the first floor hallway, experenced smells of perfume an cigerette smoke along with cigar smoke, it was a fantastic trip to go there had many many experences an with out a doubt the Ott Hotel is a very haunted location, cant wait to get back there for more time to see what else we may find

    2. Myself and my family stayed here a while back. We booked mrs lucy’s room, and mrs vicky’s room. Going there, we knew what to expect, but never thought anything would happen. We took a ton of pictures, and in nearly every photo there orbs, and shadows. My mom and my aunt were huge skeptics, so they decided to go in their room.. which was lucy’s room, and my sister and I went into ours to investigate a bit. We got our recorder out, and talked a while, we decided to go get a bite to eat, while we did this we left the recorder on, and I purposely left my socks near the bed. (Mrs vicky is said to take socks) when we came back we listened to the recorder. You could clearly hear us asking her questions, and one of my questions I asked if she was mad that we were there, and I swear on everything you can hear a lady say yes. She also kept saying the name michelle. This scared us because my sister who was with me was named michelle. So, about 2 hours has passed, and its about 11pm, and we hear my mom scream from her room. We run over, and she shouts she just said my name out loud twice! She was in Lucy’s room, so theres a good chance it was her. My mom did not believe in this, and just came along for the ride, but now she was so terrified she was nearly in tears. My sister and I switched rooms with my mom and my aunt to assure them a bit. My sister and I were laying in bed when I felt a hand grab me. It wasn’t hard, but it was enough to freak me out. Then we hear arguing. It was two females, and we were the only guests on the second floor, so we go to my moms room, expecting it to be them, but they were asleep. The arguing was not faint. We heard it very clear. So, whatever, haunted hotel, sure, it happens. Now this time we are sitting up in bed, and we hear tapping at the wall. This is like at 1am. The owner actually comes upstairs to tell us to keep if down, bc there are residents downstairs who have to work. We’re obviously confused, because we were not being loud, and we haven’t veven gotten out of bed for about 30 minutes. My sister and I are sorted curled up together.. it was a pretty small bed, when all of a sudden we feel pressure at the bottom of the bed. We had enough. We woke up my mom and my aunt and packed up. I went back into vicky’s room to get my stuff, and one of my socks was missing. I have never found it. This place is really haunted. We booked for two nights, and didnt even stay one.

    3. Elizabeth Carey  |  

      I took my mom there for Mother’s Day several years ago because she had always wanted to go. While nothing particular happened, I could not shake the uneasy feeling I had there the entire time and for a full two weeks afterwards. No other place has ever caused me to feel that way that long. I will not return.

    4. Stephenie Tanner  |  

      I lived in the hotel for several months and experienced several times hard knocks on my door and no one was there when I opened the door, heard loud shouting and arguing. And saw the hallway lights flickering on and off even after replacing the bulb with a new one. Never felt like I was in danger and would go back anytime.

    5. Yes indeed something paranormal is going on but also something more dark and sinster is going on there too there’s a shadow man in the first floor hallway and that horse that is in front of the mirror where I seen the shadow man rocks back and forth

    6. Christina Griffith Lowery  |  

      For some reason or another, my husband used to always want to go see if he could find anything paranormal there. He used to make me go inside, jokingly by calling me a chicken for not wanting to. So, unfortunately, I would go in with him. I could never make it past half the hallway due to not being able to breathe. I would feel like I was suffocating. I was definitely uneasy going up the stairs with pressure on my chest and head. It may have been anxiety. But no way I could finish going through the hotel sadly.

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