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The Ghost Light is known to appear and disappear at night without a known cause. Some attribute the phenomena to swamp gas; others say it is the spirit of a railroad worker who was decapitated in a train accident and is searching for his head. The light is said to be his lantern.

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    Geographic Information

    Bragg Road
    Near Saratoga, TX
    United States

    Get Directions »
    30.350975, -94.55046500000003
    Hardin County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Wildwood, TX (13.6 mi.)
    Kountze, TX (14.3 mi.)
    Hull, TX (15.2 mi.)
    Sour Lake, TX (16.8 mi.)
    Daisetta, TX (17.3 mi.)
    Hardin, TX (17.7 mi.)
    Grayburg, TX (17.9 mi.)
    Pinewood Estates, TX (18.8 mi.)
    Warren, TX (20.1 mi.)
    Dayton Lakes, TX (21.6 mi.)


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    Comments (11)

    1. its been years since I was here, but I used to go a lot, its scary as hell and something always happened, unsolved mysteries couldn’t figure it out and nasa was stumped……idk what it is, but if your looking for the real deal, this is it.

      • I forgot to mention , I was told by the locals if the light is white, blue or green its ok, but if you see the light and its red……………..the locals say run!

    2. My husband and i were coming home from the casino one night. it was around 9:30pm when we came to the haunted road. a light appeared in the middle of the road at about tree top resembled a train this day im still not sure what we saw

      • As history states, the road use to be a train track. People think that the light could be the old train that use to run on that road.

    3. We did this last night and….

      First of all, unbeknownst to us, this is a tourist attraction. Secondly, being its near Halloween time, of course people are going to get scared. Third of all, IT’S HEADLIGHTS, Fog Lights and Brakes Lights creating the illusion. Its eight miles of STRAIGHT dirt road, with bushes and trees.
      Headlights mixed with dust (i.e. dirt road) creates an illusion of “tunnel vision” and appearing to be ONE light. Sources indicated that the light was orange (*cough* fog lights *cough*), red (*cough* brake lights *cough*) and white (*cough headlights, duh *cough*).
      Needless to say, we were kind of disappointed. Plus, we drove by THREE Hunter camps (meaning this is obviously deer lease area) as well as a trailer home (who the f would want to live on this road anyhow) and about seven different turnoff including two pipeline roads. So….. Yeah, plenty of opportunity to misinterpret headlights, fog lights, and taillights as a Ghost Light.
      Sorry Texas, your Ghost Story has no hold.
      #GhostLight #BraggLights #BraggRoad #SaratogaTexas #SaratogaLights #GhostStory #debunked

      • Nope. It has been a long time since I was there but when I was there were absolutely no other vehicles around. Parked with lights off, and light approached, disappeared, and reappeared behind me. At one point the light was moving away from me and I chased it in the car, never catching it, and it disappeared. National Geographic did an article on this many years ago and to my knowledge no one has yet explained it.

    4. Well Ms. Chelsea from above took one trip down the road and made her *cough* conclusion *cough*, I grew up in the area, Lumberton class of 93, and once we started driving it was the place to go to ‘scare’ your date.

      Yes the first few times it was ooh ah scary, scary and it would be headlights but fun none the less…however one night with my friend Tim driving and 2 girls in between us were cruising along, the Bragg light, that’s what we called it, was moving in and then his new truck just stopped shifting, stayed running but just would not shift into gear…the lights we had been used to being headlights were different this time and the sounds of the woods was different, like a vacuum and deep like it was listening to you, the light was very red (not headlights) and moving at us like it was watching us, for the first time i was flipping out, Tims truck stopped near a clear cut area that had a fire, as I walked towards it for help there were chairs with open beers and food but no people like they had just left for some reason…

      I’m 43 now and is still to this day the most terrifying sight as I watched a red cloud move down a road from a 75 yd angle move within 20 yds of Tim’s truck of screaming girls and disappear into the woods…as it disappeared Tim’s truck started back up…

      Even with this experience, I don’t really believe in ghosts, we have a debate in my home aliens vs. ghosts…I believe there are too many planets and galaxy’s for there not to be some other place where crap is crawling around the ground…however I do know what I saw that night. Haunted? maybe…straight up weird sh!t?…no doubt!

      • I went with my husband and kids this was the first time i have ever been because i dont do scary or haunted places. But i decided lets go. We got about 4 miles doen the roaf and i started to believe this wad all just a hoax (crerpy long dirt road at night) next thing i know i look up and there is a ghostly figure and green light only a few feet in front of our truck. Next thing i know its gone. My husband tried to turn on the heaf lights because at this point my children and i start to get extremly terrifed and as he goes to turn on the headlights they kept clicking off by themselves . He was not touchong the lights he clicked them on moved his hands and they clicked off!! We seen a few red lights and blinking red lights (like the arms of a train track blinking) .. this was absouletly terrifying and all to real to me.. Some say you can drive down the road and see nothing but other cars passing but if you sit on the side with your lights off and stay quiet you will see the lights and hear strange noises.

    5. I went a couple months back and all I knew about the road was that weird lights would appear. I went alone at about midnight. I saw several odd lights during my ride and Wrote it off ass headlights or mind tricks. Then a light appeared behind me in the distance that appeared to be swaying. It was a good ways off so I watched it as I slowly drove down the road….within seconds it was about 50 ft behind my truck. I turned my lights off and got out and I can’t see a shadowy figure holding a lantern. I was sure it was a person so I walked toward it and the lantern went off and reappeared way down the road. Hopped back in my truck and started to drive off and once again it was right behind my truck again. Put it in reverse and went toward the light and it seemed to maintain the same distance no matter what the speed I was going. Jumped out and ran towards it and got maybe 30 ft away and it vanished. Got back in my truck and started going forward and now it was in front of me….it wasn’t until after I got home that I read about other people’s encounters…..100% that road is haunted!! Next trip I’ll be walking the road!

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