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The apparition of a woman in white haunts the apartment complex. She has been seen pacing the hallways and walking in and out of rooms in owners suites. She has also been seen by motorists staring down into the street late at night. Residents have reported hearing strange noises and disembodied footsteps when no one is around.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

1120 Red Bluff Road
Pasadena, TX
United States

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29.71404099999999, -95.19866300000001
Harris County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Pasadena, TX (1.7 mi.)
Galena Park, TX (2.3 mi.)
South Houston, TX (4.2 mi.)
Jacinto City, TX (4.3 mi.)
Deer Park, TX (4.5 mi.)
Cloverleaf, TX (4.7 mi.)
Channelview, TX (6.6 mi.)
Houston, TX (10.4 mi.)
Highlands, TX (11.2 mi.)
La Porte, TX (11.3 mi.)


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  1. Raintree apartments. We had the ghost of a small child haunt us there. They liked to play games and with kids toys. It liked to be in our girls room. Wife was able to catch an image on her phone. Pretty creepy stuff happened. We had a “professional” who told us it was the spirit of a small child that attached itself to us.

    • I lived in Vista Hollow apartments from 2003 to 2008 in apartment 611 . It’s haunted by three ghosts . Two are male and a female. Me and my daughter came home from the grocery store one day in the evening and the door was unlocked and all the lights were off I remember leaving the kitchen light so we could see when we got back . Well it was pitch black the cabinets in the kitchen were all open and the chairs were all stacked on table on the dinning table. First thought someone had broke in . But nothing was taken so we couldn’t call the police call the police. a few days later everything started happening. The lights started flickering in the kitchen ,the water faucets would turn on and off by themselves ,We felt a presence in the apartment constantly. We heard screeching sounds at night right next to our ears like they were standing right next to us. Our neighbors would see big reds eyes looking out from inside our apartment when were gone. one night daughter Linda was woken up to her bed being picked up two inches off the ground with her on it she screaming when I came to see what was the matter I told her to jump off the bed . As soon as she did that the ghost grabbed her tv and shook it hard to show it’s anger. everytime I would sick next my daughter on the couch the ghost would kick like to move away from her. The apartment wasn’t haunted at first when we moved til hurricane ike .That year was hard on all of us . We could move until our lease was up in April. It was hell having to ut up with the ghosts for six months. One day we decided to take random pictures of the apartment and the ghosts should up in our pictures that how we found how many spirits were in there. We still have the photos to prove it. One spirit was an older man in his fifties white and the other a young in his twenties nice looking also white he was in attached to my daughter for some reason and the third was the worst of the spirits a young woman white also in her twenties beautiful but evil she did not like us taking her picture she had a mean scowl on her face all the time. She was so angry that we took the picture all crouched in a corner of the living room she deleated her self of the memory card in the camera. She would bite kick and slap my daughter from time to time leaving marks on her body.Well we finally moved out of there and got rid of them . But before moving we had our house blessed with holy water and said a couple of prayer and told the ghosts that they were not welcome there for them to go . They left for the last two weeks before we moved out. Now my daughter took a while to get adjusted to living without the ghosts in her life . She still had bad dreams about their obuse for a couple a months after but she can finally sleep good without being woken up all the time . Before she would sleep all night and vomit a lot . If you all read this don’t move to those apartments.

      • LaDonna Lynn Culpan  |  

        My name is LaDonnna Lynn Culpan from Houston Tx I stayed at the San Cabo Lucas Apts off of Ledge first day there saw a vision of a young man skeletor told me his circumstances horrid horrrid horrrific happenings in those Apts visions everywhere some say the killing fields Parkersons Shaws Mickey Gilley Dean Corral Trash Olivia Boozie those some of the names I was told

  2. Used to live in an apartment at the complex.. Stayed a year has a lot of experiences in the apartment which I stayed.. Even had an amatuer paranormal investigator spend the night.. He caught an orb actually go in a remote controlled car.. The car stated to move and stopped when the orb left all caught on camera. That’s one of many experiences that I witnessed while staying alone in the apartment.. Spooky stuff.. So if there was a ghost or apparition she might have stayed with me at the end of the complex.. Any questions email me

  3. When I stayed at The Cove in Houston, Texas Apt 201, I had a ghost that loved frightening me. Would slap the mattress when I was sleeping and nobody else was there. Appeared hovering over the end of the bed in a dress! Could feel someone sit on the bed by my feet.

    • I’d like to know more about your stays send me a message on Twitter @ps3deadwarer Id like to contact the owner and flim everything live for all to see and if there is bad then my team will take action

  4. Michelle Burke  |  

    I currently live at this complex. There’s sounds of people moving around late at night in the vacant apartment next door, and on several occasions myself and my daughter have witnessed what appears to be someone walking down our hallway and vanishing into the bathroom. Have also heard the sounds of cabinets opening and closing in the kitchen when no one is in there.

  5. I live in Raghu apt in spring branch apt 179 no one last there longer then a year. We live there for two. My daughter would talk to a man which i never saw. My sister saw a tall man with long hair staring at her as she slept on the top bunk. My mom was grab while she slept and when she woke up there was nothing around. My husband saw a face in a fog mirror while he was cleaning it. When later round out that a teenager commited suicide in that apt and he fit the description tall long black hair. We verified this because his younger brother became friend with one of my sisters and told us he use to live there up until his brother killed himself.

  6. Debra k Taylor  |  

    there is a whole neighbor hood haunted in Pasadena of shaver st. I think it’s Pauline close to strawberry park.there is an old folk home and across the street is where the whole neighbor hood is haunted. I’ve not lived in Pasadena for 20 years and that’s why I don’t remember the name of the street. my friends mother was on the news on oct 31 about the haunting.a former mayor lived there and also said it’s all haunted. be careful where you move.

  7. LaDonna Lynn Culpan  |  

    My name is LaDonnna Lynn Culpan from Houston Tx I stayed at the San Cabo Lucas Apts off of Ledge first day there saw a vision of a young man skeletor told me his circumstances horrid horrrid horrrific happenings in those Apts visions everywhere some say the killing fields Parkersons Shaws Mickey Gilley Dean Corral Trash Olivia Boozie those some of the names I was told

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