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Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park is said by locals to be haunted. Just behind the garden of reflections there is a fence and behind that fence maybe 50 yards into the woods there is a dilapidated abandoned house. Legend says that at this house the father killed his son and wife with a pitchfork. EVPs have been captured here. As for the cemetery you will see shadows moving around, hear voices, catch great evps and ghost box responses. Be warned, the police frown upon trespassing and if you decide to check out the house you are greatly risking big trouble!

Submitted by Nick

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2853 Sunset Point Rd
Clearwater, FL 33759
United States

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27.99338817026873, -82.71920294973756
Pinellas County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Safety Harbor, FL (1.6 mi.)
Dunedin, FL (3.7 mi.)
Oldsmar, FL (4.3 mi.)
Saint George, FL (4.4 mi.)
Clearwater, FL (5.3 mi.)
South Highpoint, FL (5.3 mi.)
Palm Harbor, FL (6.4 mi.)
Belleair, FL (6.6 mi.)
Feather Sound, FL (6.9 mi.)
Largo, FL (7.1 mi.)


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  1. I have family members buried here and I took my dog with me once for a ride to visit them and she wouldn’t stop barking. She never has done this before or after. It was at the garden of love which is very close to garden of reflections

  2. just visited there 6/22/15. Went behind the wooden fence by the garden of reflection and looked around in the woods for a while. Could not find an abandoned house, just a house with a fence around it and people living in it. If anyone knows where the abandoned house actually is I would love if you could tell me.

    • I’ve tried venturing back there before and found the woods behind the fence to thick. Apparently it may be more of a small shack type house back there. There may have been more murders there then just the one in this legend.

  3. I want to tell you a story that is true, 100% fact, as I experienced this. On May 7th, 1983 my friend was killed in a car accident on the Courtney Cambell. . We were pretty good friends, and I adored her . The day of the funeral I rode with a friend and her parents to Calvary Bapist, then to Sylvan Abbey. We stayed until they lowered Lori’s casket into the ground and backfilled. While we were there I asked Stephanie if she would mind if I tried to find my grand fathers grave. I knew he was buried on the south end of the cementary, but was not sure where, as I had not visited it since he died 10 years prior ( I was 6). As I searched around for it, I noticed a chill, and then I would feel warm again. I started to realize that if I walked in certain directions I felt cold, then, if headed in a particular way, felt warm. Then it all came rushing back to me in my mind. My grandfather use to hide candy around his house and play the hot / cold game with me. The next thing I remember I was feeling that way it feels when it is cold out but you are in a sunny spot and you are warm. At the same time feeling like something had a hold of my chest and was being pulled to look down. And there was my grandfathers grave. Tears rolled down my face and Stephanie put her arms around me. I didn’t tell her what happened because it was so odd. I went home that afternoon and didn’t tell anyone what occured, but I asked my sister to go the cemetary with me that evening after supper. We went there and I asked her if she remembered where the grave was, she said no. We got out of the car, and started walking, me a few yards behind her to see what would happen with her. She did the very same thing, back and forth until she suddenly stopped, grabbed at her chest looked down, and started to sob. Then she asked me if I remembered the hot/cold game.

  4. I grew up behind this cemetery. I used to walk through Sylvan Abbey to Sunset Point Road and hitchhike to Safety Harbor and many times to school in Dunedin. And many times folks would drop me off there at night and would be alarmed that I would walk through the cemetery in the dark. I was only scared once when they put up new angel statues. It was full moon and as I came up the little grade along the lake the moon hit those statutes and my heart sunk. I ran like hell all the way home.
    As for the little wood home..a black family lived there for years. I left there in 64 and I never heard of a pitchfork murder. Probably would have found another way to the road if I had.

  5. The cabin was moved more than 29 years ago. It was relocated to what is now Regency Oaks retirement community. It is assumed that when Regency Oaks was being developed the cabin was torn down. I can find no record of any murder of any kind at this location. The building that is known as the back sales office was definitely a home at one time and it faced Union. I don’t know if it was wooded at one time or not but it is a large home. It was used as a Jewish Funeral Home for a short time. I think your ghost stories would be better focused on that structure. I definitely heard some strange noises in their while working late nights. Our office manager claimed there were two ghosts and she even named them LOL however as of this week the sales associates are being relocated to the newly remodeled Funeral Home across Sunset Point Road. I am guessing the old sales office will be demolished making space four more burial spaces

    • there is a youtuber named marie her channel is maries life vlogs and mysteries she did find the shack it was not very big of course and it wasnt much left to it at all it was in the woods with a shed i believe but it was there

  6. Dark Forest Paranormal  |  

    The presents of a negative presents can be felt in a lot of the area of the reflections garden. My team and I felt like we were being watched. I had extreme anxiety and dread in this area. I felt at times like I needed to leave. We saw shadows and heard bangs very loud bangs coming from this wooden wear house of sorts. The spirit box said chill. We think a freezer was in the shed. We saw a man in white walk into a wall. We got high EMF readings coming from the cremation area. The spirit box kept saying “Come find me” but it was in a deep man voice. We got laughter as well and caught orbs on camera. When we left we got “return”, afterlife, and “don’t forget us” on our puck device.

  7. Just watched 3 YouTube videos by 3 different men that shows them walking through a wooden gate, then some brush and woods to a falling down shack looking house. Not much left now than the bathroom another room and the shed. Belongings all over the woods. Holy Walkers, UGUE, and C’s Crazy Crossroads all have videos on YouTube of this. They went together and each filmed for their own channels.

  8. This may seem very odd…But me and my few close friends have been going there almost every night around 1am-5-am sense last year early October …We smoke there and chill there every night and have even shroomed there …Nothing serious has happened there but the weird feelings,chills,goosebumps and eye watering nights for me

    • Sorcerer_supreme  |  

      You’re an absolute f*cking loser doing drugs in a cemetery. Have some respect for those in their final resting place. I can only hope you have a bad trip and never want to go back there.

  9. I went during the day after a funeral. I was recording with my phone and found a wooden fence with a little fence door open. I walked behind and we’ll hard to see through all the trees , branches and leaves I did indeed see an old wooden little house in the short distance. I didn’t go further , at least not that day. I viewed what my phone recorded and it was right when I said “there it is I found it” there was disruptive sound. Like a popping sound which was a bit eerie.

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