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Lots of weird goings-on in this resort hotel. The front desk started getting phone calls from empty guestrooms during renovations in the mid-1990s. Voices are often heard in entirely empty parts of the buildings, and housekeepers swear they hear someone yelling their name from the women’s bath area.

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Geographic Information

105 N. Bayshore Dr
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
United States

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27.990333622114925, -82.68628493386842
Pinellas County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Safety Harbor, FL (0.4 mi.)
Oldsmar, FL (3.3 mi.)
Saint George, FL (5.2 mi.)
South Highpoint, FL (5.3 mi.)
Dunedin, FL (5.6 mi.)
Feather Sound, FL (5.8 mi.)
Westchase, FL (6.5 mi.)
Town 'n' Country, FL (6.8 mi.)
Clearwater, FL (7.1 mi.)
Palm Harbor, FL (7.7 mi.)


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  1. When you walk around the halls in the older section near the spa you can hear people following you and you can also hear voices. In the rooms again in the older section, we also experienced lights going on and off.

    • Christian wolf  |  

      That’s because the place is so old that the lights go out frequently due to eroded wiring most likely, they have had an entire celing cave in in one room

  2. Carla & Joe Dudash  |  

    My fiancé and I came to the resort for a mini staycation and almost every time we used the elevator at the far north end, in the Olympia building we heard someone knocking on elevator while it was taking us up and down from the 4th floor to the 1st floor.

  3. I swear I think this reasot hotel is haunted>2nd time I went to the door seeing if anybody was their trying to get in with an roon key but no body around & was by myself in room>I’m all for Haunted experience’s so I’m use to it already

  4. The empty hallway on the second floor is the creepiest place. My friends and i have experienced locks moving, the sound of things falling in the rooms, thumping, locked doors being forcefully nudged etc. one time we heard radio music from one of the empty locked rooms. There is also a strange vibe like youre being followed or watched

    • Had my prom here… i would consider myself a paranormally “sensitive” person and the entire time i waa having fun but i definitely did feel precenses here. Especially in the restrooms near the banquet room.

  5. Had my prom here. It waz such a pretty place but i defintely had feeling of certain beings in the area. I dont call myself a medium but i do have good paranomal “sense” the restrooms near the banquet hall are heavy feeling and weird.

  6. Christian wolf  |  

    I used to work here, it’s a nice place. Just very old next time you go take a look through history hall, lo st of interesting facts about the place, like that it used to be a sanitarium. Just don’t go to the 3rd floor. We never let people up there

    • I just stayed here and they placed us on the 3rd floor at first and the room had such a heavy old and creepy vibe and it felt like no one else was on that floor but us, not to mention the room looks like it hadn’t been stayed in or touched for years oddly enough. When we went to change rooms the girl at the front desk didn’t want to at first for some reason until we were persistant and got another room on the 2nd floor. Is there a reason for not letting people on the 3rd floor?

    • I stayed in room 317. It definitely felt haunted af and I think a ghost tried to break into my room why don’t they want people up there ahhh

  7. I just stayed at Safety Harbor in room 302 for two days on business.Upon entering the room the bed was in the middle of the room. My first thought was this is not normal. Housekeeping would have surely noticed this before they left. Instead of alerting the front desk I just moved the bed the two feet back to the wall. I did feel like someone was watching me the whole time. At any rate it was late so I went to order a pizza. The card in the room stated that I had to dial 31 from the room phone so I went over to the phone to place my order. The phone didn’t work. I assumed that this is why the bed was pushed away from the wall so I checked the plug and the phone was connected. I unplugged it and plugged it in again. Still no dial tone. So I called the front desk. They said there was an engineering issue with the phone. I ordered something from downstairs. After I got my food and ate I went out on the balcony the door almost slammed shut on me and locked me out but I caught it just in time. For the rest of the stay the door would not shut at all. I definatly had the feeling that someone was watching my every move, so much so I slept with the TV and lights on. Upon my departure when I left my room I noticed the picture outside of my room was crooked. The first thing I thought was this is a sign that I am not being overdramatic. I looked down the hallway and all the other pictures where perfectly straight. Just eerie.

    • I won’t stay on the third floor anymore either. Very creepy feeling. My room was all the way at the end next to stairwell. Hard to explain, but felt incredible uneasy in that room, and on that floor. The room with the glass door that’s decorated with antique furniture really bothered me too… ended up not staying in that room… stayed with friends on a different floor! Walking down that hallway made me think of the shining. Ugh!!

  8. I’ve been here for conventions and I can attest that the “old section” has a very eerie vibe. It gets better though. I think the spirits like to test out the guests, I think a few of them were happy to see me because I felt like I was in good company. Honestly I think they missed the rest of my family, because if you bring kids the vibe is very different. Also if you’re respectful the sense is different.

  9. my cousin and i were looking for a shortcut back into the pool and i went in to see if it was really a shortcut. i felt very dizzy and light headed as well as my head was pounding. as soon as i saw the dark
    room i ran back and felt another prescence. my cousin went in and his gut dropped and was instantly sick to his stomach. this place is a great place for people loving anticipation of these things.

  10. My girlfriend and I still at the hotel with 1 more night to go,in room 307. Last night we thought someone was trying to get in our room. I jumped out of the bed and to my surprise when I went to the door, the lock was moving but no one was on the either side of the door.
    Apparently, I walked through the “entity”. My entire body was covered with goosebumps. I looked like a Thanksgiving turkey prepared up to go in the oven. Immediately, grabbed my phone,and I took severe pictures catching many images of what is known in the paranormal community as orbs.

  11. My wife and I went there yesterday, Wednesday May 19, 2021. We went to get massages and lunch to use up a gift card I had given her a year ago and really could not use until now because of Covid.
    Anyway, there is definitely something weird about the spa area. My wife and I both had an uneasy feeling of dread the whole time we were there. the massage’s were good however once over with the feeling came back and stayed with us until we went up to the restaurant opposite the lobby. the lunch was great and our waiter was really good. we won’t be going back for massage’s ever again, maybe lunch. Stay away from the Spa area, very strange.

  12. I stayed here for a week in the Athena tower (i think that’s the one with the conference rooms below it) for a company trip. The elevator would mysteriously always stop on random floors where there were no people to push the button and the button hadn’t been pressed by anyone on the elevator itself. When you ride the elevator to the bottom floor on the pool level where the ice and snacks are, there is a dressed room next to the ice maker, with the glass windows you can see inside, sometimes the lights turn on by themselves making the empty room an eerie sight. Inside the elevator there is perpetual wet spot. I was there for a week and it was the same spot on the floor of the elevator that was ALWAYS wet and looked like it was starting to eat through the floor. While traveling in the elevator you can hear weird noises, and on the second time using it, a light from the top of the elevator unscrewed itself and crashed to the floor of the elevator while i was on my way from the first floor to the second floor.
    Eerily there are paintings of a woman and some of a woman and child outside of the elevator for a few feet on every floor, then suddenly on each floor the paintings stop and there are no further wall coverings.
    I stayed in a room on the second floor and you could hear drilling in the vents, despite the staff saying there was no construction going on at the hotel at the time.
    Also in the main lobby on the stairs to the spa, there is a mural and there is a woman who looks out of place from all of the other painted women playing in the water in the mural… I will attach a picture.
    Her eyes follow you.

  13. On our floor, there’s a single room on the other side of the hallway, room #360, that is preserved to showcase what a typical room in the mid 1920’s looked like. It is kept locked, and the door now has a glass panel for all to peer inside. My wife remarked that it looked haunted, and I didn’t think anything of it, at the time. Our gracious bellhop then took us down the hall to our room, room #327.

    I awoke just after 3 A.M. on our second night to use the restroom. Heading back to bed, I exited out of the other bathroom door that led to our room’s hallway. While I walked past our accordion-style closet, it shook violently. I immediately had a fight or flight reaction and dramatically picked up my pace to get back into bed. As I laid there, I quickly calmed down by rationalizing that my momentum must have caused the closet doors to rattle as I walked past. I drifted back to sleep in a matter of a few minutes.

    Once back in our room after returning from work, I tested my theory. I walked past our closet countless times, at both varying speeds and distances from the accordion doors. Not once did I get a single shake or remote jiggle from the doors. Hell, I even ran by it and still nothing! It was at this point where I decided to conduct some rudimentary research. To my surprise, this initial search yielded far more paranormal encounters and experiences shared by the resort’s guests throughout the years than I could have ever imagined. Sifting through the posts, it became growingly evident that the majority of these shared experiences occurred on the third floor, specifically rooms 321 through 328. The most intriguing experience I read was a blog post,, where a paranormal researcher shares his investigation done in April of 2022. The equipment, tactics, and results of this investigation are admittingly beyond my understanding, and I do not care to argue their validity. What I found to be most fascinating was the fact that this investigation occurred in our current room, room #327. I took pictures and successfully matched up several unique features of the room: stains on the carpet in the hallway, tile patterns in the shower, and a distinct stain on the lampshade.

    In addition to the above finding, I also dug up a couple other facts. There was a fire here back in 1917, that allegedly started in a storeroom on the third floor which contained paint and oil rags. Whether or not anyone perished from the fire remains unclear. Also, this site briefly served as a sanatorium in the 1930s. The natural springs were advertised as a cure-all and attracted desperate patients with various illnesses from all over the United States and beyond. Have people died here throughout the resort’s 100-year history? Undoubtedly, yes. Has something else occurred (perhaps, something far more sinister) at this resort, specifically on the third floor in the Terrace Pavilion? I cannot say for certain. My only aim in sharing this account is to add to the plethora of recorded experiences, and to hopefully get one step closer to uncovering exactly what occurred on this floor.

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