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We have had several things happen recently and have some of this has been captured on the security cameras. The santa figurine near the front… the arm was picked up and thrown down. We tried to debunk it as the wind, but we could not duplicate what happened. The lights flicker in the adjacent dining room when off. The manager saw a black mass like a cloak walk by him one night when we was cooking around 3:20 am. We checked the cameras and his camera where he was stopped at 3:11 and did not work right until 3:21.

(Submitted by Eve K.)

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Geographic Information

22996 US HWY 19
Clearwater, FL
United States

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27.981642284113878, -82.73041817923735
Pinellas County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Safety Harbor, FL (2.4 mi.)
Dunedin, FL (3.6 mi.)
Clearwater, FL (4.4 mi.)
South Highpoint, FL (4.6 mi.)
Saint George, FL (5.2 mi.)
Oldsmar, FL (5.4 mi.)
Belleair, FL (5.6 mi.)
Largo, FL (6.1 mi.)
Feather Sound, FL (6.7 mi.)
Belleair Bluffs, FL (6.7 mi.)


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  1. This may not be useful information, but every time I walk into this restaurant, I get a creepy feeling that someone or something is watching me….eerie feelings….

  2. I want to visit probably around 3am just to see if anything odd happens… I just moved here from ohio and i love the paranormal. Are there any paranormal clubs or groups around clearwater that go on investigations?

  3. Michael McAlister  |  

    I can conduct information and do paranormal investigations, but I’m looking for someone in the Clearwater, Tampa or Largo area who will go with me to conduct some evidence, but I will need permission to shut down this Ihop from dusk until down and lock all doors and do a all night investigation, what ever this evil entity is trying to do I will find out. I’ll get his name, everything I can do to communicate with the dark figure.

  4. I actually worked at this IHOP for 3 years. I had a couple experiences in the restaurant. One night i was closing the retaurant with my manager. I had attempted to go fill up syrups and stock things and clean. While I was filling the syrups in the back the lights went off. I got freaked out and ran to my manager to let him know. He went to the back to check the circuits and breaker and the breaker was physically shut off. There was no one else in the restaurant except for me and my manager. We continued to have strange things happen that night. We heard pots and pans fall and crash to find nothing was out of place. constant feelings of being watched in the pantry area. weird energy back there. I hope this was worth reading. Thanks-Former employee

    • HAHAHAHA MANAGER AT THIS IHOP THAT Made me laff i needed that ty

      And for anyone who finds this interesting, I’ve wrked here 5 yrs and yes many strange things have happened pans falling no-one around, sounds of someone working I’m only one here late at night, I heard a whisper in my ear says waz up then my server heard footsteps not 2 min after, caught a container on camera fly off counter as well no-one there….. saw a black thing wrap around corner twice got it on camera once, so yes things have been happening it’s been quiet lately but every now and then starts up again….Happy Halloween…..


    I can confirm that it is haunted. I was just there tonight, and, using divining rods, contacted a spirit named Cathryn, who told me that there is also a shadowman that shows up there often. Cathryn says she is not responsible for the Santa stuff, and that the shadowman is what the manager saw. You can see video of this here:

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