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The most iconic bridge in Florida is beautiful… but it is also deadly. It replaced a bridge that partially collapsed in 1980, killing several people. But its best-known as one of the most popular places in Florida to commit suicide. More than 200 people have jumped to their deaths from the bridge since it was built. At least one of them seems to have stuck around. She is a young blonde female who will climb into your car on one end of the bridge, and will disappear before you reach the other.

Note that it is illegal to stop anywhere on the bridge (one imagines, because of the prevalence of suicides) and if you do you will more than likely find a policeman approach within a minute.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Sunshine Skyway Bridge
    St Petersburg, FL
    United States

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    27.62002992781464, -82.65631485264748
    Nearest Towns:
    Tierra Verde, FL (6.4 mi.)
    Anna Maria, FL (7.7 mi.)
    Memphis, FL (8.2 mi.)
    West Bradenton, FL (8.5 mi.)
    Palmetto, FL (8.5 mi.)
    Saint Pete Beach, FL (8.9 mi.)
    Holmes Beach, FL (9.2 mi.)
    Gulfport, FL (9.3 mi.)
    Bradenton, FL (9.7 mi.)
    Ellenton, FL (10.4 mi.)


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    1. My family and I recently moved to this area. Upon driving over this beautiful bridge for the first time, I had an errie feeling it was very uncomfortable. Upon driving back over it going home I felt even worse, getting dizzy and feeling like there had been several people who tragically lost ther lives there. I consider myself to be somewhat of a medium. When I returned home I researched the history of this bridge and found out why I had felt this way. I have not drove over this bridge since and never will again.

    2. My brother in law tried to commit suicide by jumping off the skyway and lived. This bridge is not haunted. Now back when the bridge was broken at the very top of the bridge, when driving over and seeing that broken part knowing how people died that was a bit errie. But it didn’t stop us azalea vandals from hiking up the broken side of the bridge all the way to the top,at night, sitting on the broken ledge and partying . Not haunted, just stupid fun when we were young and stupid . Yours truly Roy n Tara

    3. I’m 59 years old, born and reared in Hillsborough county, spending my summers either in the pool or on St Petersburg’s beaches, Sarasota beaches or my family’s condo at was once the Tierra Ceia Condominiums (the old Guy Lombardo hotel) which sold out and became something else in the late 80s or 90s. Point is I’m very familiar with this bridge. And friends tell me that I’m a sensitive or medium. At times on the OLD Skyway bridge I did feel an occasional twist in the force which surrounds this bridge but nothing to which I could actually place my hands on so to speak. According to my Dad there were several suicides from the bridge over the years but there was something else which makes the feelings come and go. Since Dad was also a native Floridian and his swimming pool was either the beaches in Sarasota or St Pete (he hated man built pools- called them over sized bath tubs) he spent a lot of his years traveling this bridge. What Dad told me is that when the OLD (the original) Skyway bridge was being built and while concrete was being poured in the frames for the supports 2 men accidentally fell into one of the supports. That this was the middle support of the bridge. And before anyone could get to them the 2 men were covered and therefore crushed/suffocated in the cement which came in on top of them. This may also help explain some of those feelings which we get occasionally. One thing is for sure though- I never liked driving over it with me behind the wheel. I much prefer my Dad or my brother driving.

      • My father was a foreman while the original Skyway was built, and your Dad is correct it was the William Dean bridge. He was one of the workers who fell in one of the support beams near the top. While building the bridge, when he would come home after work, he would tell my sister and I things that had happened that day. Funny or tragic.

    4. The bridge is most creepy around the time of the anniversary of the first bridge being destroyed. I will not drive across the bridge after the sun has set. Too many weird things can be seen when driving across.

    5. So my experience is actually on the piers made from the old bridge. We used to go night fishing there and on the longer side I used to see a young woman in white standing at the end of the pier. She looked like she was sad and looking for something. As soon as she saw me she’d disappear. This happens 4 times from 1997-99

    6. I was working as a Paramedic in Pinellas County living in Sarasota, one night around 330 am I was driving south after crossing the span of the new bridge , I saw a blonde girl in white on the right side in the emergency lane, when I looked in my rear view mirror she had vanished. That is my only time Ive seen anything after hundreds of crossings.

    7. hey its ghost hunters here me and my crew chloe and analise naomi went here we didnt see anything my crew think this is a big joke

    8. When I was a little girl I told my mom weeks before that bridge was going to fall. My mom said that i would scream everytime i would go over that bridge and not settle down until on the other side. My mom couldnt believe it when she saw it on the news. I have been fishing at the pier and have heard screaming and crying. I have anxiety crossing the bridge and feel like im going to pass out so i try to avoid this place as much as possible.

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