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St. Mary’s Art Center, formerly the St. Mary Louise Hospital, is said to be visited by ghostly hospital staff from its old days. Witnesses describe apparitions inside the building and on the front lawn, plus heavy bootsteps in the halls and the sounds of rolling gurneys and ladies’ voices. Shadow figures and EVPs have been reported along with phantom smells such as rubbing alcohol, flowers and pipe tobacco.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    55 R St
    Virginia City, NV 89440
    United States

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    39.3090658, -119.64177480000001
    Storey County, Nevada
    Nearest Towns:
    Virginia City, NV (0.4 mi.)
    Dayton, NV (5.6 mi.)
    Carson City, NV (12.1 mi.)
    Stagecoach, NV (15.0 mi.)
    Sparks, NV (16.7 mi.)
    Indian Hills, NV (17.2 mi.)
    Reno, NV (17.8 mi.)
    Incline Village, NV (18.2 mi.)
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    Crystal Bay, NV (20.2 mi.)

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    1. It’s only a regular art museum that gives tours of the art. I asked the lady who was giving the tour if there was any ghosts lurking around or If the place was haunted and all she said was “Only if you go searching for them.”

    2. Hello, I have had a personal experience here in the st. marys art center. It was about a year and a half ago. Me and a friend were seeking somewhere we could go creep around and try to find these so called “ghosts.” We went to Gold Hill Hotel where we talked to a lady who was working there and said that the best place to go is the saint marys art center, so we went searching for it. It was around 10pm on a friday. We pulled up and there was a car in the driveway and lights at the front door. We saw a visible person walking out of the door and we asked if there was any way we could go inside. He was actually a worker for the arts center, he told us he would show us the place. We walked in and the first thing anyone would notice is these creepy looking dolls everywhere! Then we saw all of his and his paranormal team equipment. He told us a little bit of the history behind the previous hospital that it had been at one time. He told us about a certain room, it was the nursery where kids from new born – 8 years old would stay. He showed us the basement where it was beyond freezing, that had been the “er” where the patients would be dropped off, it was around a war time, i forgot what he said but most patients were in the military. He then took us up to the top floor where the insane asylum was. We saw that it had been the only room left as its previous state. Scratches up and down the walls, blood drips all over the floors, chain locks on the bed, creepy children toys, and a deck of cards. As we were leaving we had passed the room that had been the nursery, the door slammed so hard it shook the pictures on the walls and at that moment it had startled me but i was 100% sure it was the guy giving us the tour.. I looked back to see why he was slamming the door and noticed he was right next to me looking back at the door as well. I have never in my life had an actual ghost experience until then. It freaked us all out and we left and never went back. I am so willing to go back for a second time though, because that event changed my life and totally made me believe in the after life!

      • My friend rented the place out for the night. My children slept in the room that I guess was covered in scratches with chains etc.. I didn’t see any of that.

        • That is main reason I always hesitate to click the thumbs down (not haunted tab) on this site. I can’t say a place isn’t haunted after just one visit. I’ve personally been to St. Mary’s art center and nothing happened to me either. I’ve heard paranormal experiences are like lightning. There can be little occurrences here and there and turn into a paranormal storm where it is non stop and everywhere, then it can leave just as quick as it showed up. That being said I can’t wait to go back to Saint Mary’s and see if I think its haunted again.

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