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The Silver Queen Hotel is said to be home to a ghostly 1800s prostitute named Rosie, who committed suicide in Room 11.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    28 N C Street
    Virginia City, NV 89440
    United States

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    39.31112913485489, -119.64963877198898
    Storey County, Nevada
    Nearest Towns:
    Virginia City, NV (0.1 mi.)
    Dayton, NV (5.9 mi.)
    Carson City, NV (12.0 mi.)
    Stagecoach, NV (15.3 mi.)
    Sparks, NV (16.4 mi.)
    Indian Hills, NV (17.1 mi.)
    Reno, NV (17.5 mi.)
    Incline Village, NV (17.8 mi.)
    Johnson Lane, NV (18.6 mi.)
    Crystal Bay, NV (19.8 mi.)

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    1. I stay two night , first night I sleep ( but, not really sleep, my left eye close ,my right eye is peeking)
      I used my camera (power is on, but, must hand cover the light) on my right arm , in a while spirit
      touch my left shoulder ( shanking two times) I move my right hand move slowly) Bingo, I snap
      my camera right behind me ( big white mist ) very bright light , my photo still Evidence ( date ;
      May 15 & 16 ,2013)on RM # 11…..

    2. I stayed in room 11 with two other people and the whole time I was in there I felt a presence that didn’t want me or the other people in there. So after awhile of not being in there, It felt more calm and I felt like I could sleep finally.

    3. My husband and I stayed in room 11 on 3/7/15 for his birthday. We knew the hotel was haunted so we were hoping for something/anything to happen. We fell asleep around 11:45 pm. At 1:15 am we both woke to a man yelling “You stupid bitch!” There was a woman hysterically crying and wailing while screaming “No!”. We heard a child crying “Daddy no!” This continued over a half hour. When we went in the hall it was quiet and there was no one in the room next to us. I was able to record about 6 minutes on my phone. I would love to send the recording to someone who can analyze it.

    4. Heard about the hauntings, so a couple years ago on my b day, my mother and I decided to stay there for the fun of it. We brought my small dog. I can’t remember the room number but it was the second floor and to the left. Weird little door facing another at the very end of the hall. Talking before bed my dog starting growling and got very upset at nothing while staring up at the room door. Just then the small window above the door (a heavy-ish old widow that swings outward up, nothing blew it.), it slowly opened about 7 inches or so and stopped. Then almost at the same time so did my dog. The experience was definitely creepy. We really didn’t expect anything to happen or we probably wouldn’t have spent the night.

    5. My son got married here on Halloween in 2015. There were so many spirit orbs on our pictures and videos we were really surprised, even though we have had orbs in pictures before at other locations! The bartender even came in the “chapel” (they have a TV monitor in the bar area and can observe the weddings) to tell us there were multiple spirits around us, as she had seen some things on the monitor. Absolutely haunted. I also have a picture of three marks on my son’s suit jacket that look like claw marks or a bird foot. In one of the pictures, my sister’s leg appears to be missing below the knee! I had a very difficult time getting clear pictures in the chapel. They all seemed to have blurred areas or strange focus issues. We went back to visit in October 2017 and snapped a couple pictures in the chapel – no orbs and focus was fine. BTW, the Silver Queen picture with all the silver dollars in the bar area is magnificent.

    6. This place is wonderful. Have stayed numerous times. Best experience was people walking up and down the hallway all night, their hobnail boots echoing on the hardwood floors. Only thing is – the hallways are carpeted and we were the ONLY people staying in the hotel that night.
      People have talked, argued a little, a couple of doors slammed.
      A great one, too, was an alarm clock going off at 5 a.m. The old-fashioned type of alarm clock, with the bells on top. Someone turned it off, then appeared to have left for work a little while later.
      All during visits when we were the only guests in the hotel.
      It’s a great place!! The ghosts won’t hurt you but they might keep you up a lot of the night. That’s what’s great about it! Imagine, you’re sharing the floor with folks from the 1800s!! You can’t beat that!

    7. My husband and I stayed here along with a lot of friends for a wedding that was happening. Our party pretty much rented out the entire hotel. The lady’s were working on d├ęcor while the guys went to a Casino. When I went to bed, I was tired. I was awakened numerous times by what sounded like rude people stumbling in the hallways, laughing and a woman who was giggling and laughing like she was flirting with someone from the bar. I got so irritated and mad that I finally got up and opened the door into the 2nd floor hall way and yelled “really people….c’mon….take your drunk ass to the bar”. I kept hearing a woman giggling and laughing and what sounded like a man and woman flirting, laughing and bumping into stuff while drunk. It would be typical as the front entrance lets out on the main drag and is the entrance to the hotel at night. People could cut through this hall to get up to the 2nd floor and out to the street in back 2 floors up where it lets out in front of other bars and buildings…quite the hike outside but an easy cut through the hotel hall stairs. The next day I was complaining about the drunk asses being rude last night and I was laughed at and informed that everyone was either gone or crashed out. The sounds were from spirits. Well, they got an earful from me. lol Neat place to go.

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