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The Old Washoe Club, built in the 1870s and once called the Millionaire’s Club, was a bar hangout for wealthy men. The upstairs area was a brothel. The ghosts here are believed to be a teenage girl who was killed in the basement, a blonde prostitute (her ghost is nicknamed Lena) who was murdered in the an third-floor room, and the prostitute’s killer, who committed suicide on the second floor. Many of the ghosts have been seen on the spiral staircase.

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112 South C Street
Virginia City, Nevada
United States

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39.3093551, -119.65017820000003
Storey County, Nevada
Nearest Towns:
Virginia City, NV (0.0 mi.)
Dayton, NV (5.9 mi.)
Carson City, NV (11.9 mi.)
Stagecoach, NV (15.4 mi.)
Sparks, NV (16.5 mi.)
Indian Hills, NV (17.0 mi.)
Reno, NV (17.5 mi.)
Incline Village, NV (17.7 mi.)
Johnson Lane, NV (18.5 mi.)
Crystal Bay, NV (19.8 mi.)

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  1. I brought a tour group of seniors from Gardnerville up to the washoe club for a private tour last week. After reviewing the pictures I took during our tour I discovered many many suspicious and some indisputable faces and heads where there aren’t ones in other pics of the same thing. I have several pictures with many orbs. One that blows mind is what seems to make a trail leading up to and surrounding one of my ladies who has severe health issues and is on long term hospice.

    I can’t wait to come back and do an evening your with some friends and family!!

  2. Miranda Rivera  |  

    Was taken to the washoe club by a good friend we had a fairly small group and went on the tour. I was doing an evp the whole time and got a couple responses and as my friends were taking pictures I heard a voice in my ear saying ”Hi”. and a couple of my friends got some apparitions on the camera and my one friend was being followed the whole tour and we were all out of energy when we got back on the bus one of my friends passed out from the experience.

    Me and like four or five people are planning an overnight stay to see of we catch anything else.
    The visit was really fascinating and cant wait till we go back and experience hopefully some more. 🙂

  3. Shawn Bradbury  |  

    Went on a ghost tour on 2/24/15. As I normally do in active places, I had the normal tingling sensation up and down my spine. I was unable to any video but I caught an EVP and a photo. The only enhancements to this photo (beside the arrow ant words) is brightness and contrast to bring the image out…enjoy!

    • came here with a group on the ghost tour.Went in to one of the rooms, and nobody was around me and it felt like something was stepping on my shoe. it did it a few times and was done. was also taking some pics and got a few ghost orbs.

  4. Gabby Ramirez  |  

    I took this photo in August of last year i took the the tour in old washoe in the tour i was in i stayed a bit behind all the people were already turning as you see in the photo, the lady you see turning the corner is the tour guide i took a series of 3 photos 1st photo you see the tour guide, and in front of her is another person turning the corner, then this photo, and the last photo the tour guide is looking back at me cuz she was telling me to come along later in the day i went through all my photographs and caught the usual orbs and some streaks and then i came across this image. this photo still creeps me out but its still awsome. I really love virginia city really want to go back!

  5. Mallory Mobley  |  

    In July of 2016, I visited the Washoe Club after taking the ghost tour for my birthday, highly recommend btw! Anyways, after the tour was over, and most of the people cleared out.except our group of 5 people, and a couple locals, the bartender, and our ghost tour host, I decided I wanted to sit on the barstool where they say people get pinched or kicked etc. Nothing happened before my best friend decided she needed to use the restroom. Now, knowing that the ladies restroom is a hot spot, I asked our tour guide, Janette, who is awesome btw, if she wanted to come with us, well really I basically said, grab your EMF meter and lets try to contact some spirits. After my bff used the bathroom, we flipped the lights off, and we were in total darkness, except for the little lights on the emf detector.We were using the K2 EMF meter, and its lights go from green being the weakest signal to red being the best. Janette started off by asking Lena, probably the most famous spirit there, is she was present. Nothing happened, except the energy changed in the atmosphere. So I asked the same question, and boom,. the emf meter goes to red. I was ecstatic. We began asking questions, if she was happy, if Janette would tell us the true story about her. Janette informed us that Lena was NOT a prostitute, as some would have you believe, and that Lena gets very upset at this story. We were very respectful of her, and asked permission to hear the true story. She said yes (red=yes, green=no) I was not scared. and I was shocked that my bff wasn’t either, usually this stuff freaks her out, but having her there only confirmed further what we were experiencing. I told Lena how sorry I was, and that I would go on to always tell people the truth about her, and that she wasn’t what people say she was. I asked her if this would make her happy, boom, red:) I was literally conversing with Lena. I then asked her if she would touch me, or make contact somehow, and I joke you not, I full on felt a very gingerly placed hand on my shoulder. It was cold, and the energy coming from her was amazing. <3 Then her fiance came and wondered what three of us were doing in the dark, we had been in there for at least 15 minutes. So we told him what happened, and he was a true skeptic. Like for reals. So we went right out to the spiral staircase where Lena has been seen, and made contact again. My bff and her fiance both commented about the change in the energy around us. It was seriously so strong. I asked her if I could touch the railing on the staircase,(I dont care if it seems silly to ask, but it felt right), and the meter went to red, meaning yes. As soon as I did, it was like she was touching my hand, pure energy and like almost pins and needles feeling, its so hard to describe, everyone felt it. We thanked her, and I told her I would see her again someday. Janette said that she has NEVER had that much interaction or communication with Lena ever, and told me that she felt it was because of me. It has literally stuck with me to this day, and I can't wait to go back. Seriously, this place is haunted with out a doubt and if my old cell phone didn't take a dump, I would have pics to share! 🙁 I def caught someone peering between the posts on the staircase, looking at us. Anyways, I know this is long, but I have a been an avid paranormal lover since I was like 10, and I'm about to be 30. So this was the best experience ever 🙂

  6. Was in the haunted museum with just my wife and 2 kids and the light turned on in storage room by itself. Can’t explain that. Talked to a man that lived there in the 60’s and he said its not haunted. One thing I would like to mention is this place gets a lot of money from tourist for being haunted. Another thing I would like to note is a book “phantoms of the Combstock” is about half stories of Washoe club being haunted. You’ll have to see for yourself. As for me I’m not going to vote yes or no as of yet.

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