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Paranormal experiences here have included groaning sounds, footsteps, cold spots, and strange noises. The site is still an operational hospital and trespassing is not permitted.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    1100 Alabama Avenue SE
    Washington, D.C.
    United States

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    38.844137, -76.99165579999999
    Nearest Towns:
    Glassmanor, MD (1.8 mi.)
    Hillcrest Heights, MD (1.9 mi.)
    Marlow Heights, MD (2.3 mi.)
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    Oxon Hill, MD (2.8 mi.)
    Temple Hills, MD (3.2 mi.)
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    Coral Hills, MD (4.2 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. I’ve actually been inside the main building while on a training mission in the U.S. Army. We decided to adventure through as much of the building as possible since we didn’t have flashlights. We didn’t experience anything like voices, moans, footsteps etc. We did see a room where security guards would sit with a green log book that still sits there. There was a whole knocked into the wall and behind it there was a very long walkway leading to another part of the hospital. There was a kitchen, with someones clothes in the refrigerator for some reason. Past the kitchen into another hallway was a door on the right with a biohazard sticker saying “Warning: Infectious Disease Hazard.” The room was empty. Around the corner on the right was a hallway leading into fading darkness because not all of the building had lights. The room on the left had a stairwell leading up with a painted wall depicting Children either playing or just acting happy. There was also another very small stairwell leading downward made of cinder block and smelled very musty and was completely dark. It felt very cold to be near those steps and you could hear what sounded like water slowly dripping into a puddle down there. We found some patient oxygen masks in the office part of the building (the main entrance). We never had flashlights or night vision with us on our training there so we couldn’t go where we couldn’t see since it was night time. I would love to go back there one day. Places like this are very interesting. Would love to prove wether or not they actually had a crematory in the basement as I’ve heard as a rumor.

    2. I was making a delivery at Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Washington DC. It was a Monday morning I have been to the site previously. But today I decided to take pictures and shoot a video of the inside. Some of the workers on site always said the place was haunted. They had experienced paranormal activity themselves. But they didn’t have to tell me that just by looking at this place you knew it was haunted. I took pictures of the outside. Set my iPhone on video and started recording. I walked in the center building. I made two little short videos and then I left out. The place was just to spooky. Got home later that night review my handiwork. Oh shit what was that! I rewind the video play it back and noticed. A Spirit/Ghost, spoke to me in a creep voice. It said “hello” at the time of the recording I didn’t hear it at all. If I did I would’ve crapped my pants and ran the hell out of the building.
      So,yes the place is haunted. I have video,if any ghost hunter would like to see it. Reply and leave info and,I will send it to you. I tried to upload the video but I can’t. It will only let me upload pictures.

    3. In 2013 my wife and I were driving around SE on a sunny Saturday looking at houses. We decided to stop at St. Elizabeth’s to do some legend tripping (I had a friend who had actually been institutionalized there and I had visited, so I knew at least part of the campus). When we got to the gate, we couldn’t really explain to the guard what we wanted on campus. I think he knew we were legend tripping and let us on. We drove around the parts I of the campus I was vaguely familiar with, then ventured further onto the maze of abandoned paved roads. Some dead-ended, some doubled back, and as we drove further onto the campus, we (both) experienced a sense of dread (even in broad daylight), a sense of being lost, and a sense of surrealism (the air was super-heavy and felt like it was expanding and contracting, as if we were moving through dimensions). We drove slowly around the abandoned buildings and the further from the gate, the more unsettled we felt. Finally my wife said she didn’t like being there and wanted to leave immediately. We circled around, looking for the street that brought us in and finally located it. We thanked the guard on the way out and for a split second, his expression said, “I guess you found what you were looking for…”

    4. No doubt. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that there is some energy there. There is something left behind. I too worked there in the 1980’s. The bottom floor of the Center Building was always left unlocked for us to move more quickly about the campus. There was also this underpass to move from West to the new campus. Anyone who has been knows exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t know what they mean about not being able to find the bodies. While grass was overtaking the areas, when I worked there, there were two clear gravesites. One was for civil war vets, the other was for patients who had passed away. I know they’ll never figure out who these people were. The bottom line is that over 50k people died there very unhappy and lonely. I heard a lot of noise in the Center Bldg. I’m not a paranormal seeker. I was just an employee.

    5. I just core drilled some holes in a few of the buildings 7/18-7/20 2016. Didnt hear voices but there were definitely some cold spots in a couple areas. There was a couple times where i thought i heard strange noises but it could have been my conscience. I saw the bedrooms that were emptied, the basment areas that were fallout shelters, and one building had steel cages blocking some halls and stairwells. No lights, no power to the buildings whatsoever. Loud drops of water into puddles. Very creepy feeling.

      • Definitely as someone who has experienced this place first hand with a family member who worked there lots of objects were thorn with no one in site.

    6. I am a grandchild of my grandmother who worked and also housed patients in home on their weekend allowed outtings. I know the hospital in and out also the farmhouse that was torn down and the graveyard they dug up of Dr. Walters failed experiments. It was 2020 when me and my ex decided to go to bldg. 11-13 and experienced my now deceased grandmother saying in a recording to go home. There were spirits that were no less than 10ft tall and some as small as babies
      We have audio and footage from my spirit box and camcorder. Because my grandmother served them food and was a care taker to many they felt drawn to me the most. The tunnels that are no longer there, led to a lot of vehicular suicides and the service tunnels they used for the deceased may not be accessible or have been torn down. As for the new buildings propping up all over campus may disturb some things people don’t believe that are evil there. There are many stories my grandmother would tell me or patients who were mistaken for crazy that were possessed. If it is possible to access the last tunnel there, in lies a small office that Mr. Walter kept many of his patients he considered pets after their lobotomy surgeries for darker arts, many of them being black Americans tortured after the war because many weren’t allowed to stay on the grounds after coming home from the war. As a child my grandmother used to take me on the grounds to watch the fireworks in the late 80’s early 90’s and then be fearful to leave me by myself outside of her office and continued praying under her breath everytime we left the grounds. For those who deny Dr. Walter had a darker side along with the German architect who built it, may as well consider themselves fools to investigate without a strong faith in God. That is all I have to share. If you would like more info and photos you may contact me

      • There was one standing behind my ex and that particular building has no windows on only pigeon wire and the floor is at least 10-12ft below the window

    7. TinaMarie (Evans) Zapenas  |  

      My Dad was put here by my mother. During late 60 s and into 1971. We went to see him. He had no mental illness. I had a godmother there who was mentally ill and my dad always said he was there to protect her. His name James Washington Evans. It was extremely dark sinister place. You could ferl cold area s. You could feel sensations of something brushing against you in the hallways. You could hear voices not clearly but like whispers behind the current sounds. Many insane ran freely in hallways. And certain areas had drawings or words carved onto walls. I was terrified when inside. Warm weather we spent outside. Still many troybled traumatized inmates were about the grounds. Many escaped and wandered the neighborhoods. Haunted absolutely.

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