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The mysterious presence is said to linger around the lower parking garage, where a fatal accident involving a young child occurred. Some Marines have heard the child calling out early in the morning; others have seen a red ball rolling down a garage ramp.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    8th and I
    United States

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    38.879495380137385, -76.99433864854888
    Nearest Towns:
    Washington, D. C., DC (2.5 mi.)
    Silver Hill, MD (3.7 mi.)
    Hillcrest Heights, MD (3.7 mi.)
    Marlow Heights, MD (3.9 mi.)
    Coral Hills, MD (4.0 mi.)
    Glassmanor, MD (4.2 mi.)
    Capitol Heights, MD (4.2 mi.)
    Suitland, MD (4.3 mi.)
    Fairmount Heights, MD (4.5 mi.)
    Colmar Manor, MD (4.5 mi.)


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    1. 8 & I is the oldest marine barracks in the country. in 1814 iut was the ONLY federal building not burned by the British. when the british attacked DC most of the American troops broke and ran. The Marine held their formation, they were badly outnumbered and forced to withdraw, but did so in good order. As a result the british, who had a pretty contemptuous view of most american fighters, made a point of leaving the marine barracks intact as a sign these were the only Americans who had earned their respect.

      This means there was a lot of activity aronud the only standing government buildings after the British withdrew and there has been a long history there since.

      • Marines are told, “British didn’t burn 8th & I out of respect” story but in all reality the British used the barracks to house troops during the brief occupation and by the time they were ready to pull out they were encountering heavy rains so burning anymore of the city, including the Marine barracks, was out of the question.

        Additionally, there were other federal buildings that were spared.

    2. Many of these Incidents were documented in log books kept by duty personnel at the time of the incident. Archabald Henderson, the first Commandant of the Marine corps once stated that if Women were ever allowed to join the Marine Corps he would roll over in his grave. As it happened the ceremony for the very first Women sworn in to the Marine Corps took place in the Commandants house. In the front hall way hung a very large painting of Archabald, the moment the woman was sworn in that painting fell to to the floor, the nail and wire that held it were still in place. I had the privilege, to be stationed at the barracks from the mid 60s to 1981, and personally witness two very strange occurrences, while on duty around 3am one morning I watched as the lights in the top floor of the Commandants house turned on in rapid succession from left to right only to repeat this move three times. A check of the house by duty personnel reviled nothing out of the ordinary . I have also seen a figure dressed in a period uniform leaning on a window cell looking over the parade deck.
      During the bicentennial year the Marines performed a flag Padgent during the normal Friday nite parade during the late spring and summer months. The documented incident states that all participants of the Padgent were on the parade deck when one of the door monitors noticed an individual in period uniform standing by a door the Marine offered to assets him to sneak on with out being seen, the figure turned and went down the stair way that lead to the boiler room, the Marine followed telling the individual he was going the wrong way, when they reached the boiler room the individual vaporized and the room, that was normally quite warm, was very cold. I have more but out of time for now.

    3. I was stationed at the Barracks from November of ’05 to October of ’08. Along with most of the other Marines I was stationed there with, we all remember hearing creepy noises coming from the parking garage underneath the barracks. One event that stands out in my mind was one night after a parade, I was the last Marine in my company to turn in my M1 into the armory(located in the Lower parking garage). I ran to the elevator(I wanted to get off and it was already 2200 on a Friday). As the elevator opened, I felt a breath on the back of my neck, and turned around, but no one was there. I got on the elevator, and as the doors closed, I saw a hand reach out from behind one of the pillars and almost wave, before the doors closed fully. I will always have fond memories of my time there, and respect for the duty that myself, and countless Marines before, and after me perform at Arlington National Cemetery.

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