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The mansion that once stood here was said to me haunted. Witnesses have reported uneasy feelings when around it, and strange sounds that came from it. Some have seen a ghostly woman in the attic and a wheelchair that moved by itself. Cabins in the back were said to be haunted by the ghosts of slave girls who were raped and killed.

According to reports, the site burned down in the early 2000s; only its chimneys are said to remain.

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Geographic Information

FM 906
Slate Shoals, TX
United States

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33.85357896386726, -95.41223537948099
Lamar County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Lone Star, TX (4.9 mi.)
Powderly, TX (7.1 mi.)
Grant, OK (8.5 mi.)
Sawyer, OK (11.3 mi.)
Hugo, OK (12.2 mi.)
Sun Valley, TX (13.1 mi.)
Blossom, TX (13.4 mi.)
Reno, TX (13.5 mi.)
Fort Towson, OK (14.1 mi.)
Paris, TX (15.6 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. What a load of malarky! There was no “mansion,” only a small, well-loved farmhouse that burned down on 3 January 2004. No ghosts. No wheelchairs. No cabins in the back. No slaves – girls or otherwise. The witnesses reporting “uneasy feelings” when around here were perhaps uneasy because they knew they were trespassing on private property!
    The current owners and the previous owners would appreciate it if you would remove this from your “haunted” list. It’s NOT haunted.

    • There were in fact two mansions at Slate
      shoals. One at the top of what is refered to as Womack hill on the south side of FM906. It was the first mansion of Henry Marshall Womack ,the owner of “Marshall Womack’s Slate Shoals Plantation,
      which consisted of a large cotton farm, cotton gin ,company store , electric generator station behind the store mule barn and cattle corrals and blacksmith shop North of 906 where current houses are.
      The other one was at the bottom of the hill where 906 goes around the original front entrance to the farm.
      This was originally a boarding house for the plantation guests and some managers.This was later
      remodeled and became Mrshall residence after a divorce from his first wife Letha.
      This became THE Womack family home of HMWomack second wife Lois Thomas Womack , Marshall Jr. and wife Gretchen Hollje Womack and children ,Marshall III Tony and Andy until about1962 when it burned down ,attributed to an electrical surge.
      Neither location was haunted ,the hill top house did have an antique wheelchair of Letha’s on one of the top floors which had large surronding screened porches on three sides but I never saw it move on its own.
      The refered “cabins” were four houses for the managers and their family’s NOT slave cabins at all and were built in the 1920’s , some still remain today ,barley ,on county rd.45400 south of 906.
      The hill top house burned many years later and attributed to “ghost hunters or kids with candles partying”
      There are two cemitary in the area , one of the Tinnen family from which Marshall Sr. aquired the property from in the 1800s and one farther North ,supposidly for workers before the Civil war.
      I will not give the location of either

      These are the REAL facts and not asumptions by un named “wittnesses’ to post their fanticies as authoritys’ on the issues.

      Respectfully submitted
      owner and family
      Marshall Womack III

  2. With the owner’s permission, I was part of a small group that visited this property in 2006 to do a survey of an old cemetery located on the property. We were also given permission to explore the property as long as we were off the grounds by sundown. We were familiar with the legend surrounding the former homesite and the property.

    While there might not be “cabins” in the back per se, there were three extant outbuildings in various states of ruin, one of which had a fireplace. We assumed the presence of these buildings (one of which was visible from the county road during winter) was the source of the “slave” legend and that the structure with a fireplace might well have served as either a quarters of some kind (possibly even a warming corral for livestock, or a blacksmithing shed.

    Haunted? Hardly. It is a property steeped in history and significance, but really should be left alone unless the owners give you permission to be there. A subsequent request to return to the property was denied by the owners. We had hoped to do a further survey to try and ascertain the whereabouts of a second, older cemetery reportedly located on the property but the owners expressed concerns about further exploration and we honored their request. They were very kind and thanked us for leaving the property undisturbed.

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