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According to the local stories, the hauntings at Wheelock Mission began when a man broke into the girls’ mission and murdered the girls. Witnesses say that the walls and trees bleed, and apparitions sit in chairs or hang from trees. One story tells of some teens who tried to steal a vase from the mission’s cemetery. When they got to the car with their plunder, the car wouldn’t start. Moments later when they had second thoughts and returned the vase, the car started just fine.

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Geographic Information

401 SE Madison
Millerton, OK
United States

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33.992690946953715, -94.98787164666282
McCurtain County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Millerton, OK (1.5 mi.)
Garvin, OK (3.7 mi.)
Wright City, OK (4.7 mi.)
Valliant, OK (6.1 mi.)
Idabel, OK (11.4 mi.)
Swink, OK (12.4 mi.)
Broken Bow, OK (14.5 mi.)
Fort Towson, OK (16.1 mi.)
Haworth, OK (21.7 mi.)
Sawyer, OK (22.0 mi.)


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  1. Ive been to Wheelock like 20 times and every time something strange has happened. one of my step sisters watched the eyes on the priests headstone watch her it was creepy!

  2. Lived in Millerton my whole life so haunting here were nothing new to me. But one time I’ll never forget is seeing a girl in the top of the mansion watching me, then when I looked away and looked back, she was gone.

  3. I used to go to wheelock mission every Halloween I have seen lights floating around in the church there and as I child I saw young girls going up the stairs case behind the academy as I went up the stairs at the top they were gone so that place is for sure haunted by Shane Short Idabel Oklahoma

    • I totally agree with you. I was born and raised in Valliant and have seen so many things happen and have had things happen to me there at wheelock.

      • I have visited at Wheelock and I swear I saw a lil girl going up to a staircase and heard a lil girl crying and another one giggling

    • The lights are supposed to go from the barn (then underground) to the school, then to the church and disappear in the cemetery. I’ve heard singing coming from the locked church.

  4. I remember a time when me and my friends at Wheelock and we saw a baby girl hanging from a bleeding tree and when we looked back she was gone.

  5. Are you allowed to do all night investigations on this site, is it a public place, I would like to know because I’m doing a documentary about haunted places in Oklahoma about me and a couple of others investigating haunted places at all night for 12 hours and if I need permission does anybody have contact info, Thanks

  6. Karen Richardson  |  

    Aug 5 2017. Just there today. Just north I kept hearing sounds of talking . I looked that direction and it would stop. I took a picture of the back window of Wheelock. Lower corner looks like a young girl looking down.

  7. When i was about 8 years old we went inside of the school and the chalk board eraser flew up then you could hear scrapping of the chalk

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