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Legend has it that a preacher and his mistress drugged his wife and killed her by pushing her car over the side of the bridge. Now, they say, her screams can be heard and her ghost walks to shore from the water. A film is reported to have been made about the incident, called “Murder Ordained.”

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Geographic Information

Road P South of 150
Emporia, KS
United States

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38.36590422632371, -96.11490306251653
Lyon County, Kansas
Nearest Towns:
Emporia, KS (4.5 mi.)
Neosho Rapids, KS (6.7 mi.)
Olpe, KS (7.7 mi.)
Hartford, KS (9.5 mi.)
Americus, KS (12.6 mi.)
Reading, KS (13.6 mi.)
Lebo, KS (14.6 mi.)
Madison, KS (16.0 mi.)
Admire, KS (19.0 mi.)
Dunlap, KS (19.9 mi.)


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  1. This story is a bit incomplete–this was a real murder case that occurred in the 80s and is considered solved. I grew up in Emporia and was a kid when that movie was made in the aftermath of the scandal. It was all over the news–it was a real story. So the case is one of a minister who had an affair with his secretary and they plotted to murder her husband. First the minister’s wife died in what appeared to be a tragic car accident–the bridge reference. The officer on the scene suspected it was not an accident, but no further investigation was justified until the secretary’s husband ended up dead also; The secretary went for a drive with her husband on a country road, convinced him to check a flat tire or something, and where they pulled over the minister was waiting in hiding and then shot and killed the husband. They left the husband in the ditch and the wife claimed it was a robbery or something. Eventually they were found out and convicted and yes, the movie “Murder Ordained” depicts the tale (for some reason I remember Keith Carradine played the main police investigator). I don’t know if the area is haunted–perhaps so, but those are the real details of the story.

    • I lived on Rt 4 The car was driving real slow on Road 130 turned Left on Rt. 4 is now called Road P that night with interior light on there was two in the car driving by 5 to 10 mph seen them with my own eyes.

  2. My mom worked with Marty Anderson who was a helluva nice guy. We used to set trot lines under Rocky Ford (Bird ) Bridge, and we always caught a bunch of channel catfish. After the Bird deal, we never caught another. You won’t EVER catch me there after dark now!

  3. That bridge was straneg long before Bird come along. go out there at night , the air out there has a electric buzz to it. The state of Kansas Bridge dept . has it listed as being built in Circa 1910 and it unknown of the company that built it . so the whole thing is strange always has been .

  4. My nephews and I used to hang fishing line off of that bridge years back when we lived in Louisiana. We used to catch many fat catfish, we always caught a full stringer and more. We haven’t been back there in quite sometime. I remember when the murder took place as it was all over the news. We are going back to visit family there,gonna make a trip to see what has transpired since I moved. It looks creepy,but it was a great fishing place.

  5. Every single time I’ve ventured out there, I have heard the screaming, seen strange lights, and felt both very cold and incredibly sad. So much negative energy on that bridge. I went to high school there, and we would go out there often to scare ourselves and others, bit always ended up legitimately scared, hightailing it outta there!

    • As a current high school student in emporia high school I can tell you it’s a creepy place my friends and I go out there some times the last time I was there was the night I turned 15 at 12:00 me and my sister stud on that bridge and we heard a scream off on down the river. Many kids like to play ouija boards out there, it’s very vandalized now and that adds to the creepy factor with the writings of kids saying this is the end and x marks the spot.

  6. Went there today and another lady was there with her family and said that this happened 34 years ago and that she was a friend of Lorna….the mistress

  7. I felt her. I felt her go through me. I fell and my friend had to catch me. This didn’t happen until we asked if she would speak with us. Before that, we felt only friendly touches.

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