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According to witnesses, disembodied voices chat, footsteps stroll across the stage, and chairs move from place to place — all while the area is empty of people. Living ones, anyway.

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301 S Hickory St
Ottawa, KS 66067
United States

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38.614047730511004, -95.26673762387315
Franklin County, Kansas
Nearest Towns:
Ottawa, KS (0.1 mi.)
Princeton, KS (8.7 mi.)
Pomona, KS (10.0 mi.)
Rantoul, KS (10.1 mi.)
Pomona, KS (10.2 mi.)
Baldwin City, KS (11.9 mi.)
Wellsville, KS (12.3 mi.)
Williamsburg, KS (14.2 mi.)
Quenemo, KS (14.2 mi.)
Richmond, KS (14.6 mi.)

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  1. I was there in May 2014 watching my daughter, and the rest of the OHS choirs, practice for their upcoming Variety Show performances. I had been hanging out with a couple of my daughter’s friends inside the auditorium, and made our way up to the balcony area to finish watching the kids practice. I was sitting half way back from the front railing, enjoying the kids’ singing, when I felt something touching my hair. I have very curly hair, so I keep it up a lot with a hair clip. It felt as if someone was playing with one of my curls that was up in the bun. I asked my daughter’s friend, who was sitting two chairs over on my right, if there was an air vent above us blowing air on us. She, then I, looked up to see no vent(s) above us; so I just keep watching the choir practice, and just chalked it up to a really cool experience.

    This same choir daughter of mine has on numerous occasions told me about her own experiences there when she’s been at the OMA with her choir class.

    And, in October 2013, I was there to see the choirs perform for us parents. I had brought my camera to take a few shots, and decided to take pictures of the different rooms at the auditorium as well. I was able to capture, what look like, a little girl in a white dress standing just pass the doorway of the women’s bathroom in the basement. There was no one in the women’s bathroom at the time I took the shot. And, I was also able to capture an image in a seeming less photo of the middle meeting room between the stair cases leading up to the balcony seating area. When I magnified the photo of the middle meeting room, I found an image of a man dressed in military dress from the shoulders up, in the upper right hand corner of the photo. Again, there was no one else in the room, other than myself, at that time.

    Now, I definitely look forward to every time I get to visit the OMA!

    • Riley Meyerkorth  |  

      Hello. I have had some of the same experiences as you. If you would like to see our similarities, check out my comment below 🙂

  2. I have lived in Ottawa my whole life I refuse to go on the balcony! I am empathetic to emotional energies I nearly cry when entering the steps up. I saw the shadow of a hanging body from the balcony as a kid and I won’t sit under its testing place or on the balcony. I will be found near the stage or somewhere to the stages left or center.

  3. Riley Meyerkorth  |  

    I was one of the performers of the Ottawa Suzuki Strings Orchestra. We were practing for a upcoming Christmas concert. I had finished my solo and was finished practicing for the night. I go down to the basement and start to put away my violin. As I am putting away my violin, I hear a little girl’s voice. I turn to see what it was, and see something white, almost like a dress. I go up to the balcony to watch the rest of the practice, I feel something touch my arm. Hearing that voice in the basement and feeling this, I start to think this place it haunted with st least one spirit. As I head to the front door to leave, I see something like a shadow of a man in the corner. I have seen previous comments very similar to mine, so it may be the same?

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