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Legend has it that if you drive your clean car to this cemetery and sit for about 5 minutes (during which you may hear a loud thud on the vehicle), and then drive away, you will find a large handprint on your back window and several child-size handprints all over the car.

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Geographic Information

6th Lane
SE of Burlington, KS
United States

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38.121188834471376, -95.69223260887156
Coffey County, Kansas
Nearest Towns:
LeRoy, KS (4.1 mi.)
Burlington, KS (5.8 mi.)
New Strawn, KS (10.1 mi.)
Gridley, KS (10.5 mi.)
Neosho Falls, KS (10.9 mi.)
Westphalia, KS (11.7 mi.)
Piqua, KS (16.2 mi.)
Yates Center, KS (16.7 mi.)
Colony, KS (18.1 mi.)
Hartford, KS (19.3 mi.)


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  1. Went here last night was really creepy. At first we waited then got out and started looking at head stones. Heard what sounded like a swing blowing in the wind even tho there was very lil. I heard things starting to move in the woods next to the fence that boarders the cemetery jumped back in the car and on the way out heard a large thump on the door… When we got back to town there were small hand prints on the doors..but no evidence where the large bang was……good night tho it was fun.

  2. My friends and I have been making frequent trips here for quite some time now. We kept everything quiet until now because I feel like everyone should know exactly what we have encountered here. We have audio, and many pictures from this location and experienced things “out of this world” and we basically do it for fun. Contact me

  3. There’s a cemetary not far from there that has a lot more activity that goes on. It’s where several Indian children were buried. Most of the head stones are just rocks. Hard to get to, you have to travel down a dead end road then cross the creek when it’s low then up the hill. I don’t know of any official name for the cemetary but it was thrilling and witnessing the activity/ feelings there blew me away.

    • My friends and I are going to child’s play and want to check out the other cemetery. We’ve been out there trying to figure out where to go from child’s play. Can you please give me details on how to get to the Indian burial ground from child’s play? Which direction or how many miles away to go. Anything will help. Thanks. Ann Smith

  4. So we did venture down there last night and found this handprint on my car. Anyone elses hand print would have been clearing away dust. This looks like it was made with dust. No one had touched my trunk before hand.

  5. Went around 3am this morning, place is pretty creepy, actually that whole area rite around there was very spooky. I read sumwhere that the gates were locked but instwad the gates were wide open & we was able 2 drive in & around. Scared the shit out of us when another vehicle appeared. We will definetly b going back again in the daylight & definetly going 2 get over 2 that other cemetary., we located where its at just didnt venture across the water & up the hill

  6. Adam Griffith  |  

    This is fake. I used to sit out there and wait for people like you so I could crawl up to your cars and mess with you. All of us from around there do it. Not haunted at all!

  7. Wife and I went there tonight and didn’t experience anything, no handprints or loud bangs, maybe we did something wrong idk

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