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The 1893 hotel, once patronized by John Dillinger, is rumored to be haunted by many spirits. Witnesses have reported shadows and apparitions of men, women and children as well as disembodied voices, footsteps, lights that work on their own, and doors that open and close–or even slam–by themselves.

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150 E. Main Street
Atlanta, Indiana
United States

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40.215905, -86.02538299999998
Hamilton County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Atlanta, IN (0.1 mi.)
Arcadia, IN (2.8 mi.)
Tipton, IN (4.7 mi.)
Cicero, IN (6.4 mi.)
Elwood, IN (10.6 mi.)
Windfall, IN (10.8 mi.)
Sheridan, IN (11.7 mi.)
Sharpsville, IN (11.8 mi.)
Noblesville, IN (11.8 mi.)
Kempton, IN (11.9 mi.)

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  1. I have investigated this hotel. I was shocked to find very clear evps and the best picture of a ghost that I have ever seen. This hotel is haunted!

  2. This place is not haunted been there on an investigation….in my opinion, the cameras and lord knows what else the owners have set up are what people are seeing and hearing…

  3. Hi! My sister & I went for our first haunt. When we arrived,I went to the bathroom & while there I checked out my flashlight. I turned it on, it turned off. This happened a few times. This was a twist on flashlight. As everyone was gathered downstairs, I went upstairs alone. I am a hyper-sensitive. Going up the stairs my chest filled with heavy pressure, my heartbeat was intense, & I could hardly catch my breath. I believed I was having a heart attack. At the top, I stopped & stayed until my body went back to normal. I went through each room & the attic feeling different emotions in each room. I had no equipment so I followed other people who did. One room encounter was with a Preacher who had hung himself & fell through the floor to this room. I spoke & told him ( Lester was the name he gave ), that I was truly sorry that he felt so much despair that he took his own life. This is what came over the ovulis, ” compassion ” -” comfort “. They turned on this frequency box where there is a lot of static & noise, & after awhile I heard ” Ryker ” VERY clear. This is my daughter’s name. In the children’s room my sister took a ball out of the toy box. She was encouraging play. Play we got! She had the ball on a small rug, & she pushed it a tiny bit & the ball rolled back to her. So this ball is being manipulated off of a small TEXTURED rug onto a hard floor, then it moves back onto the rug. The floor is very tilted to one side. This ball rolled to the tilted side then rolled back the OPPOSITE way to the other twin bed then rolled FORWARD to my sister. Rolled ON TOP of the rug. She would push it away a little, & it would immediately go back to her leg like a magnet. The people with us surely got it on their video camera. They then put one of those teddy bears that pick up paranormal things on a twin bed. My sister & I were talking to whatever it was & a light on the paw kept going off. Then lights were going off on different places of the bear. The owner of the bear said she didn’t even know it lit up in different places. I asked who was with us & ” Lester ” came over the ovulis. This did not hit me until the next day when I realized that it was not a ” child ” but ” Lester”. Another incident was with two rods a lady had. Every question she asked the rods would turn to me. We were sitting on a couch together. Many more bizarre events occurred but I don’t know how much space I have left. Ever since that night I have been unable to get this place out of my mind. It is “calling” to me to come back. We went October 2018. I have at LEAST one thought of it each day, or rather, I hear it calling to me in passing thoughts. These were just a FEW of the experiences that happened to me. Another one, real quick, was I kept getting confused about where I was upstairs. Much more happened. This was all very disrupting to my spirit.

  4. We just investigated the Hotel. It is very haunted. Don’t let others tell you it’s not because it is. People have to remember that the ghosts will be active when they want to be active. They are not there on your time, they are there on their time. We just finished our documentary there and it will be out on December 6th.

  5. We investigated it a couple years ago. I was in Sarah’s room ( the prostitute) I asked questions and pretended I didn’t know her name and was asking if her name was different names. I got a clear EVP sayin “Sarah”. We left a recorder in the front room, of the main check in area for the hotel. We heard multiple whisperings we couldn’t make them out. Mike, the owner, was great.

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