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Hays Cemetery, aka Main Street Graveyard, is said to be home to a “devil’s child” because of a plant that grows in the shape of a pitchfork on her grave. Visiting is not recommended at night, as much of the area is private property and you could be arrested for trespassing.

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Geographic Information

675E and 900N
Wilkinson, IN
United States

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39.9197017479829, -85.6820130651123
Hancock County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Wilkinson, IN (4.5 mi.)
Markleville, IN (5.4 mi.)
Shirley, IN (5.9 mi.)
Pendleton, IN (6.4 mi.)
Ingalls, IN (7.0 mi.)
Kennard, IN (8.7 mi.)
Fortville, IN (8.8 mi.)
Greenfield, IN (10.4 mi.)
Cadiz, IN (10.6 mi.)
Greensboro, IN (11.9 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Ryan Bullerwell  |  

    I have a photo I took while approaching the bridge right next to the cemetery. Clearly, the apparitions are in the middle of the bridge, so that crosses out the thought of it maybe being any road signs, etc. This looks like a man and a woman crossing the bridge arm in arm. I’ve had this picture for years and still talk about it and still try to debunk it. I’m a firm believer in ghosts, maybe that’s what it is.

    • See the face in the foreground with no distinct outline? There’s an eye right next to the figures that is part of what I’m seeing. Nose and mouth.

    • Alexia Fairchild  |  

      Yes this is our cry baby bride… story has it that a mom lost her baby there and I still looking for it and that if you turn off your car and put it in neutral that she will push you off and to safety and that you can here her scream crying out for her baby… we went last night and put it the test after hays (little kid handprints all over my car from hays) any way I did it we heard screaming and then my car stated to move off the bridge! I definitely believe and used my spirit box and you can here her and many other around talking, whispering, screaming and talking to us calling out our dogs names and everything else!

  2. I just went with my friend, and it was around 11:30 PM. We pulled through the cemetery in the car, and as we were pulling up through the road to the side of the graveyard, we thought we saw something weird in the ravine below, so I put it in reverse, and right when I shined my lights on whatever it was, something slammed the right side of my car loudly, like a rock hit it. It left marks on my window. I gunned it out of there and flew down the road so fast I pretty much broke my car. I was in so much shock I was in tears. I felt something was angry at me when that happened. When I got out to look, there were scratch marks on my car. I have tried to think of something plausible or an explanation for what happened, but I can’t.

    • We went last night around the same time and sat there for an hour listening to my spirit box and you can hear A LOT of voices belonging to children and we talked to some of the spirits (not the children they are the ones you don’t want to mess with) and then they started to yell leave or we were going to die… it was like something was hitting my car all around and we heard laugher next to back passenger window and I made sure to have my doors locked any way we finally gunned it out of there and when we got somewhere to check my car (black Cadillac so covered in dust from dirt drive) there were HANDPRINTS all over my car not just handprints but LITTLE KID hand prints everywhere like they were trying to open my trunk and hood and marks from like fingers being dragged down the side of my car ! My car was also being rocked while we were there! I definitely wouldn’t recommend going alone!

  3. I’ve been to Main Street many times with my paranormal team. I never seemed to get any activity on the bridge, but the graveyard is however haunted. I’ve been pushed down and have gotten voices on recordings. One time, we saw a tall figure at the edge of the forest with yellow eyes and what seemed to be pointy ears. Once we shined our light on it then it disappeared. After not seeing anything for a minute or so then we heard a god-awful screech/growl that shook us to our core. I never returned after that night. Be careful because cops do watch this place. I’ve been busted a few times.

    • i had 4 of my closests friends go out there one night and they all heard a screech/growl but they describe it as a demonic scream that formed out of no where and changed pitches and even became inaudible they have always said it was an other wordly sound that was definetley supernatural and demonic this was 10 or so years ok and a few of my closests friends who were there that night and heard that struggle with ptsd from this incident

    • 4 of my closests friends all heard an other worldly demonic screech that they say changed pitches and even became inaudible it shook them so bad my friend ran over a grave stone trying to flee the cemetery in pure fear this was over 10 or so years ok and a few of my buddys suffer from ptsd or some kind of distress from this incident like one friend in exact broke down in tears to me talking about this incident about a year ago.

      • Alexia Fairchild  |  

        We just went last night and stayed for an hour on my spirit box and listened to them talk a lot of voices belonging to children and even off the app we heard and seen things not only that my car being black was covered in dust from drive not a mark on it and when we left there were handprints all around my car like belonging to children ! It was crazy and I definitely wouldn’t go alone they tried to get us to get out of the car and we didn’t and locked the doors they also got mad and started yelling leave or we would die and you can here one tell another one no don’t you dare (name of spirit don’t remember honestly other then it started with an R) and after that we flew out of there and went to batsons outside of new castle

  4. Who do I need to contact to get permission to go out here? I’ve been several times when I was a teenager but I’d like to take my stepson. Trying to do this the right way lol

  5. My friends and I almost got arrested there. It was a weird situation, a car came up blocking the exit. It was a charger but zero markings and no flood light or police lights so we got in our car trying to leave and a sheriff walked up and took our information and said if we return we’ll be arrested.

  6. A couple of my friends went to the cemetery one night. They saw red eyes, and decided to leave. The eyes chased them out of the cemetery. The next morning they called me and my girlfriend at time to have us come over, and they were freaked out. On the back window of their Jeep. In the dust was a hand print 3 times bigger than a normal human hand. I know it wasn’t fake, and they weren’t pulling one over on me. The fingers had fingers prints, and the following week they started going to church.

    • Alexia Fairchild  |  

      We went and when we left last night and got to a gas station we checked my car and my car was COVERED in handprints of little kids we also used a spirit box and listened and talked to them… it was crazy, my first time going but not first for my friends

  7. when I investigated the cemetery, back in 2017, I was with a paranormal group.
    we experienced some WEIRD stuff but one that really shook me up a little was when my boyfriend at the time, was physically grabbed and dragged a little bit ,I was next to him. I heard a low growl. and saw red eyes. I wanted no part of the investigation anymore. I was ready to NOPE outta there.

  8. Around the yr 2000, maybe later. Me and a guy was”talking” and about how we should plan on a trip to Main Street graveyard with friends. In the meantime, I had a plane ticket to go to uncles house in Texas for the first time. While I was in Texas, I got a call from a friend asking why I wasnt at the funeral. She told me what happened. It happened at U.S. Highway 38 and Main St. (I believe 50 w) I couldn’t believe it. There’s been a couple of accidents there since the road crosses over 38 and below the hill. I’ve heard of hauntings at Main Street but not at that intersection(wouldn’t be surprising). If plans take u there…. just be careful!! Things can happen along the way.. not just at the graveyard or crybaby bridge. It all could be connected in someway..

  9. The reason why people have a scary experience at this place is the reasons for which you’ve decided to go was for an haunting experience. There is something that watches over that graveyard and it doesn’t like people coming there to conjure up everyone who is buried memories of how they died! I visited this place today and I had an pleasant experience I even witness a rainbow that went over the cemetery. I was sad to see so many children buried here but I played hide and seek with a child buried here that was 5. My boyfriend was astonished on how nice the beings was to me I had an app I used for communication and he was shock that my nickname was said quite a bit with them saying hello and they heard of me. He said the last time he went with some friends and they had a bad experience

  10. Guys just a heads up. If you check youtube, there’s a few videos of people going there and a person or a white truck that is near the cemetery or in the cemetery just waiting on people that come at night and will chase you. I’ve heard a few times that police will come and for some reason are very sensitive to people being there. Keep in mind also, there is a house that is occupied right next to the cemetery. So it could be that person as well.

  11. steve o'connor  |  

    I used to work for a local utility and would take naps there during down times between appointments. Please do not visit here at night as so many graves have had their headstones vandalized. There are probably close to 20 graves that have no headstones due to vandalism. I know some of the folks who live out there and they will call the police on you if you trespass.

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