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2220 N. Armstrong Kokomo Indiana is now an empty lot. There is no longer a home on the property. It was burned by a serial arsonist. He caused more than 22 structural fires in Kokomo. My childhood home was his last. The arsonist lived houses away from my house. At that time, July 2001, the arsonist was caught and told police that it brought him relief to cause the fire. I often wondered if he could feel the evil that lived there…maybe emanating from the structure which used to be my home.

We first moved to the house in 1971 after shortly having moved to Kokomo Indiana from Chattanooga Tennessee. My father was a trained youth pastor and had returned from Seminary Bible College with his collection of Biblical Commentaries and educational books. My father was a prayer warrior and persistent reader of the Bible. These mannerisms were practiced continually. Retrospectively, I see now why the demonic entities residing there attacked him and my family.

As a little girl I noticed, almost immediately, the darkness that resided in that house. I heard scratching noises on the ceiling and walls in the afternoon s and evenings. In the early 1970’s my parents witnessed bouncing blue lights go from wall to wall in the living room. My father didn’t know how to explain the activity to my mother except to say it was electrical.

I experienced levitation from the top of a bunk bed when I was 4 years old. I remember awakening 1 night finding my nose touching the ceiling. When I turned my head I was dropped back to the bed unharmed.

Everyone of us (in a family of 7) witnessed hearing loud knocking noises in the attic many times. White zipping lights also would zoom down from the stairway and zip back up into the ceiling of the kitchen in the area above where my father would read his Bible and pray. Once my brother saw a pair of opened scissors were stuck into the ceiling…both prongs stuck in the ceiling over where my dad prayed. We did not think it was a coincidence.

Once coming home from church my dad tried to get into the house. But something appeared to be holding our door shut. My brother Roger had to break into the back window to get in. We found that the floor to ceiling book cases, which held my dad’s Bible commentaries were thrown across the room and up against the front door. All the books were piled on the other side of the living room floor.

Me and a few of my siblings witnessed a strange frost of what look like a layer of snowflakes on the walls even in the month of June! We didn’t know what caused the strange cold.

I witnessed a deformed creature at my window one evening. It looked like a male creature. It had bright green eyes encircle in red. It’s skin appeared to be melting or morphing as it turned it’s head side to side…as if it was coming through the glass of the window. My dad heard my scream and called the police out to our house for a brief investigation.

Both my brothers witnessed (at different times) a totem pole creature. A 4 foot creature with heads all around it’s top part. Heads beneath, on its back and sides. It had long arms which reached the floor. It had a grimace on its face.

After the bookcases had been ripped from the ceiling a pastor was called to cleanse the house and pray over us. However, the dark spirits were only stirred up even more. One day while my father was reading his Bible, my twin sister was preparing some dinner and I was outside the kitchen window. I heard the banging of something very loud. So loud that I saw the windows shake. The kitchen ceiling then came crashing down upon my father knocking him unconscious for a few minutes. He was bleeding and it took a moment for him to regain conscious. I knew something hated my father’s praying and communication with God.

My father witnessed a 4 foot creature which glowed a greenish color. My father called it a leprechaun. It would try to rip the sheet from off his face at night. It wasn’t until he saw the creature for himself that he would admit it to my mother he was wrong for not believing his children’s claims.

We had heard from elderly neighbors that a woman was killed at our home many years ago. We also heard from a person who lived 3 blocks down who claimed a female family member was killed in the back of the house. We could not corroborate any facts.

My parents began to experience more paranormal with lights flickering off and on and pictures coming off the wall and sometimes come crashing down on their heads. My father’s health deteriorated and they moved out of the house to a peaceful apartment.

A man and woman bought the house only to have their dogs go crashing through the same windows my dog was thrown through constantly. they were there only 1 year and then abandoned the house. The house sat abandon for many months when the serial arsonist began to hear voices (he claimed) come from the back of the house, and was later manipulated to burn it down. He went to prison for 6 years for felony charges of arson burning of my house and other structures.

There is no house on the property today. The lot stands empty with all the trees still standing. I have been there with my paranormal equipment and have received high EMF and K2 hits near the back central part of the yard….where the original part of the house used to be…where the neighbors say a woman was murdered. No paper or archive can back that story up. But the house had a dark manipulative spirit which held many dark secrets.

(Submitted by Lana Brock)

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2220 N Armstrong St
Kokomo, IN 46901
United States

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40.5079903, -86.1349735
Howard County, Indiana
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