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Rengstorff House was originally built by German immigrant Henry Rengstorff on Stierlin Road in the 1860s, but was moved to its current location to be restored and turned into a museum. The 16-room mansion with beautiful period furnishings, a widow’s walk and a garden was occupied by the Rengstorff family until 1959, but subsequent owners were often scared away by its ghost. Witnesses say the apparition of a sad a young lady, perhaps a teen, looks out an upstairs bedroom window and occasionally cries. Unexplained noises and cold spots also bothered owners in the night; the identity of the ghost girl is unknown.

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3070 North Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA
United States

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37.4315177, -122.0870817
Santa Clara County, California
Nearest Towns:
Mountain View, CA (3.1 mi.)
Palo Alto, CA (3.2 mi.)
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Stanford, CA (4.4 mi.)
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  1. The only things that go “bump in the night” at the Rengstorff house is when there’s a bumpin’ hip hop band performing at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The thunderous bass shakes the dickens out of the old house. I was at a Nelly concert years ago at the Shoreline, and when I walked by the Rengstorff house I could hear the windows rattling to the concert’s bass!

  2. In my school, Westborough Middle School, it has been reported that a spirit of a young boy named Timothy Busby has been seen around the school. A story came from one of the language arts teachers that she was working late in the old sixth grade wing with another teacher. She said that she heard locker dials were turning and as soon as they both walked out, the lockers somehow break open. Other reports consist of, locker dials and handles shuffling, things falling, eerie noises, footsteps, or even the face of Timothy would be seen in the drains in the locker rooms. Another paranormal thing happened just recently (October 28 or 30th). In the 7th grade wing, one of the lights in a classroom were being held up by plastic knives, my friends in that class were learning and all of a sudden the light came tumbling down, so did the knives. The teacher ran out to tell the custodian but as she came back, the kids were in shock. The lights were put back with all of the plastic knives. The school isn’t sure of what it can be or what can happen, but for all we know, some crazy stuff is happening at the school.

  3. I was walking past the house near sundown last month and I clearly felt something or someone touch me on my chest and it felt cold for a moment I had a strong feeling of being “watched” for a couple minutes too

  4. As kids we lit candles in a big circle and played the spirit board all the time on the side of where the rengstoff house is. Idk if it attracted anything but I knew that house was haunted that’s why I suggested we play there.

  5. I’ve toured the home on a few occasions and I’ve spoken to docents regarding the alleged paranormal activity. The docents said they’ve never experienced anything unusual in the house. There are legends circulating about the home, but none have ever been validated as fact. All I know is that after the last relative of the Rengstorff family, who occupied the home died, the house sat vacant and was later sold to the city of Mountain View for $1.00. There were a few families who lived in the home as paid care takers of the property, but there was never anything paranormal reported by those families. In the 70s the home was vacant again and was ravaged inside and outside by vandals, biker gangs, looters and squatters. It wasn’t until the mid 80s the home was moved to it’s present location and a lengthy multi million dollar restoration began.

    • Lol my grandparents , including my dad and his siblings lived in that house prior to the 70’s there was a lot of paranormal / demonic experiences there. My grandparents and my dad were asked by the city to come help them with providing any photos or restoration memories that could help when the house was restored.

    • In 1971, I was a singer in the EST production of “Tommy”, the Who’s rock opera, which was touring the Bay Area in preparation for a national tour in summer, and had occasion to spend a night crashing at the Rengstorff mansion, and I was told, in the morning, by the residents at that time, that the ghost was named George, so I wrote a song about it…

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