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At California’s Great America, aka Paramount’s Great America, a ghost of a boy who was killed on a ride is said to haunt the area where the ride once stood. Many other spots at this amusement park are also said to be haunted as well. For example, a man’s ghost has been spotted at the Big Arcade & Drop Zone. He shows up on security cameras right next to living security guards, but the living guards can’t seem him. And at the Paramount Theater, the ghost of a man walks across the stage, and witnesses have reported cold spots, unexplained noises, their names being called, taps on the shoulder and unseen fingers on the back of their necks. Rumor has it that at the Roast Beef Shop, a man once froze to death after being trapped in a walk-in freezer. His ghost, wearing a blue shirt, is said to appear nightly from 10 to midnight, screaming inside the freezer. The IMAX Theatre may be haunted too: Folks have heard whispers and seen the lights go on and off without cause.

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4701 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States

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37.3979464, -121.97429360000001
Santa Clara County, California
Nearest Towns:
Santa Clara, CA (3.2 mi.)
Sunnyvale, CA (4.0 mi.)
Milpitas, CA (4.3 mi.)
Burbank, CA (5.7 mi.)
San Jose, CA (5.9 mi.)
Mountain View, CA (6.1 mi.)
Cupertino, CA (6.1 mi.)
Buena Vista, CA (6.2 mi.)
Fruitdale, CA (6.4 mi.)
Loyola, CA (7.6 mi.)

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  1. I worked here over the summer and it is haunted i worked park services and we would hear noises coming from the kidsville also during halloween haunt we would stay to clean till around three am and we would hear screaming coming from drop zone

    • I was there in the summer of ’79 and while waiting in line at night time for the
      “Tidal Wave” rollercoaster there were 3 lights that made a triangle in the sky

  2. I presently work here, and about 2 nights ago I was working closing for the action theater. Well I was alone in the theater when all of a sudden from the back-right I hear, “Fire! Fire! Get out!”. Needless to say I’m never working closing again or going to be alone in there.

  3. I was working at the theater and it was close and when i was cleaning the seats and the lights started flickering and a voice said get out get out and one of sprits tap my shoulders and saw a ghost ran pass the stage and i ran so far. Eever since then im afaird to be alone when i clean. And my gf to me she saw the samething i bielive that great america haunted

  4. I worked here the summer of 2009, it was my first job, and also my first paranormal experience. I worked in Merchandise in the water park area. I was closing up one of the stands by the entrance of the water park, it was maybe 10pm or so, and I was with one other coworker. I looked down the other end of the park, where the wave pool would be, and I saw a smokey dark figure in the distance, in a human like shape, bending over slowly, and rising back up again. It kept doing this repeatly, it was a very unsettling motion. I looked around to see maybe if it was the wind possibly moving something, but the flags around me were still, there was no wind that night. It was maybe 4 to 5 feet tall. My coworker and I didn’t know what to make of it so we ran and booked it out of there. I worked there for a couple more months after this occurrence, and I never saw it again. This place is most definitely haunted. I’ll never forget seeing that dark ominous figure.

  5. I’m not technically a psychic, per say, but I have advanced knowledge in the realm of the paranormal and our existence in the universe in the theoretical scientific scope of a multiverse (one universe amongst infinite universes).

    I originally never heard of Great America being haunted, but I am able to detect something unusual there that I’ve never been able to explain. I had never seen apparitions (low level visible ghosts). I had never experienced poltergeists (high level ghosts capable of making sounds and moving things). But I was more concerned with independent sentient spirits that could attach to people and screw up their lives. This is an advanced topic that is not easily humanly explainable.

    One general advise I do have is for one to NEVER travel within Great America alone. ALAWYS BE WITH someone close by and communicating with. Ghosts typically never display themselves or take action on groups of two or more people. Individual people, by themselves, with nobody in contact within physical proximity becomes fair game for whatever spirits want to do.

    But it’s nice to know a place being haunted decades before reading about the place being haunted. Thanks to people for informing, which is equal to informing me before one may have even been born. 🙂
    (Time is my playground)


      Most people don’t when I worked there I asked around nobody knew about it the Rumor started because when the park first opened in 76 a teenage boy died there

    • David St. Michaels  |  

      Neo, if you are indeed who you claim to be, someone with special knowledge on these matters, pls contact me. I know by what you said that you do know some things most people don’t. But I would like to find out just how much you do. The only thing I can offer you is the truth and the guarantee I will know as much or more than you. I honestly just realized that while I’m aware of your posted name Neo, if I sound like Morpheus it’s not by design and would change my wording if I had the patience and energy. My YouTube site is Ghosts in the Shadows. I’m David, please contact me there and don’t worry about subscribing or anything else because there’s nothing to see except a Logo and Banner. It’s a work in progress.


    I used to work there at night It is not Haunted and the story got started because back when it first started a teenager died n one of the rides

  7. Back in the summer of ’81 I was at Great America with my family. It was nearing the park’s closing time, and as my family and I walked past the gigantic antique carousel I saw the eyes on one of the antique carousel horses glowing red! And then I heard what distinctly sounded like a single note play on the carousel’s pipe organ. Let me add that the carousel was shut down, dark, absolutely no one manning it for operation. That really scared the crap out of me. I was really pissed about it because none of my other siblings nor my parents saw the horse’s glowing red eyes or heard the organ pipe sound. They just brushed it off as my imagination. Yeah right. I couldn’t get out of that park any faster and into our car in the parking lot. I never ventured back to Great America ever again, even though my siblings and parents have on different occasions.

  8. i worked at the freezer warehouse back in the 80’s delivering food to the restarants,one day we saw a man coincidentally with a blue shirt walk into the produce freezer across the freezer and walk right through the pallets of produce and disappeared.we went round and around looking for the guy but nothing when one of the employees suggested we had seen a ghost at first i thought he was nuts but theres no other explanation…….there were three of us and we all saw it….it still gives me chills.

  9. I was there in the summer of ’79 and while waiting in line at night time for the
    “Tidal Wave” rollercoaster there were 3 lights that made a triangle in the sky

  10. I was here at about closing time and there was nobody else there. I was making my way to the front with my friend and I thought I saw a little boy walking around.

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