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My girlfriend and I went out late at night on this road, as we tend to go on late night drives. However this night there were many cold spots, strange noises from outside of the car, an odd light caught on film followed by thumping against my car (which we didnt hear at the time). This was on Pinehurst.

When we merged onto Redwood Road, we continued to feel uneasy, feel cold spots, and at one point a white pickup seemed to appear behind us. When I pulled over to let it pass, it idled behind me and drove off. I attempted to follow it because I was caught off guard by the way it hesitated next to my car, but instantly I lost sight of it and could not find it’s headlights in the brush or through the trees anywhere. On top of all this the whole road almost seems shrouded by darkness. My bright HID headlamps did little to illuminate the road ahead of me, even though previously on Grizzly Peak Blvd and Skyline Blvd (which lead to Pinehurst) I could see clear as day.

My friends and I used to street race there as well, and my friends stopped due to a single stop sign at the western “top point” of Pinehurst. Three of my friends reported seeing a little girl there, and my ex reported hearing nails being dragged over her door as soon as she stopped.

Needless to say, I will definitely be going back.

(Submitted by Jeremy)

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Geographic Information

Pinehurst and Redwood Road
Oakland, CA
United States

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37.7982495, -122.1407226
Alameda County, California
Nearest Towns:
Moraga, CA (2.6 mi.)
San Leandro, CA (5.1 mi.)
Piedmont, CA (5.3 mi.)
Orinda, CA (5.9 mi.)
Alameda, CA (6.0 mi.)
Lafayette, CA (6.2 mi.)
Alamo, CA (6.9 mi.)
Saranap, CA (6.9 mi.)
Oakland, CA (7.1 mi.)
Ashland, CA (7.3 mi.)


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  1. Pine hurst is known as “The Scary Road” to many locals of the area. My friends and I have gone down this road several times and have had multiple encounters with the white truck.

    • Sorry, that was a response to a different comment. I meant to ask you around what times have you seen this white truck? I went around 2-3 in the morning and found nothing. It was just extremely cold and foggy.

  2. My Brother, Dennis Van Duyne, 18 years old, died up there in a DUI accident on a hair pin curve on Pine hurst Road at about 2 or 3 am on the early morning of May 8th 1977. It was raining heavily and had been for several days and nights. It was 3 hours into “Mother’s Day”. He was riding passenger with a friend who missed one of the hair pin curves up there. They went off of the cliff and plunged 400 feet down. The newspaper article said that my brother had fallen out of the car, and he was found dead in the brush further up from the car. But I don’t think he fell out. He never wore a seat belt and he was a star baseball and basketball jock and he was super athletic and super quick. I’ll bet he opened the door and jumped to try to save himself. He was found with the back of his head crushed wide open. Our house was at 3521 Suter Street, just 3 houses from 35th Avenue in Oakland, not really far away. That night at about 3 am, I woke from a sound sleep and got to my feet and just stood there looking out of our big picture window in our upstairs bedroom – just standing there looking up into the hills through the windows, but I didn’t know why. I went back to bed. That morning, (Mothers day), I woke up to hearing my mother screaming. I jumped downstairs to find her hugging an Oakland Cop and sobbing. They had just told her that her son was dead on Mothers Day. At the graveside funeral @ Holy Sepulchre Cemetary in Hayward, all of his flower wreathes on tripods were mysteriously pushed over right in front of about 50 people. Everyone was a little freaked. About 3 weeks after the funeral, one night my Mom started screaming again and I ran downstairs. She was hysterical because she said that there was a knock at the door and she opened it and my brother was standing there. He told her that he didn’t feel good and she said, “No honey, you’re not sick, you’re dead”, and he disappeared right before her eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still up there in the hills, still kickin’ it, looking for his friends, cold beer and some smoke. This story is completely true. Check my brothers name, the home address I gave you and The Oakland Tribune archives. Then, you’ll really be scared.

      • Who knows? My brother’s friend, Derrick was about .15 BAC. Although 1977 was a long time ago, I remember everything about it all. We had tons and of friends. Everybody knew everybody and I don’t recall anyone or Derrick mentioning that they got chased by a white truck. In my opinion, Derrick lost his life in that accident as well. Although my family forgave him, the guilt of it all caused him to have 3 consecutive nervous breakdowns, which left him emotionally and mentally disabled for the rest of his life. I heard some years ago that Derrick has passed away. I really truly hope that he has found peace, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he’s up there roaming around, too.

        • PS: I never went up there until 25 years had passed. One of our friends took me up there (during the daytime), and showed me the hairpin curve that they went over. I was amazed at how tight and tretcherous that it is. I can promise you one thing – you would never ever find me up there at night. Regardless of my history with it – the place is HELLA spooky. HHhhellll No !!!

  3. Me nd a friend always use to go to the hills for the view but as we keep going up there we encounter different hunted experiences .. the 1st was when we saw a white light crossing the road . Then by the lake we heard like a strange noise on a tree nd a bird that acted like human nd then a old puck up truck followed us. .. I got some story’s I gott say the grizzle bear hills in Berkeley are definitely hunted

  4. I researched about this school and I didn’t find anything.
    I also searched about your brother Denis I didn’t find anything.
    the first time i went on this road i knew there was something wrong with it.
    there is something there

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