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Witnesses at Kofman Auditorium have reported unexplained noises and the apparition of a woman who walks around in the backstage area.

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2200 Central Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
United States

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37.76494792052671, -122.24578535548062
Alameda County, California
Nearest Towns:
Alameda, CA (0.2 mi.)
Oakland, CA (3.0 mi.)
Piedmont, CA (4.2 mi.)
Emeryville, CA (5.1 mi.)
San Leandro, CA (5.6 mi.)
Berkeley, CA (7.5 mi.)
Moraga, CA (8.0 mi.)
Orinda, CA (8.6 mi.)
Ashland, CA (8.7 mi.)
San Lorenzo, CA (8.8 mi.)


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Comments (7)

  1. Bubbles is what everyone calls her. She shows up during the plays. There are many different stories about how she died but they all lead back to a hanging. One is that she tripped with her ballet shoes around her neck, another is where she hung herself in the rafters because she was pregnant. Every story end with her being hanged. She is very nice, but she will make contact. Many people have taken pictures in her dressing room above the stage and have taken pictures with orbs appearing in them, hence the name Bubbles.

      • Grace- No, not harmful.
        Just move things around or levitate objects to let you know she was there. Or you’d see her watching you perform or rehearse. Lily is correct about her also “appearing” in dressing rooms, etc when taking pictures. Also the lights in the auditorium would change colors .

  2. Lily-
    you are correct about bubbles. According to a teacher ( Ms. Coffey) who used to teach in the ballet room above the theater and knew… the young lady was practicing ballet in the room after school hours, she was there because she had a fight with her bf during school hours( and though never been identified did attend AHS) and wanted to blow off steam. The next thing I was told was the janitor came in later that evening to clean and found her hanging from the light in the ballet room with the ribbons from her ballet shoes as a noose. Bubbles does appear in pictures, rooms, etc and WILL let you know she is there. There also is a man too and appears as a black shadow. I performed there as a student when i attended AHS in the 90’s. We had to practice a scene with us coming down the isles to the stage and for a good 5 minutes we were all “super glued” to the floor and could not move. The lights also change colors during performances too.

  3. If you’re in the dressing rooms underneath the stage and are alone or with a small group, you can hear the semi faint sound of children running on stage as dressing rooms are underneath the stage.

  4. I was in many a production in the auditorium, when i was little I never noticed her but while in high school I was the last person in the dressing rooms. While I was in there changing out of costume the securely locked door to my room opened. When I looked down the hall so had all the other doors. I booked it out of there.

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