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A ghost called Miss Lucy is said to haunt rooms 51 through 54. She is rumored to levitate guests and frequent the tavern.

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9403 Main St
Manassas, VA 20110
United States

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38.75140866547702, -77.47144323432389
Nearest Towns:
Manassas, VA (0.2 mi.)
Manassas Park, VA (2.3 mi.)
Loch Lomond, VA (2.4 mi.)
Buckhall, VA (2.6 mi.)
West Gate, VA (2.6 mi.)
Yorkshire, VA (3.2 mi.)
Sudley, VA (3.2 mi.)
Bull Run, VA (3.5 mi.)
Clifton, VA (5.0 mi.)
Linton Hall, VA (5.6 mi.)

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  1. I’ve worked extensively at the City Tavern for several years.
    I’ve seen Confederate soldiers walking around the parking lot
    A server at the Tavern was in the upstairs banquet room when something out of nowhere knocked a stack of chairs over.
    Last summer I observed a woman walking to room 54. Her dress was of the early 1900’s. She floated to her room. (No feet) and turned around to look at us. Except, her head was facing us and her body was completely forward.

  2. This place is absolutely legit. About 10 years ago I was doing a construction job in Mananas with my father and we stayed a night here. Someone kept running around the room, making the beds shake and grabbing our feet. When we would turn the light on and say “What was that? Do you feel that” it would stop but as soon as we laid back down, it would start happening again. Years later I googled the place and learned of its reputation. Very crazy.

  3. In 2004 my girlfriend and I stayed in room 53 just to see if anything would happen. Nothing did, anyway we planned on going to the bar so before we left we took pictures of everything in the room to see if anything moved while we were gone, nothing did it gets good so hold on the next day I got pictures developed of our stay one pic I could not believe had it blown up 8×10 size and to the left of the door next to the light switch it was the face of a man with long black hair and full beard with blood coming down from his forehead this pic when u flip it upside down u see the same face. Iwas looking for the spirit of Lucy but after research I found out that the old town inn was at one time a civil war hospital. I cant upload this pic but if anyone once too see this serious inquires can get a copy from just email me and I will make sure u get one.rikkirocks69@yahoo.com.

  4. My mom had originally called and set up to reserve room 52 (which was known as one of the most haunted rooms of this Inn) for our haunted Inn trip. We drove out, went to check in, and when we gave her our name she gave us room 61. We explained that we had called and specifically made sure that room 52 was available, and she said that 52/54 were marked as dirty. She gave us room 51 (room 51-54 are all rooms that were considered to be haunted, but we wanted 52 or 54 because those two specifically had multiple different paranormal activities occur there) and we headed upstairs to drop off our things. Honestly, the sheets/pillows were stained which was pretty nasty, but the rest of the room looked fine. We noticed right away our toilet kept automatically flushing, but everything else seemed to be normal. We went out for dinner at a nearby tavern, came back to our room, and I was getting ready to shower when our shower broke. We called downstairs, and she came up to try and fix the shower, and said she has never had this happen before and needed to give us a different room. She went back downstairs, and about 10 minutes later, she called us. I answered the phone, and she said, do me a favor and go see if room 52 looks clean (through the window). Since we had been suspicious from the beginning, we had already looked through the window and knew it was clean (which is why we were so aggravated she refused to give us the room) and told her yes that it was clean. We moved into room 52, and definitely had a few interesting things occur. When we first got inside, our phone had no dial at all, and didn’t have a red light blinking like the other one did. The door had popped open by itself a few times.. but at about 12pm my little brother started hearing shuffling on the carpet. I woke up at around 4:30 by loud shuffling on the carpet, looked around and my brother and mom were sleeping.. and I just sat there and listened to it for about 2 minutes, and it stopped. I am so excited to go back and request room 54 next, regardless of how gross this Inn really was…

  5. My husband and I stayed in room 67 on the back side of the motel. I was wearing a red nightgown- the next morning, I felt it get tugged, then I felt a gentle poke.

    I thought it was my husband but he was asleep and facing the other way.

    Would love to have a paranormal investigation into this place.

  6. My husband and I stayed two nights in room 54. My husband took a nap while I sat in the chair listening to music, then I went outside and sat on the porch watching traffic.

    Later that night my husband said he felt the sheets being tugged, thought it was me, but I told him I was across the room the whole time then went outside.

    Turned my Ghost Radar on, and the words that came across were Door, Wash, and Breath.

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