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This location was once a “Carlos O’Kelley’s” restaurant. Now it is an Italian place called “Piero’s Corner.” Back when it was Carlos O’Kelley’s, it was said that a dishwasher who worked there hanged himself in the building and haunted the premises from then on. Numerous waitstaff reported hearing voices when no one else was around. Glasses would fly off shelves and shatter for no reason.

No word on whether or not this activity continues since the handover to Piero’s Corner Italian.

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9959 Main Street
Fairfax, VA
United States

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38.843075, -77.290571
Nearest Towns:
Fairfax, VA (0.9 mi.)
Mantua, VA (1.8 mi.)
Oakton, VA (2.7 mi.)
Fairfax Station, VA (3.5 mi.)
Burke, VA (3.6 mi.)
Kings Park, VA (3.6 mi.)
Merrifield, VA (4.0 mi.)
Vienna, VA (4.2 mi.)
Ravensworth, VA (4.6 mi.)
Dunn Loring, VA (5.1 mi.)


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  1. It isn’t haunted, but Piero‚Äôs Corner was doing really well until one day it shut done. I don’t know why. ): too bad the bread was really good…

  2. Former employee  |  

    I worked there and can say that much of the ghost rumors were just that–rumors. There is no evidence that a dishwasher ever hanged himself or that anyone died on the premises. I can, however, tell you this: I often closed the restaurant and thus worked many late hours while alone or with one other employee. Sometimes–not often, but sometimes–out of the corner of my eye I would see a man standing in a certain doorway. When I turned to look at the man, he wasn’t there. Naturally, I chalked this up to my imagination and never mentioned it to anyone because it was uneventful. One night I was closing the restaurant with another employee and she did a double-take towards that same doorway, She shook her head as if to shake an image and said, “Weird–I thought I just saw a man standing in that doorway”. We compared notes and I realized it was happening to her, too. The apparition was tall and appeared to be wearing a coat.

    Several years later another employee did some research on the area and found that the area around the restaurant used to be the site of a Civil War camp. This makes sense based on the apparition that I saw, but I have not confirmed that this area was a Civil War camp.

    Regarding voices, yes, I used to hear my name called while working there. It was a man shouting my name. It happened several times at different times of day. But…that has happened in other settings as well, so I don’t know if there’s any significance here. I can say that it was the same voice I would hear each time in the restaurant.

    Regarding glasses flying off shelves: no, that did not happen. Why did happen was that one evening (around 5:30 pm) I was standing at the bar talking to a customer and his eyes suddenly grew wide as he looked at the bar behind me. He said my name urgently and I slowly turned as I heard a glass crash behind me. A glass that was sitting on the bar counter had fallen over by itself and broke. (a martini glass, I believe). The customer said that the glass began to move and then simply felt over and broke (like would happen in an earth quake, I guess). That’s it. No other glasses or dishes broke and I have no explanation for this incident.

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