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The southern building is reportedly Minnesota’s oldest jail building, and the northern building housed a funeral home in the 1800s. Now an inn, as one would imagine there is plenty of ghostly activity here. Later during the Prohibition era, when the former funeral home was a haberdashery, there was a back room that opened into a tunnel leading to a bootleggers’ spot. The tunnel is still in existence. Haunts reported on the premises include a boy who shows up on floors 2 and 3, and a woman’s apparition on floor 3.

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Geographic Information

349 W Government St
Taylors Falls, MN 55084
United States

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45.40051637530202, -92.65634670848158
Chisago County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Taylors Falls, MN (0.2 mi.)
Saint Croix Falls, WI (1.0 mi.)
Dresser, WI (3.3 mi.)
Shafer, MN (4.5 mi.)
Osceola, WI (6.0 mi.)
Centuria, WI (6.1 mi.)
Center City, MN (7.8 mi.)
Lindstrom, MN (9.3 mi.)
Balsam Lake, WI (10.4 mi.)
Milltown, WI (11.2 mi.)


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  1. Do you have a male manaquin that is positioned to look like he is standing looking out the window facing the motel? Dressed in Civil War era garb? Just wondering, we were driving past one night and I thought that must be a cool museum piece…if not, im a tad bit creeped out

  2. In my school (Isanti Middle School) there is a story about these students. So apparently they were staying after and all of a sudden the lights turned of. The unplugged T.V turned on and showed a weird picture of this man. One of the students took a picture. Ever since there have been LOCKED LOCKERS opening on their own and phantom lights in the school at random points of the day. One time I had to stay till 6 pm and there was one other person who I could see. Suddenly the lockers were opening and closing. I ran outside freaked out and then I saw a strange man walking up the ramp. Luckily my dad showed up then. I haven’t seen him since then. My experience was in the spring of 2018. I am still freaked out to this day.

  3. I stayed in the floor level room & it didn’t give off any weird vibes until later in the night. I specifically remember turning off the lights before we went to bed & I woke up a few hours later to the lamp across the room on. Confused I went & turned it off assuming my boyfriend turned it on for some reason. Thinking nothing of it I went back to sleep, but then I woke up some time later feeling really uneasy, I opened my eyes & saw someone standing in the little hallway by the bathroom. I started screaming but couldn’t move. I’ve never experience sleep paralysis before but it felt like my entire body was pinned to the bed. It felt like I was screaming for at least five minutes & during that time I heard footsteps getting closer to my side of the bed. Finally my boyfriend started shaking me & I was able to snap out of it. He said I had been screaming but with my mouth closed, I told him what I saw & when he got up to check around the room there was nothing. He also said he never turned on the light. Never been so creeped out in my life.

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