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The church and cemetery are reported to be haunted by angry spirits. Legend has it that in the early 1900s, the church accidentally burned to the ground killing over 30 people, who have haunted the rebuilt church since. Another legend says in the 1950s, a woman hanged herself in the bell tower after losing her child, and her apparition has been seen hanging in the tower or walking through the cemetery holding her baby. Apparitions coming from the church and cemetery are said to have caused accidents on the road.

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Geographic Information

451 30th Ave
Clear Lake, WI 54005
United States

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45.2530452, -92.2183149
Polk County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Clear Lake, WI (2.6 mi.)
Clayton, WI (5.9 mi.)
Amery, WI (7.9 mi.)
Deer Park, WI (9.3 mi.)
Turtle Lake, WI (10.4 mi.)
Prairie Farm, WI (11.6 mi.)
Emerald, WI (11.9 mi.)
Glenwood City, WI (13.6 mi.)
Almena, WI (14.5 mi.)
Downing, WI (14.9 mi.)


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  1. The whole ghost thing was created by some young guys trying to scare someone many years ago. Other relatives kept it going over a number of years. This is first hand information from someone who knew all the people involved. I also checked with some local residents. No one ever hung themselver in thte church. They don’t know how that got started

  2. The scariest thing that ever happens here is the annual Lutefisk Dinner held every October. 🙂 I’ve attended many times and have strolled through the cemetery with a friend who has many ancestors buried there. It’s a beautiful, old classic, white steepled church out in the country.

  3. My Grandmother and Grandfather are buried there. Been going there since I was a kid. The place has always had a creepy feel. The bell tower was scary as hell when we were little. Never heard that anyone hung themselves there. Just a creepy energy vibe about the place. But I love it!☺

  4. Ok, a friend of my wife went to a wake there just this week and took a video outside the church. Strangest video I’ve ever seen. A light with a “tail” clearly goes from one end of the parking lot, flies past the church rather rapidly (bobbing up and down as it goes) and disappears after going past the cars. Also, three car alarms went off during the wake without explanation. No BS, I’m watching the video on my wife’s phone as I type this.

  5. This is the funniest story I have ever read! My Grandparents were some of the founding members of Moe Church. I grew up in the Clear Lake area, just two miles south of Moe. I was baptized, and Confirmed there. Attended church services, and bible school. My entire family is buried in the cemetery. We played in the bell tower as kids, (and got in trouble). I have never seen any apparitions, or have ever heard any of these stories.

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