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Hushed voices and whispering are heard inside the church when no one is around. The sounds of a congregations of parishioners have been heard in the basement and in the sanctuary of the church, but when investigated, there is no on there. The church bell frequently rings by itself.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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207 120th St
Amery, WI 54001
United States

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45.23907586367302, -92.40710992764741
Polk County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Deer Park, WI (3.7 mi.)
Amery, WI (5.2 mi.)
Clear Lake, WI (6.7 mi.)
Star Prairie, WI (6.7 mi.)
New Richmond, WI (10.2 mi.)
Emerald, WI (13.0 mi.)
Clayton, WI (13.1 mi.)
Dresser, WI (13.7 mi.)
Balsam Lake, WI (14.9 mi.)
Somerset, WI (15.2 mi.)

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  1. My Ex-Husband used to live close to this church. From his bedroom window, he could see the church. He told me stories of the light on the steeple moving from time to time, late at night, when no one should have been around. The graveyard adjacent to the church is also said to be haunted.

  2. I live in Minneapolis, but my roommate has family who lives in Amery, and quite a few of his family members are burried at the churches cemetery. One night as we were heading home from one of his family’s gatherings, we went to the cemetery so he can pay his respects to his grandparents. This was all about 11 pm. We were walking up to the grave site where his grandparents are burried, and coming from somewhere near the church, we heard children laughing as if they were playing. Remind you, this is later in the evening, and no children were around… no body at all. We’ve been there a countless number of times since and have experienced a few other out of the normal events, but nothing creeps me out like that night we heard the spirit children giggling in the dark distance of the churches cemetery.

    • Charles J Patz  |  

      I use to drive by every day back and forth from work to home between 1991-1995. I always would get the creeps driving by, but I never knew it was allegedly haunted until around 2015 when my wife shared the story from the book Haunted WI with me. So I took her out there one Sunday just as church was letting out and we met pastor Liz. She and her husband are positive that the ghost (singular) is a female. They even gave it a name. She showed us around the church and told us about her own experiences. Now I don’t believe in God, ghosts or demons but when Liz with us by the doors to the old part of the church that they don’t use anymore, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I still swear today that I heard a guttural male voice telling me “Get out…NOW!” I figured it was just my imagination from watching too many horror shows, that is until after we left and my wife told me she would never step foot in that church ever again…She told me that Liz was wrong. The ghost was a male, not a female and it lived in the old part of the church and that when we were talking to Liz by the doors to the old part of the church she heard a voice telling her to “get out…NOW!” Either we have a strong psychic connection to one another and can hear each other’s thoughts or we both heard a ghost say the same thing at the same time to the both of us in the same tone and sentence structure! I still get the creeps when I drive by that church. I sometimes wonder if it was infrasound from the nearby power lines or underground gas lines that messed with our minds. However, whenever I drive by that church now I always hear it calling to me to come to inside…Is it God calling me to return to him or something more sinister? Maybe it’s just my imagination. Anyway, I read somewhere that some renown ghost hunter said it wasn’t even haunted a few years back…I would like to know if he would visit the church with me sometime

  3. My brother and I visited the church to find it locked up. Disappointed and having drive 3 hours to get there hoping to at least sit inside the church we stood outside the church quietly … Looking into the school or classroom section windows… Listening for anything… Now this church is in the country in the middle of nowhere… It’s quiet… No neighbor’s… My brother was on one side of the church ( I discovered later) and I was on the opposite side just listening with an ear to.the windows… Trying to hear something…. I started to hear children singing softly… In kind of a third space type sound hard to.pinpoint where but coming from the building… I listened for at least 10 minutes…then went to find my brother. He was on the opposite side of the church when I found him on the outside … Listening as well. Excited as well he asked if I heard any children singing before I said anything. That verified what I had heard on the opposite side of the church…. We had both heard a very soft sound of children singing very softly as if in a third space not of this realm…. It was a very cool experience… 2017 the Prets Ghost hunters

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