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This renovated, historic pub and grille, and former brewery and brothel, is believed to have many active spirits in the building according to paranormal investigators. Audio recordings of voices and sounds and video of orbs, light flashes, and anomalies have all been captured. Cowboys, a prostitute named Mary, several children, and previous owners are among those believed to be regulars while others pass through. Most recent investigative findings are consistent with other groups and psychics who have visited. The owner, along with employees, customers, and salesmen, have experienced moving objects, balls of light, shadows, voices, taps on the head, temperature changes, doors that open and shut, apparition of an old woman, and much more.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

135 Walnut St
Baraboo, WI 53913
United States

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43.465305, -89.74035400000002
Sauk County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Baraboo, WI (0.4 mi.)
West Baraboo, WI (1.6 mi.)
North Freedom, WI (6.4 mi.)
Bluffview, WI (6.7 mi.)
Merrimac, WI (8.6 mi.)
Rock Springs, WI (9.2 mi.)
Lake Delton, WI (9.8 mi.)
Lake Wisconsin, WI (10.4 mi.)
Wisconsin Dells, WI (11.3 mi.)
Prairie du Sac, WI (12.4 mi.)


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  1. I am the founder of Paranormal Encounters WI and I can first hand say we have captured great evidence at this locations. In fact we have had unrestricted access to the entire building and can say without a doubt this is in the top 3 most active locations we have been too in the Untied States to date!. Worth a trip to meet the owner BC Farr and hear his stories and have him show you some captures. He enjoys sharing that info with folks.

  2. I worked there for months, absolutly nothing happened but a bunch of mind play by the owner, even cought a doctored pic, truck door in a 2nd fl window while the truck was at the curb lol.

  3. I’ve been an independent investigator for most my life. When I found out my ex husband moved into the apartment above this bar, I couldn’t wait to drop the kids off. I didn’t expect the energy to hit me so hard. The air of the entire upstairs is very heavy. This is most definitely a hot spot! My ex husband still lives there to this day, and whenever the spirits act up while the kids are there, they tell them to leave them alone and it goes quiet again. Great place to investigate!!

    • Okay I have first hand experience with this bar. My dad used to live in the apartments above and I stayed with him when I got to visit. I remember so many storys BC would tell me. My father used to let me play in the bar downstairs and I would go in the back room and play with “the kids” at least that’s what I told my dad. I was an only child and I had so called imaginary friends, but these kids were different. I could tell they weren’t just fake. I used to play games and hold hands with them and it was always a cooling experience that made my spine chill. I loved the feeling and knowing there were others I could play with. Many say that children can see what we cannot and to this day I believe this. I am 15 now and even going there to this day I can feel the connections. I had many dreams from when I was there that included me falling asleep in one of the bar stools and being lifted into the air. Although I was so young at the time I don’t remember much, but I do remember seeing many lights and bright colored orb sort figures. It’s always a great experience there and I’d recommend to go there at night if your looking to see some spooky thing.

  4. Dani, Art,
    My name is Fred and I’ve vacationed to Devils Lake for a decayed now and this is the first time I’ve heard of this haunting. Would it be possible to connect and interview you (or your ex) and discuss your experiences here?

  5. Ashley Marsillas  |  

    I have been there doing many events as I am a Psychic Medium. I come from a Spiritual point of view, but remain open to the paranormal point of view as well. I have done some investigations myself with my husband and have had many encounters and experiences. I have a couple of videos on my Ashley Marsillas YouTube account that show Orb activity, especially the one that was filmed upstairs. It is a must see. This place is the most active place I have even been too. This is a must go to place if you are into the paranormal. You will Not be disappointed!

  6. Kyle J McFarlane  |  

    I have been to OBI a few times and had a couple of experiences. I have a video of flashlight interaction with Cowboy. I have had the feeling of the energy at the bar area downstairs and the upstairs rooms.

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