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The house (an estate once owned by Frank Lloyd Wright) is haunted by the apparition of a lady in a white gown. Windows open and close by themselves, and late at night, the lights in the building will flash on and off when no one is around.

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5607 County Road C
Spring Green, WI
United States

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43.14104574841436, -90.07045018690405
Iowa County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Spring Green, WI (2.4 mi.)
Lone Rock, WI (7.1 mi.)
Arena, WI (8.1 mi.)
Plain, WI (9.6 mi.)
Ridgeway, WI (10.4 mi.)
Barneveld, WI (12.4 mi.)
Gotham, WI (12.5 mi.)
Dodgeville, WI (12.8 mi.)
Avoca, WI (13.1 mi.)
Mazomanie, WI (14.1 mi.)


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  1. In plain Wisconsin just a few miles away there is a larger old white farm house that has experienced paranormal activity Windows closing on their own, forces holding down people telling them to leave cold and hot spots mirrors showing more than one reflection

  2. If I remember correctly, Frank Lloyd Wright’s mistress and second family was murdered here by a former servant of the house–Julian Carlton, a Barbadian native who’d served as chef and butler for the estate. In 1914 he was supposed to have begun working there quite happily with his wife, but grew increasingly paranoid and deranged as time passed. He was said to stay up late at night, looking out the window into the dark while brandishing one of the kitchen’s butcher knives. After Wright couldn’t handle it anymore, he informed Carlton he would no longer be employed there, and this was supposedly what tipped him over the ledge. While part of the attacks were supposed to have been racially motivated (Carlton was black, and had been slandered by other members of the estate), he went for the children first, disposing of the whole family with a hatchet. Any who tried to flee were hunted down and slain also. After his crime was completed he drowned the bodies in gasoline and set the house ablaze. The remaining living members within the estate attempted to flee, but Carlton was supposedly prepared for them as they tried their escape, chopping them down one by one. He then hid in the basement of the house, and tried to do himself in by swallowing hydrochloric acid–to no avail. If this estate is indeed haunted, I would guess the apparition is one of the brutally slain.

  3. About 20 years ago my family and I were out househunting and this home was next on the list. We pulled into the driveway and I remember my parents saying how creepy it was just being there. My mom is a very spiritual, sensual person that believed in a greater being. She was very into wiccan ways. Even raised us that way. While waiting for the realtor to show (she never did) we walked around the house looking in windows and looking around. We’d waited for a while before my parents decided to try and get in ourselves. Knowing it was wrong, we were able to get the basement doors open but I was the only one brave enough to go in and through to the first floor where I opened the kitchen door for my family. I remember a weird feeling while walking through. I’ve loved all things scary and creepy since before I can remember but this was different. As we walked through I stayed with my parents. We heard floorboards creaking above us and the long drapes moved. We just thought it was from a draft through the large fireplace. We made our way upstairs admiring the large beautiful bedrooms. I remember as we first got to the top of the stairs there was a linen closet just to the left that my parents both tried opening but it wouldn’t budge. After looking around, coming to the stairs again we all were standing together and the closet door just opened. None of us were even looking at it. When my mom opened the door all the way, we all saw something written on the wall at the back of the closet. In a faint white, almost chalk like, it said “Go away.” As quick as we’d all seen it, it went away just as fast. Like it just got erased away. We all just stood there and looked at each other. I know my parents were creeped out. Asking all of us if we just saw that. Moments later when my mom shut the closet door, we heard something ting on the floor. Like something dropped or was thrown. We all looked around and my older brother found a black bobby pin laying on the floor between all of us.(neither mom or I had any hair pins that day) He picked it up. We all were officially scared. None of us understood what happened but we definitely didn’t stick around to find out. We were down the stairs and out the door. Thinking about it, I don’t believe the basement doors got shut. We just wanted to leave, get away as quick as we could because we all had a sudden fear of the place. Down the road, my older brother pulled the bobby pin out of his pocket. My parents didn’t realize that he still had it. Creeped my mom out so much she dropped it out the window. We still talk about it from time to time, remembering how we felt and what we saw. Sometimes I wonder if my older brother taking that pin from that house was a bad omen or something. I couldn’t help thinking this when he passed away a few years ago, completely unexpected after what seemed like a life filled with.. bad luck..? We will never know but we surely won’t forget what happened there.

    • Hey Caroline,
      The house has Never been for sale bc it’s been a museum for many decades!
      Shame on you for telling lies.

  4. Hey Caroline,

    Taliesin was NEVER for sale. It went directly to the Frank Lloyd Wright preservation group, who’ve mantained
    it as a museum for several decades!
    You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing such a terrible fabricated lie.
    I should report you to the Taliesin Foundation in Wisconsin.
    I’d be careful if I were you.
    You’d better apologize to Mr Wright and all the slain victims from the house, as well as all of us readers.

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