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Local tales tell of lights that seem to float in the balcony area and then disappear. It is also said that at midnight, the sound of screaming can be heard.

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105 E Main St
Madison, IN 47250
United States

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38.73665099999999, -85.379863
Jefferson County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Madison, IN (0.1 mi.)
Milton, KY (1.1 mi.)
North Madison, IN (2.3 mi.)
Hanover, IN (5.3 mi.)
Brooksburg, IN (7.3 mi.)
Kent, IN (8.6 mi.)
Canaan, IN (10.1 mi.)
Bedford, KY (10.5 mi.)
Prestonville, KY (11.0 mi.)
Carrollton, KY (11.5 mi.)

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  1. I used to work at the theater in high school. One night I was sweeping in the balcony theater and the lights flickered a bit. I didn’t care much until I heard footsteps coming up the stairs (clear as day too). I thought it was my manager, but when I turned around he wasn’t here. I called for and he came up the stairs just then.

  2. There is woman in white in the theater that was hanging out by the curtain next to the screen down in the rt hand side.Unfortunately I acknowledged her and then she kept yelling and my head hurt like she’d been either shot or hit in the head with something that had killed her.sounds crazy but it’s what I deal with.My head quit hurting the moment I left the theater.

  3. My sister worked here for many years as manager. She was actually the person that folks would come to to ask about hauntings there, as the owners didn’t feel comfortable discussing that topic due to their religious concerns. My sister has a number of experiences in the theatre, but most notably of seeing a little boy in the second-floor projector room. I remember going out one night and purchasing toys for the boy’s spirit that sis would leave in the projector room, lock it, and reopen the theatre the next day. The toys were in a completely different area of the room, even though the door had been locked all night and she was the only one there between closing and opening the next day. I hadn’t been told about this legend, however, until I saw a boy upstairs for myself. I would often hang out with my sister at the theatre after she would pick me up from school. One day I sat reading a book in the middle of the stairs that led to the second floor theatre, often called the balcony. At that particular time during the day, there was no show happening on the main stage (first floor) but there was a show on the balcony. I remember it being a PG-13 film (I remember it distinctly because the theatre never showed R-rated films and even PG-13 films were rare) and there were very few people there for the showing (certainly no children). At one point during the day I remember distinctly feeling the sensation that I was being watched. I looked up to the very top of the stairs and saw a little boy leaning over the rail staring at me, not a menacing stare, but rather an inquisitive one, sort of like a “why are you here?” stare. I turned my head back downstairs toward the concession stand to yell for my sister, but she wasn’t behind the counter. When I looked up, the boy was gone. I will say as a disclaimer, the folks who owned the theatre at the time had several young sons, at least two of whom could’ve fit the age profile of the boy I saw (he looked maybe 9 or 10 years old), but I know full well what those boys look like, and this wasn’t one of them. The owners and their family weren’t even there that day; on certain days like this one, my sister was the only one working.

    In addition to the boy, there is also an extensive system of creepy catacombs under the theatre that lead under the street and (supposedly) connect to different buildings in town. A few years ago, a painting was discovered painted directly on the wall of the catacombs. There is a similar painting behind the bar of what is now Shooters restaurant, formerly Roger’s Diner. When the building was remodeled before Shooter’s opened, the painting was discovered behind a wall, painted directly onto the concrete. It’s now being preserved and displayed at the bar. Not really a ghost story, but kind of eery, especially considering how deep into the catacombs the theatre’s painting is. The theatre has actually recently been forclosed upon, and has been taken over by a community charity group. Movies are shown very rarely now and I don’t think it’s open to the general public anymore.

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