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Visitors here have reported feeling unexplained nausea and chills, possibly related to the grave of Benjamin Bennett, who is believed to have drowned in the Ohio River (although his body was never found).

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Geographic Information

Lowery Lane
Hanover, IN
United States

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38.7094349, -85.46414729999998
Jefferson County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Hanover, IN (0.6 mi.)
Kent, IN (4.5 mi.)
Madison, IN (4.9 mi.)
Milton, KY (5.2 mi.)
North Madison, IN (5.4 mi.)
New Washington, IN (10.9 mi.)
Bedford, KY (11.3 mi.)
Deputy, IN (11.8 mi.)
Brooksburg, IN (12.0 mi.)
Dupont, IN (12.8 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. My friends and I drove out there just to check things out. We noticed a pin will moving pretty fast although there was no breeze that night. I rolled down my window and said “stop the pinwill” and in about 3 seconds it came to a dead stop. We started to drive off and my friends said “let’s go back just to see if it’s real”. We turn around and the pin will was spinning again, despite the no breeze that was going on. I said “Stop the pinwill” and almost immediately it came to another dead rest. Also there was a wind chime about 5 feet away from it that had not moved a inch the entire time. Had there been a breeze making the pinwill move the wind chime would be moving too, right?

  2. Laura K Shepherd-Boyd  |  

    I am a member of a group that looks up & photographs gravestones for family members that don’t live near the area for ancestry purposes.

    I got a request for a stone that is at this cemetery. I decided to go about 7am on a Saturday morning. I have been doing this for a couple years now, but my 1st time at this location. So going alone is nothing unusual for me. I always go during early morning hours or dusk for best natural night for the picture of the stone & less direct sunlight to make seeing the stone better with the least amount of shadows.

    As I got out of my car, and started walking through the stones looking for the one I needed I was getting a feeling like I was being watched. Looking around at the neighboring houses and around the stones, I saw no one around. I continued about my business but feeling uncomfortable & uneasy. I finally found the stone & took a few photos. Once I was done I decided to be respectful & take the shortest route to the gravel drive & walk to my car by the path provided.

    As I got to the gravel path, I felt the need to turn around and look to see if someone was behind me again, but no one was there.

    I started walking to my car & I heard footsteps in the gravel being me like someone was following… again, I turned around and again, no one was there. I finally said “Look, I’m only here to look for a family members stone & take a photo of it to help them track their family heritage. I mean no trouble or disrespect & I don’t want anyone to follow me home. You’re not welcome”. I turned towards my car and walked even faster. The footsteps stopped, but the feeling of being watched was still there. I left and haven’t been back since.

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