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There are two buildings here that are said to be haunted. The 1920s-era Administration Building was once used to house mentally unstable patients. Lights go on and off by themselves, and witnesses have heard moans, wails, and the rattling of chains. Shadowy figures have been reported here as well. In the “M” Building, the apparition of a nurse has been seen; also witnesses have described cold spots, doors that open and close by themselves, footsteps in the halls, and the feeling of a hand upon your shoulder when no one is there.

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6515 Kemp Blvd
Wichita Falls, TX 76308
United States

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33.84567742430702, -98.52404227934568
Wichita County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Lakeside City, TX (1.7 mi.)
Wichita Falls, TX (5.0 mi.)
Pleasant Valley, TX (7.5 mi.)
Holliday, TX (10.0 mi.)
Jolly, TX (10.1 mi.)
Iowa Park, TX (11.1 mi.)
Dean, TX (12.5 mi.)
Scotland, TX (13.2 mi.)
Cashion Community, TX (13.2 mi.)
Burkburnett, TX (17.6 mi.)


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  1. I have been to this hospital as a patient and even tho the experience was somewhat may you say haunting we did not experience any paranormal activitys atleast outside the building

    • Dorm room bldg 515 I lived at for 3 years, after 2 years up late I chatted with staff about haunted, they said they see floating down halls, night shift. One morning I awoke being shoved in my bed. Pushed. Haze went through wall while I was yelling wtf kinda, Told my supervisor he said that building was the medical hospital before, say 1940s or after so some passed there. This wasn’t frequent, but later an older lady says she was assault in room but no one was there that day. No men. Nightingale was another myth a woman at night on grounds. Pretty haunted place. Not demonic just patients from old days. Cemetery was a peaceful place.

  2. I was there as a patient 3 years ago. While on one of the van rides, I looked into the window of one of the buildings and say a man standing in the window. When I asked about it, they said that building was locked down due to disease and other reasons. Since the building was used as “storage of those who we’re mentally ill or sick during the world wars” there was a lot of things in there they’d didn’t want. So they locked it away. That is what’s the nurse told me. And in one of the dorm rooms, one of the rooms had hand prints all over it. They wouldn’t really tell us why these were here, but it freaked me out genuinely. I’ve seen figures in the window of the abandoned buildings and even heard dark stories of the cemetery. The North Texas State Hospital is not a fun place to be.

  3. I’ve been there the hospital went black and the lights didn’t come on for an hour. When the lights came back on my friend was on the floor dead

  4. @Jenni i too was a patient there and saw the same apparition in the building it is used for storage for holiday decorations and such not sure why they told you it was locked down due to disease i had a friend who went in there once she said it just looked like a old dusty building with sheet covered furniture and boxes with decorations however only the bottom floor is used for storage the flooring is weak in the upper floors supposedly but i was told the old hydrotherapy tubs and shock therapy equipment is still there i think the surgery was also located in that building lots of cold spots around that area and the graveyard is not too far from there i have not been to the graveyard but heard plenty of stories from staff. When i saw it looked to be smoking a cigarette and when i looked back it was gone which totally blew my original thoughts of it being a cardboard cut out or holiday decor someone had set in the window for laughs out of the water when i first heard about that particular apparition. The M building is haunted too doors slam, warm breath on your neck and the feeling someone is standing behind you, sometimes feeling a hand touch your shoulder that was usually on one particular stairway on the way to the school room, and cold spots galore. In our dorm which was also inside the M building i believe or the building beside it i can’t remember it’s been many years but, i swore i saw a nurse in a WWI era outfit walk down the hall a real nurse rushed down the hall shortly after and checked all the rooms down that hall while we usually had bed checks it was not yet time for that so that freaked me out really freaky that i was not the only one to see such a nurse. Luckily never had any lights turn off and on for me but honestly that could be a wiring issue the buildings are really old. I did hear children laughing and a ball bouncing near the administration building never heard any wails, moans or chains rattling just kids playing sometimes i also was not the only one to hear it the whole group did that night. A nurse told us that the building used to house a orphanage and that the sounds of kids playing is common to hear around there but i can’t find anything to prove the orphanage claim though abandoning mentally ill children was very common so maybe that is what she meant. I was a patient there two years and really other then the nurse, the kids, and the apparition all of which were one time occurrences i really think it’s the M building that is the most haunted activity wise that building was terrible but the rest was pretty much normal most of the time.

  5. Dorm second floor bldg 515 i lived at 3 years. Staff night shift saw floating down halls often midnight to 7 am. One morning I was pushed by something in bed. Shoulder shove slight, awoke me then a Mist went away through wall. This was an older medical hospital for the State i was later told.

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