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Though it is completely developed today, the former Nesbits campground is reportedly haunted. Although it is allegedly a former “Satanic ritual” spot, this is only folklore to sucker the credulous. There are reports of laughter, cold spots and shadows.

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Geographic Information

N Power Rd & E McKellips Rd
Mesa, AZ 85215
United States

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33.46113449455967, -111.64432758079784
Maricopa County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Apache Junction, AZ (8.2 mi.)
Mesa, AZ (8.2 mi.)
Gilbert, AZ (9.1 mi.)
Fountain Hills, AZ (11.2 mi.)
San Carlos, AZ (12.1 mi.)
Scottsdale, AZ (13.0 mi.)
Tempe, AZ (13.2 mi.)
Chandler, AZ (13.5 mi.)
Queen Creek, AZ (14.3 mi.)
Tempe Junction, AZ (15.2 mi.)


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Comments (8)

  1. From my living in and around the Mesa area, I can say pretty confidently there was never a Nesbit campground. When I was a kid my dad used to go into that area to shoot and there wass nothing there but desert. I don’t know how that story got started.

  2. From actually going to the abandoned campground before it was developed, I can say with 100% certainty that there was, in fact, a campground there. The location that is shown here is off by about a mile and a half, east by northeast. It was between Hawes rd and Ellsworth, about a quarter mile north of Mckellips rd. You could only get there by a slightly obscured, twisting dirt road. It was a very eerie place, even during the day.

    • This is the correct location, as Chris said. It’s all completely developed. I wonder if those homeowners know that we used to go there to scream our heads off. It was creepy, and the more scared you were, the more things you swore you saw moving in the desert. The anonymous comment about the pentagram, saw that. Saw the blacked out trailer. Got chased by someone who ran almost as fast as our friend’s Blazer.

  3. I agree with Chris me and like five of my friends have all been there like 15 years ago. Me and some friends were riding are dirt bikes when we came upon this gate with the name Nesbits written on a sign in front about 50 feet behind the fence was an all blacked out trailer. The gate was closed we did not enter. But a year later we did with about 15 people this time when we first made contact with the place the trailer was gone so we proceeded through the gate. Once inside we were terrified to find a large concrete pentagram with arena type seating around it and other demonic structures. This place was there, I apologize for my lack of detail I’m just shocked that anyone one else new of this place.100% true and demonic place.

  4. My friends and I in high school broke down the gate once and walked around the place at night. It was definitely there and definitely scary. There was little playground objects, that shed or building we couldn’t get into, and trails up the hill.

  5. Yup. Now a housing development. My daughter and friends used to go to the “mound” where they was a bunch of weird stuff lying around. She said it was “freaky” over there. And it was rumored there had been satanic rituals performed on that site.

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